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SNAP Challenge: Soy Dijon Chicken Thighs with Sweet Potatoes - Budget Bytes
Chicken thighs and sweet potato! Yes, you DO have to marinade it for 30 minutes or all day.
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18 hours ago by bobrhyn
Crock Pot Greek Lemon Chicken Recipe - Genius Kitchen
This uses frozen chicken breasts and cooks all day. Serve over a salad with kalamata olives, cuke, red onion and feta.
slowcooker  via:lala7625  lemon  easy  Greek  chicken  makeahead  crockpot  recipe 
yesterday by ejb1569
Salsa Verde Chicken Bake, Green Salsa Chicken |
Serve over rice - Use Trader Joe's Cuban black beans and lime rice and also their Salsa verde. Use chicken thighs instead of breasts. Also, but a layer of cream cheese on top of the thighs before the sauce.
makesoon  chicken  mexican  verde  cheese  texmex  via:lala7625  recipe  Elise  salsa  weeknight  easy  baked 
yesterday by ejb1569
Teriyaki Chicken Salad - Heather Christo
Use edamame instead of peas. Add green onions and use baby spinach & kale combo from package. Would also be good on the Asian slaw mix. Could turn into a chopped salad too.
Recipes  salad  chicken  teriyaki  easy  healthy  sauce  lunch  makesoon  Asian  weeknight 
yesterday by lala7625

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