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Childcare benefits startup Kinside launches with $4 million from investors including Initialized Capital | TechCrunch
Other startups focused on early childhood care that have recently raised funding include Winnie, for finding providers; Wonderschool, which helps people start in-home daycares and preschools;and London-based childcare platform Koru Kids.

The startup pre-negotiates reserved spots and discounted rates for its users and gives them access to a “concierge” made up of childcare professionals to answer questions. Parents can search for providers based on location, cost and childcare philosophy.
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Keeping the Promise for America’s Children
Build on and unify existing funding streams to finance a major new universal subsidy program, while also strengthening and expanding Head Start and Early Head Start into full-time programs accessible to many more low-income families.
Make child care affordable for all families, and free for those in most need. No family will need to pay more than 7% of income in early learning costs. This means an average savings of over $10,000 per child per year for those families making below median income, and significantly reduced costs for all families.
Provide families with exceptional freedom of choice by ensuring they can afford the high-quality early learning option that’s best for them. For instance, families’ options will include Head Start programs, local public programs, various private centers, or a high-quality home-based program that suits their needs.
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Melody Mercado on Twitter: "@amyklobuchar spent the majority of the weekend in Iowa promoting her new “Future of Work” economic plan. I sat down with her to ask about some of the details. #IACaucus #economy" / Twitter
"You shouldn't have to pay more than 7% of your income on childcare. If you go over 7% which is what happens to a lot of people...then the government's going to help out to make up that difference. it's paid for in my plan with some changes to the tax code."
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Andrew Yang UBI solution for childcare cost would fall short
In the last 20 years of presidential debates there have been more than 4,000 questions. But only four have been about paid leave, and a mere two have been about childcare. This is according to Time’s Up CEO Tina Tchen from her organization’s own analysis.
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Parent Aware
find child care daycare pre-k
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An Economic Agenda for American Families
building or restoring over 2 million units for the lowest-income Americans, as well as work to reform local zoning laws to make it easier to build housing for working and middle-class families

Pete will make a historic $700 billion investment in affordable, universal, high-quality, and full-day early learning, as well as outside-of-school learning opportunities in K-12 education. He will make early learning and care from birth through age five free for lower-income families and affordable for all, and invest in the child care workforce.

A Buttigieg administration will require gender pay transparency, banning the use of salary history to determine wages, passing the Paycheck Fairness Act,

This will deliver a raise to over 25 million low-wage workers and spur wage increases for millions more middle-wage workers. 14 Pete will also end the tipped minimum wage and the subminimum wage.
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Survey: Child Care Costs Strain Families | Bipartisan Policy Center
59% have cut back spending on everyday essential purchases like food, clothing, and gas
68% said child care challenges affected their ability to stay in the workforce, with 45% of women and 33% of men saying finding quality child care had a significant impact on their decision
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