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China has turned Xinjiang into a police state like no other - Apartheid with Chinese characteristics
Totalitarian determination and modern technology have produced a massive abuse of human rights
china  police  politics  surveillance 
29 minutes ago by soobrosa
Cambodia's China problem - is it about to house the next Macau?
Many residents of Sihanoukville, once a sleepy coastal hamlet popular with backpackers, can't afford the new way of life tens of thousands of Chinese workers are bringing, with money and luxury cars now a common sight.
china  cambodia 
4 hours ago by jackpinboard
The unseen hand of China in Africa’s largest economy | Feyi Fawehinmi | Quartz Africa
One of the McKinsey report’s authors, Irene Yuan Sun, has however written a book—The Next Factory of The World: How Chinese Investment Is Reshaping Africa—that helps to illuminate the experience of Chinese businesses in Africa. Being of Chinese descent herself, she was able to get Chinese business owners in Africa to open up in a way that they almost never do to local media. What emerges is a surprising mix of success and failure with a good dose of fear and loathing thrown in. As someone who grew up in Nigeria until a decade and a half ago (and still maintains strong ties to the country), I found the book to be full of surprises and insights.

..What then to make of all of this? The most obvious is that there are a very large number of Chinese businesses on the ground in Africa making their way in often impossible circumstances. Many of them have met with great success and many others have lost everything. Even after spending decades in the country, you often cannot find any meaningful reporting on them in the local media as is the case with the Lees and Tungs in Nigeria. Meanwhile the western media tends to focus, sometimes anxiously, on the government side of the relationship that comes in large dollar numbers but is often far less than meets the eye. The Chinese and their hosts continue to live side by side but far apart—the gap between them inevitably filled by mutual suspicion. The Chinese in Lagos retreat into their own world where they can make payments with WeChat, just like in China, thousands of miles away.
Africa  Nigeria  China 
5 hours ago by AfroMaestro
Chinese Influx Stirs Resentment in Once-Sleepy Cambodian Resort - Bloomberg
How the Belt and Road Initiative has helped turn a quiet resort town into a gambling hotspot
china  economics  capitalism  cambodia 
5 hours ago by jackpinboard
A Chinese Company Has Conquered a Piece of America - Bloomberg
Construction workers maimed and killed. Millions paid to the governor’s family. An impossibly lucrative gambling operation. And all on U.S. soil.
china  capitalism  economics 
5 hours ago by jackpinboard
Plastik-Müll: China leitet weltweite Abfallströme um - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Plastikmüll wird hin und her über die Erde geschippert. Die größte Menge weltweit importierte bis vor Kurzem China. Doch das Land hat die Notbremse gezogen. Das bietet Chancen für die Recyclingwirtschaft in Deutschland.
China  Recycling  Plastik  Kunststoff  Müll  entsorgen  Trend 
11 hours ago by snearch
Trade Fight With U.S. Complicates China’s Campaign to Contain Debt
1) China exports far more merchandise to the U.S.—$505.5 billion last year—than the U.S. sends to China. In 2017, the U.S. exported goods worth $129.9 billion to China.
2) While China imports less than the U.S., its economic growth is more dependent on what it does import, especially on the machinery and technology.

Signs are rising that China’s recent economic expansion is ebbing:
* weakening investment (investments in Chinese factories and other fixed assets have slowed to the lowest level in 18 years) and household consumption (China’s household consumption, which has been steady in recent years, is starting to decelerate sharply)
* increasing corporate defaults
in part due to a key Xi initiative to contain debt and fend off financial risks. But there are consequences:
* Businesses having trouble getting financing: Companies ranging from property developers, local-government financing vehicles to manufacturers recently have missed payments on either bank loans or bonds.

Does China have the bandwidth to handle all of these:
1) Winning trade war with US
2) Soaring levels of corporate and local government debt
3) Calming jittery investors and containing any financial fallout from the trade fight

Some possible policy to ease:
1) With exports likely to take a hit too, policy makers have put in place tax cuts
2) Other measures aimed at boosting consumption.
3) Possibly, de-valuate Yuan? but it might turn previous deleveraging efforts go waste.

“If the trade war gets worse from here, China’s policy makers will be forced into easing,” “That will probably delay the current policy agenda of deleveraging and containing financial risks.”
economics  politics  china  america 
16 hours ago by upning
Chinese Interests Take a Big Seat at the AI Governance Table
First, the government hopes that its role in standardization will generate more value out of AI technologies by facilitating data pooling and improving the interoperability of systems. The importance of standards in spurring economic development, particularly for ICTs, is pervasive in Chinese policy and industry circles. According to a popular saying, “First-tier companies make standards, second-tier companies make technology, and third-tier companies make products
china  ai-policy 
17 hours ago by elrob

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