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Silicon Valley would be wise to follow China’s lead
January 17, 2018 | FT | Michael Moritz.

The work ethic in Chinese tech companies far outpaces their US rivals
it is quite usual for managers to have working dinners followed by two or three meetings
Fewer complaints about the scheduling of tasks for the weekend, missing a child's game or skipping a basketball outing with friends.
There is a deep-rooted sense of frugality.
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14 minutes ago by jerryking
Six Chinese ships covertly aided North Korea. The US was watching • WSJ
Michael Gordon and Chun Han Wong:
<p>Satellite photographs and other intelligence gathered by U.S. officials provide what they say is detailed evidence of at least six Chinese-owned or -operated cargo ships violating United Nations sanctions against North Korea.

The U.S. compiled the information from Asian waters as part of the Trump administration’s strategy to pressure North Korea into giving up its nuclear weapons and long-range missiles.

The effort identified the ships by name and tracked their movements. The ships either entered ports in North Korea and transported what U.S. officials concluded was illicit cargo to Russia and Vietnam or made ship-to-ship transfers at sea.

According to the U.S., which presented the information to a U.N. sanctions committee, the ships also made extensive maneuvers designed to disguise their violations of the U.N. sanctions. In August, the Security Council banned North Korean exports of coal, iron ore, lead and seafood, which have generated an estimated $1bn a year in hard currency for North Korea.</p>

$1bn might not sound much, but it's a significant proportion of North Korea's GDP. Problem, though: how do you censure China effectively?
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4 hours ago by charlesarthur
Silicon Valley would be wise to follow China’s lead • FT
Michael Moritz, famed Silicon Valley venture capitalist:
<p>In California, the blogosphere has been full of chatter about the inequity of life. Some of this, especially for women, is true and for certain individuals their day of reckoning has been long overdue. But many of the soul-sapping discussions seem like unwarranted distractions. In recent months, there have been complaints about the political sensibilities of speakers invited to address a corporate audience; debates over the appropriate length of paternity leave or work-life balances; and grumbling about the need for a space for musical jam sessions. These seem like the concerns of a society that is becoming unhinged.

These topics are absent in China’s technology companies, where the pace of work is furious. Here, top managers show up for work at about 8am and frequently don’t leave until 10pm. Most of them will do this six days a week — and there are plenty of examples of people who do this for seven. Engineers have slightly different habits: they will appear about 10am and leave at midnight. Beyond the week-long breaks for Chinese new year and the October national holiday, most will just steal an additional handful of vacation days. Some technology companies also provide a rental subsidy to employees who choose to live close to corporate HQ.

In California, this sort of pace might be common for the first couple of years of a company, but then it will slow. In China, by contrast, it is quite usual for the management of 10 and 15-year-old companies to have working dinners followed by two or three meetings. If a Chinese company schedules tasks for the weekend, nobody complains about missing a Little League game or skipping a basketball outing with friends.</p>

Damn Silicon Valley slackers. How dare they consider other things than making someone else rich? Or try to treat all people as deserving attention? Sure, China doesn't have free elections, freedom of speech and its air and soil have colossal pollution, but they're making other people <em>rich!</em>
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4 hours ago by charlesarthur
China’s Hot Housing Market Begins to Cool - WSJ
In Beijing and Shanghai—two of the country’s largest markets—and other megacities, sales have stalled and prices have dropped, falling slightly in some pockets and dramatically in others.

Demand has dried up in these areas as a result of government measures including higher mortgage rates, higher down-payment requirements and limits on buying a second or third home. Would-be sellers are increasingly putting plans on hold in hope that prices will rebound.
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7 hours ago by badeconomist
How China Infiltrated U.S. Classrooms - POLITICO Magazine
That so many universities have welcomed the Confucius Institute with open arms points to another disturbing trend in American higher education: an alarming willingness to accept money at the expense of principles that universities are ostensibly devoted to upholding. At a time when universities are as willing as ever to shield their charges from controversial viewpoints, some nonetheless welcome foreign, communist propaganda—if the price is right.
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8 hours ago by sandykoe
Contrasting China’s and Russia’s Influence Operations
This theory developed out of research into psychology and cybernetics as the Soviet Ministry of Defense sought to incorporate the techniques of operations research into decision-making. By mapping how an adversary’s system framed problems and processed information, Russian planners could design operations to shift that adversary’s decisions in an advantageous direction. The Chinese, however, seem to focus on individuals rather than effects, on shaping the personal context rather than operational tricks // because they don't want to tear the shithouse down
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9 hours ago by yorksranter
China’s VPN Crackdown May Aid Government Surveillance
China's VPN crackdown will make it easier for the state to surveil foreign companies' emails and data transmissions, write Liza Lin and Yoko Kubota for the Wall Street Journal. "Companies, institutions and individuals use virtual private networks, or VPNs, to send secure emails, transmit data and access websites blocked in China. The country’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology served notice last year that access to non-licensed VPNs will be blocked on March 31.

That will force companies and others to choose from a limited number of approved VPN providers, including ones run by China’s state-owned telecom companies—making it easier for the government to target and monitor VPN communications, according to the analysts.

...Internet access in China is tightening in advance of the March 31 cutoff. Last year, Apple said it removed nearly 700 VPN applications from its App Store in China in response to the new restrictions.

More recently, Telecom providers have begun sending letters to foreign customers, advising them that data transmission ports—communication points that allow computers to manage internet traffic—will also be blocked without a proper license. Late last year, China Telecom ’s Shanghai office sent letters to customers asking them to register for access to certain ports used for email and file sharing, according to a copy reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

Forcing firms to register these ports would allow Chinese authorities to monitor and identify the sources of data traffic, said Han Lai, who oversees China for tech services firm KLDiscovery. That allows the government to spot unauthorized encrypted traffic, he said."
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10 hours ago by dmcdev
China Builds "World's Biggest Air Purifier" (and Didn't Bother to Tell Anyone)
When today's news reported that China is home to the "world's tallest air purifier," we immediately thought of the 798 art installation exhibit that, even though it has been panned as ineffectual, remains Beijing's local symbol of defiance against the gray skies that oppress us.

Proud as we were of our seven meters, Beijingers can no longer claim this title.

In the Shaanxi capital of Xi'an stands a 100-meter-tall device able to reduce smog over an area of 10 square kilometers, reported the South China Morning Post this morning. Even more incredibly, the device is credited with reducing local PM2.5 levels by 15 percent during times of severe air pollution.

The uncompleted Xi'an air purifying tower, as seen by its most recent photograph taken in 2016

Cao Junji, head of research and director of the Earth Environment center at the Academy of Sciences, said the anti-smog tower can produce 10 million cubic square meters of fresh air every day.

"The tower has no peer in terms of size ... the results are quite encouraging," said Cao.

Size matters: those are indeed incredible statistics. And yet, as surprised as Western observers may be at this news, the highest eyebrows belong to Chinese news readers. That's because the Xi'an air purifying tower isn't news in China. Not this year, nor last.
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