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Why Rich Kids Are So Good at the Marshmallow Test - The Atlantic - Pocket
"Ultimately, the new study finds limited support for the idea that being able to delay gratification leads to better outcomes. Instead, it suggests that the capacity to hold out for a second marshmallow is shaped in large part by a child’s social and economic background—and, in turn, that that background, not the ability to delay gratification, is what’s behind kids’ long-term success."
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12 weeks ago by daguti
We Are Family: Fathers' Time with Children and the Risk of Parental Relationship Dissolution | Social Forces | Oxford Academic
"... the sole correlate of parental relationship dissolution is shared time spent in family meals. This correlation holds only for shared family mealtime in which families are not simultaneously watching television. Further analysis suggests that high-quality shared family mealtimes may lower the risk of relationship dissolution..."
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june 2019 by csrollyson
A poor-quality father, not paternal absence, affects daughters’ later relationships, including their expectations of men, and, in turn, their sexual behaviour, suggests a new study. Older sisters exposed to a poor-quality father reported lower expectati
See this comment, as it has links that don't copy over:
"This is in line with research done on adverse childhood experiences (ACES). If a father (or mother) is abusive (sexually, physically, psychologically) or neglects (emotionally or physically), has mental health issues, has substance abuse issues, beats the mother figure or is frequently incarcerated all adds a point the ACES list. Increased ACE scores have also been shown to increase risky behaviors such as binge drinking, illicit drug use, and unprotected sex as well as poorer health outcomes with chronic disease later in life. Learning about ACES was such an "aha" moment in my career.

Edit 1: As my post seemed to gain some traction I just want to clarify that my above comment did not list all of the ACEs screened in the test. Please go here to take the test and read up more on ACES.

Edit 2: Fixed some of the ACEs that were worded weirdly as pointed out by u/fatalrip (sexual neglect)"
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may 2019 by daguti
Letters For Kids - The
Letters for Kids fosters a love of reading and writing! We’ve been sending letters from authors to kids around the world since 2012! It’s great for children 6–12, educators, classrooms, and libraries. You can subscribe monthly, or get year-long subscription.
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april 2019 by moireach
Great Solution... : funny
Woman is about to get purse snatched, so she throws her purse up on the roof of a nearby building. The thief has to get on a waiting nearby motorcycle without anything.
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march 2019 by daguti
The American Academy Of Pediatrics On Spanking Children: Don't Do It, Ever. : NPR
Colin Theriot posted this on Facebook. (

I hope to live up to my comments:

"The biggest thing I've noticed is that parents want to act like assholes and have their children turn out like angels.
It always comes from the top... everywhere. At home, in society, at work...
Be a leader and model the behavior you want to see. Everything else will take care of itself."
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march 2019 by daguti

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