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Chipotle debuts 'Lifestyle Bowls' for paleo, keto and Whole30 dieters | Fox News
Unfortunately, Chipotle’s new “Lifestyle” offerings won’t be available to order in-store, but rather online or through the Chipotle app, for in-store pick-up.

A representative for Chipotle confirmed to Fox News that walk-in customers can still order their own customized Lifestyle-type bowls in the restaurants by asking for the same ingredients. Signage for the signature Lifestyle Bowls, however, will not be displayed.
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20 days ago by bwiese
"Table Gap" by Chipotle | UI UX Pattern
“Although this affordance seems disruptive and perhaps ugly, it is an excellent example of a customer experience pattern that allows a restaurant like Chipotle to provide a relatively good eating experience for groups and individuals with less space.

“This small trick not only optimizes the use of physical space but also allows customers not to give up their sense of personal space when seating is limited.”
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21 days ago by handcoding
Black Bean Burger Recipe | Kitchn
overcooked beans, added more bean liq -- good enough, but not right yet
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october 2018 by susing
El Burrito Express
1812 Divisadero & Bush Street, San Francisco Ca 94115
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july 2018 by yencarnacion

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