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China Bans Foreign Waste – But What Will Happen to the World's Recycling? - SoylentNews
China Bans Foreign Waste – But What Will Happen to the World's Recycling? -- article related to News and The Main Page.
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yesterday by pankkake
Bo Pang | Professional Profile
now at google, predictably ... tsinghua undergrad
yesterday by maoxian
This Is What A 21st-Century Police State Really Looks Like
KASHGAR, China — This is a city where growing a beard can get you reported to the police. So can inviting too many people to your wedding, or naming your child Muhammad or Medina.
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yesterday by jeffhammond
Yúnnán travel - Lonely Planet
Yúnnán (云南) is the most diverse province in all China, both in its extraordinary mix of peoples and in the splendour of its landscapes. That combination of superlative sights and many different ethnic groups has made Yúnnán the trendiest destination for China’s exploding domestic tourist industry.
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yesterday by robhawkes
Bowens: Yes, We're Dead, and Chinese Brands Killed Us
ne of the main factors in its demise was the rise of cheaper gear by Chinese manufacturers.
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yesterday by bwiese
Glaciers melting in China
Chinese glaciers melting, NPR story.
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yesterday by vielmetti
North Korea Is Playing a Longer Game Than the U.S. - Bloomberg
We Americans tend to think of Kim as an irritant to our plans, but his natural enemy in the long run is China. It is easier for North Korea to threaten Chinese cities with weapons, and its nuclear status stands in China’s way of becoming the dominant regional power in East Asia. Chinese public opinion has already turned against North Korea, and leaders wonder whether a more reliable, pro-Chinese option to Kim might be installed. Since assuming power, Kim has gone after the generals and family members with the strongest ties to China.
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2 days ago by HispanicPundit
The Emperor’s New Music | Lapham’s Quarterly
Really interesting piece about the use of folk songs by Chinese rulers as a kind of barometer for public attitudes toward their regimes. Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty (206 BCE-220 CE) created a Music Bureau (Yuefu) to collect and perform these songs, possibly at least partly for this reason. He also became enamored of a young eunuch named Li Yiannian, who composed many songs for the court and was made head of the Yuefu until losing the emperor's favor.
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2 days ago by johnmfrench

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