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The Mystery Font That Took Over New York - The New York Times
"Like so many New Yorkers, Choc is an immigrant.

It was designed by Roger Excoffon, a French typographer and graphic designer whose work departed from the Modernist trends that characterized midcentury type design. Based in Marseilles, Excoffon created a diverse array of typefaces during the 1940s and ’50s, but his script typefaces have become his most enduring work. (..)

And yet, Choc is everywhere. But the reasons for its prevalence are something of a mystery.

There’s an abundance of Arial (Spin City Cleaners in the East Village), as well as more kitschy options like Brush Script (Economy Candy in the Lower East Side) or Impact (5th Ave. Gourmet Delight, on a corner in Park Slope). These typefaces have long been available in computer operating systems, which would account in part for their proliferation.

This wasn’t precisely the case with Choc. In the early 1990s it was packaged with CorelDraw, a vector graphics editor, but under a different name: Staccato 555. CorelDraw, according to Mr. Frere-Jones, “would have been more common at a sign-making shop, being cheaper and Windows-based.”"
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Why Is The Chinese Government Trying To Buy A School In New Jersey? : NPR
An elite music conservatory in New Jersey is up for sale. Its prospective buyer? A for-profit Chinese company owned by the government with no higher ed or classical music experience.
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