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Chris Cornell’s daughters pen loving tributes to their father | Consequence of Sound
Lillian Jean and Toni Cornell remember their loving father in two separate messages
Since his passing, Chris Cornell’s Facebook page has become something of a public memorial, the posting grounds for an endless number of tributes to the late musician. Friends like Josh Brolin and Linkin Parkin’s Chester Bennington and family members including his wife Vicky and brother Peter have all used the page to share touching letters. On the Monday after Father’s Day, Cornell’s two daughters added their words to the growing commemoration.
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18 hours ago by rgl7194
Summer Fundraising Ideas
The summer months are finally upon us! Believe it or not, it is actually a perfect time of the year for a fundraiser.
children  fundraising  summer 
yesterday by Adventure_Web
4 Ways To Get Your Child Involved In Sports
Your child does not need to be the next great track star, but they should at least be exposed to a few sports at a young age.
children  playing  sports 
yesterday by Adventure_Web
Znanstveni blog: Vrtec na razstavi o fuzijski energiji
Oblikovalci evropske potujoče razstave o razvoju fuzijskih elektrarn med ciljno publiko najbrž niso predvideli predšolskih malčkov. Tudi vodniki po razstavi v Ljubljani, večinoma doktorski študenti z Instituta Jožef Stefan in ljubljanske univerze, so bili nemalo presenečeni, ko je nekaj dni po odprtju razstave v galerijo vstopila četica malčkov. Vzgojiteljice so jih razporedile v manjše skupine, ki so se razpršile med razstavnimi eksponati. Nekaj jih je obkrožilo interaktivni model fuzijskega reaktorja ITER, drugi so obstopili maketo fuzijske elektrarne, največ radovednih pogledov pa sta pritegnili plazemska krogla in obročasta cev s plazmo. Vodniki so se medtem spogledovali: kdo bo razlagal? Kaj naj jim povemo?

Otroci so v hipu padli v zgodbo o novem viru električne energije: s pritiskom na gumbe so prižigali »plazmo« v interaktivni maketi reaktorja ITER in čisto nič jih ni motilo, da so za plazmo slišali prvič. Saj so tudi za elektriko, strelo, impresioniste in Sonetni venec prvič slišali šele pred kratkim. Lučke so nakazovale smer toka toplote v maketi elektrarne, voda je navidezno pognala turbine in na koncu majčkenih daljnovodov so se v hišah prižgale lučke. Vse jasno!
energy  children  science  fusion  knowledge  future 
2 days ago by sspela
Cubs of the Caliphate
Depressing story about child soldiers and jihadis recruited by Islamic State
is  terrorists  children  childsoldiers 
2 days ago by nelson
Diaper Bag Hacks for Your Next Family Trip
Fortify your SUVs, stock up on SPF, and familiarize yourself with every airport code from JFK to LAX: it’s travel season.
travel  parenting  baby  children 
3 days ago by fiamh
New evidence that lead exposure increases crime | Brookings Institution
If President Trump is serious about reducing crime rates, this research suggests he should dramatically expand these programs. It would be a smart investment in public safety.
crime  health  lead  children 
4 days ago by soobrosa

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