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Shaping Chick-fil-A One Traffic in a Multi-Region Active-Active Architecture
In this post, we will share about the architecture behind north-south routing and traffic shaping in the API tier of our Chick-fil-A One mobile application. Chick-fil-A’s mobile application continues…
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12 weeks ago by mreinbold
HRC | Human Rights Campaign - Buying for Workplace Equality Guide
In case any folks might still have doubts about Chick-fil-A, they scored 0 out of 100 in HRC’s Corporate Equality Index.

(Related: As of July 2017, they were still giving to anti-LGBT causes too: )
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may 2018 by handcoding
Chick-fil-A is still bankrolling anti-LGBTQ causes – ThinkProgress
(This post from July 2017 shows that Chick-fil-A are still assholes.)
“But has anything changed? It sure doesn’t look that way. While the company’s non-profit arms scaled back support for some of the groups that actively push an anti-gay agenda, the Chick-fil-A Foundation’s most recent IRS filings show it gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to anti-LGBTQ organizations in 2015.”

(Related: They also garnered a score of 0 out of 100 on HRC’s Corporate Equality Index: )
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may 2018 by handcoding
LGBT Protests of Chick-Fil-A at Duquesne University Garner National Attention
The saga of LGBT protests of an upcoming Chick-fil-A restaurant at Duquesne University, a Catholic college in Pittsburgh, has taken...
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august 2017 by dwight
The Target boycott cost more than anyone expected — and the CEO was blindsided
Target triggered a nationwide boycott last year with a single blog post — and it turns out the message was as big of a shock to the company's CEO as it was to some shoppers.

The blog post, published in April 2016, publicized a policy that said transgender customers were welcome to use the bathroom or fitting room that matched their gender identity.
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april 2017 by BetsyRC

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