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Blast links county to outer world
Tunnel blasted to link last isolated county to the rest of China. "Medog, with a population of 11,000, is China's last county with no highway link to the outside world."
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december 2010 by jdmartinsen
China Daily: Boy attacks friend who farts at birthday bash
Police in Xiamen, Fujian province, rescued a college student who was attacked by his classmate after he farted during his birthday celebrations at a restaurant last week.

Wu, who was invited to Hong's birthday bash at a seafood restaurant along with seven other classmates, farted out loud and swore he would do it again when Hong flung a chair at him.

Police officials arrived on the scene and broke the fight.
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october 2009 by bokane
Migrant population swelling in Beijing
Nearly one out of three people in Beijing belongs to the mobile population, according to the capital's population and family planning commission.
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december 2007 by chrisamico

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