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Durian: the foul-smelling fruit that could make Malaysia millions | The Guardian
Often reviled for its pungent odour, the crop has become a delicacy in China – and export demand is rocketing.
Durian  Export  Malaysia  China  News 
2 hours ago by Einfach_Essen
Selling China by the Sleeve Dance | Hazlitt
Beneath the ubiquitous posters for the Shen Yun ballet is a battle between dissidents and the state over the soul of a nation, both at home and across the diaspora.
falungong  communism  china 
7 hours ago by hypatia
My Experience of the Chinese Legal System | Balding's World
Chinese, in my opinion, hold a dark Dostoyevskian view of the world with man tainted by sin. The lack of social trust drives an enormous range of phenomenon from storing up money abroad by those with means to preferring a range of foreign consumer products. The narrow limit of trust drives most to view fellow man with deep suspicion convinced they engage in nefarious behavior for which they deserve the eternal damnation wrought by the state.

As I lived and experienced the cynicism of Chinese towards human nature and man, I began to understand what I believe explains both the cool detachment and belief in guilt before innocence.
7 hours ago by Babygun
Google’s Dragonfly will intensify surveillance on journalists in China - @CJR
Mia Shuang Li outlines some of the ways Google's proposed Beijing-friendly search engine, Dragonfly, would impact journalism in China, stating that it would become yet another "part of the Communist Party of China’s surveillance apparatus" and "aid the CPC in broad censorship." In addition, when it comes to government data requests, a "CPC-compliant Google would be unlikely to protect data from apps like Gmail and Google Docs," putting users in the country at risk. Beyond China, "Dragonfly would embolden other authoritarian states regarding censorship," setting a troublesome precedent.

+ Google CEO Sundar Pichai faced tough questions about the Dragonfly project from members of the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, The Intercept reports.

+ Google is looking into setting up an office in Vietnam as Hanoi's new cybersecurity law is set to come into effect next month, Reuters reports.
otf  google  china  dragonfly  asia  gfw  censorship  vietnam  SoutheastAsia  seasia 
17 hours ago by dmcdev
Crackdown in Beijing: 'Using Twitter is more dangerous than street demonstrations'
Though it's already blocked in China, Beijing is cracking down on Twitter users who access the social media site via circumvention tools, reports Global Voices Advocacy: "The December 5 release of 42 testimonies collected by China Change [], a Chinese human rights advocacy site, details the ordeals of hundreds of Twitter users who have been detained and interrogated by national security police officers since September 2018. In most cases, police have asked — if not forced — these users to delete their posts or accounts...Mainland Chinese authorities have arrested Twitter users in the past, but there was no clear pattern or evidence of a strategic crackdown...The current crackdown is a new and more worrisome development. It is happening nationwide and is not restricted to a specific online incident or act. The number of Twitter users who have been directly threatened is estimated to be in the hundreds or even more."
otf  china  asia  twitter  social  censorship  gfw 
17 hours ago by dmcdev
Robot impales worker
Remarkable photo of 10 foot long, half-inch thick metal rods violating the body of a human worker
robot  photos  china  tootme  accident  industrial 
21 hours ago by nelson

In June, the CBIRC ordered city and rural commercial banks to classify all loans more than 90 days overdue as nonperforming by the end of next year, which has led to a surge in their nonperforming-loan ratios, according to CBIRC data. Analysts have attributed the rise in rural banks’ credit risk to their poor risk management and aggressive expansion over the past few years.
china  debt  deleveraging 
23 hours ago by jayyy
China's Venture Capital Funds Escape Higher Taxes - Caixin Global

China's State Council has put forward a compromise on controversial plans that would have effectively raised taxes on the income of partners in venture capital firms, after resistance from the industry and local governments and as policymakers focus on boosting innovation and entrepreneurship to support economic growth.
china  taxes  vc 
23 hours ago by jayyy

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