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High blood pressure diagnoses are about to increase in teens, children | US News
The American Academy of Pediatrics has released new guidelines for treating high blood pressure in children aimed at diagnosing and treating the often-missed disease. Dr. Joseph T. Flynn, lead author of the guidelines and a professor of pediatrics at the UW, is quoted.
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Why Do We Play Games? | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Why Do We Perform Video games? View “Could you boomerang a football?”: Specific cameo from my buddy at Tunes BY: @tweetsauce !! Association football: past SOCCERNOMICS book: How to determine a “sport”: WordARound sport: or service/wordaround,123,9.htm Origin of the word “nerd”: etymology of “jock”: for=jock&searchmode=none How […]
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Virtual Reality as Moral Ideal - The New Atlantis
When the choosing will is sealed off from the fuzzy, hard-to-master contingencies of the empirical world, it becomes more “free” in a sense: free for the kind of neurotic dissociation from reality that opens the door wide for others to leap in on our behalf, and present options that are available to us without the world-disclosing effort of skillful engagement. For the Mousekedoer, choosing (from a menu of ready-made solutions) replaces doing, and it follows that such a person should be more pliable to the “choice architectures” presented to us in mass culture.

The absence of the real from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse — indeed the dissociative or abstract quality of children’s television in general these days — makes it an ideal vehicle for psychological adjustment; for constructing and managing the kind of selves that society requires, without meddling interference from the nature of things. The particular adjustments to be carried out will have to be determined by a Disney script supervisor, or some other functionary of the modern self.
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Nepal - Dalit children crush stones to buy books
Seven-year-old Laxmi Nepali of Bhagwati Aulagurta VDC of Jajarkot district wakes up early in the morning and rushes toward a nearby school. While most of the children of her age carry books and other educational materials, she is seen holding a sack on one hand and a hammer on the other en route to Nepal National Secondary School.

For the sake of Rs 100, she crushes stones into gravels in front of the school from early morning. Though it is not her wish, she is obliged to do so to sustain her life. She completes crushing a sack full of gravels from 7 am to 9 am in the morning. “I give this money to my parents and they will buy me books and new clothes,” Laxmi said.
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