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Collaborating Against Child Abuse - Exploring the | Susanna Johansson | Palgrave Macmillan
RT @palgravecrim: Our 1st #openaccess Criminology book is available: Collaborating Against #Child #Abuse! Read it FREE:…
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Teach and Learn Java Programming
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Fundraiser for Miles Tarver by Arthurnelle Wade : In Honor of Rosa Advincula
In Honor of Rosa Advincula
This account has been created to help a loving family deal with a heartbreaking tragedy.

On Wednesday, September 27, 2017, Rosa-Linda Advincula and Miles Tarver welcomed their beautiful baby girl into this world.  Our hearts were filled with joy... but now they are also filled with great sadness, as Rosa did not survive the delivery, due to complications.

Rosa was a devoted partner, beloved mother, daughter, sister, friend... and so much more, to so many.  Her light shined on everyone she met, and her sudden death has left her family and friends devasted. 

Our goal is now to support Miles, and their children, Baby Rosalinda, Maya, Akasha and Carmelo during this very difficult time.   

We appreciate your love, support and any gifts to help with the care of Baby Rosalinda and the family's unforeseen expenses.

Rosa's infectious spirit will forever be missed.
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20 days ago by Quercki
Helping Your Child Write The Perfect Thank You Letter
Thank you letters are proper etiquette after a fundraiser! Here are some tips to help your child craft perfect thank you letters after their fundraiser!
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21 days ago by Adventure_Web

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