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Romans in China: The Lost Legions of Carrhae
The Romans in the first century BCE were perhaps the most growing empires around. Though the civil wars of Caesar and Pompey, and Octavian and Marc Antony
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Just how big is China’s ‘hidden’ debt pile? Beijing orders local cadres to find out
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In Depth: HNA Charts New Course Back to Airline Basics - Caixin Global
Over the past week, HNA Group Co. Ltd. announced two mega deals to sell stakes in Radisson Hospitality Inc. and Avolon Holdings Ltd., an aircraft lessor it acquired in 2015.

The two deals could recoup more than $4 billion for HNA. They come after a string of asset sales announced this year totaling 110 billion yuan ($16 billion) and are likely to be followed by more. Based on public records, Caixin calculated that over the past few years HNA spent $80 billion on overseas assets, much of it borr...
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“You don’t want to be Chinese anymore.”
“You’re being told that you’re the worst and are responsible for the world being terrible for other people. You don’t want to be white anymore.”

“You’re 25, 35, hell, you’re 45 and you lack the vocabulary and emotional literacy to identify that you’re upset by these accusations and the subsequent feelings they give you, but really you just want to be an accepted part of the human race like everybody else.”

“You’re unable to tease out the many subtleties in this complicated mess of emotions and are given a vocabulary by someone else who makes you feel accepted by it. You embrace this ideology because you want to be accepted.”

“You defend your ideology against attacks by the very same people who made you feel bad about being white in the first place.”

The left’s academic justifications do nothing to assuage the feelings they evoke with their attacks and critiques. As Maya Angelou said, “people don’t remember what you said; people remember how you made them feel.”
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