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Anand Retains Norway Chess title – at cooking | Blog •
As at almost every event he has played this year, Carlsen has taken the early tournament lead, beating Grischuk in a classical game and winning two Armageddi. (Readers’ advice as to the correct plural for Armageddon is gratefully received. The end of the world must have seemed unlikely to happen twice so until now there probably was no need for a plural for Armageddon.) However Carlsen was in desperate trouble against Aronian in round two and does not seem to be in quite the form the world saw at Shamkir and Baden Baden in April. Even so, given Carlsen’s apparent dominance at the Armageddon time limit, the World Champion will have to lose more than one classical game to fail to win his second Norway Chess title at his seventh try.
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Speckled S-Bahn station in #берлин #станция #плитки #шахматы
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Understanding Strategic Ideas | Karpov vs. Kamsky 1992 - GM Ben Finegold - 2013.06.20 - YouTube
Grandmaster Ben Finegold presents a lecture at the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis on understanding strategic ideas and small advantages. He looks at a 1992 game between GM Anatoly Karpov and GM Gata Kamsky.
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