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An Epidemic Is Killing Thousands Of Coal Miners. Regulators Could Have Stopped It : NPR
A multiyear investigation by NPR and the PBS program Frontline found that Smith and Kelly are part of a tragic and recently discovered outbreak of the advanced stage of black lung disease, known as complicated black lung or progressive massive fibrosis.
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US coal consumption drops to lowest level since 1979
Americans are consuming less coal in 2018 than at any time since Jimmy Carter’s presidency, a federal report said Tuesday, as cheap natural gas and other rival sources of energy frustrate the Trump administration’s pledges to revive the U.S. coal industry.
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Coal plant closings double in Trump's 2nd year despite 'end of war on coal'
Despite presidential efforts to repeal regulations or otherwise boost coal consumption, power generators in the U.S. are set to retire a total of 14.3 GW of coal-fired power plant capacity in 2018, up from 7.0 GW of capacity retired in 2017, according to an S&P Global Market Intelligence analysis. This year will mark the highest level of coal retirements since 2015, when the U.S. power companies included in the analysis retired 14.8 GW of coal-fired capacity.
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One of oldest coal companies in US files for bankruptcy
One of the oldest coal companies in the U.S. filed for bankruptcy protection Tuesday to deal with more than $1.4 billion in debt amid declining demand for the fuel.
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An Environmental 9/11: the EPA’s Gutting of Methane Regulations
September 11 is already an annual day of mourning. But while the nation grieved over victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Trump administration’s Environmental Protection Agency announced a plan future generations may well grieve as a tragedy in its own right.
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The Coal Bailout Nobody is Talking About - Union of Concerned Scientists
If you are reading this blog, chances are you are either an energy economist, grid geek, or maybe my mother. Regardless, this administration seems intent on trying various coal bailout attempts. Hopefully, you’ve already read up on the high costs and low benefits to such bailouts, how the first attempt failed, and how they’re at it again. My latest research has uncovered that every month, millions of consumers are unwittingly bailing out coal-fired power plants to the tune of over a billion dollars a year.
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Faulty, manipulated testing could bar sickened coal ash workers relief
When the Environmental Protection Agency arrived on the scene of the nation’s largest coal ash spill, the agency was worried about the hundreds of blue-collar laborers already toiling in the toxic stuff without protection, newly reviewed records show.
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Cost of Coal: Electric Bills Skyrocket in Appalachia as Region’s Economy Collapses | InsideClimate News
As natural gas and renewables get cheaper elsewhere, residents in Appalachia are stuck paying for coal-fired power plants that no longer make economic sense.
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Coal lobby's push for lower black lung tax clashed with U.S. studies | Reuters
(Reuters) - U.S. coal companies lobbied Congress to allow a drop in their payments to help miners with black lung disease by arguing the incurable ailment was in decline and a victims’ trust fund was financially healthy, assertions contradicted by government findings, according to documents seen by Reuters.
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EPA rolls back rules made after TVA coal ash spill
The Tennessee Valley Authority says the Trump administration's rollbacks for handling toxic coal ash at fossil plants will not affect its current course of action on coal ash storage. But environmental groups worry the rollback will slow down TVA's already plodding quest toward dry coal ash storage.
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Watch: Shenango coke plant smokestacks come crumbling down | StateImpact Pennsylvania
Until 2016, emissions from two smokestacks often billowed above Neville Island near Pittsburgh. When the Shenango Coke Works shut down, its stacks still dominated the landscape. But just before noon on Tuesday, they disappeared forever.
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The Coal Industry Extracted a Steep Price From West… — ProPublica
“It’s déjà vu for the people who sat here 130 years ago and gave away our coal wealth to big out-of-state companies,” one state senator said. “That’s what we’re about to do again.”
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Don't Gut Coal Ash Rules, Communities Beg EPA at Hearing | InsideClimate News
It took decades for the Environmental Protection Agency to craft public safeguards for the disposal of coal ash, the toxic byproduct that coal-burning power plants generate more than 100 million tons of every year. Scott Pruitt's EPA is aiming to unravel those standards in a matter of months.
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Coal ash is polluting groundwater across the country, according to new utility data – ThinkProgress
The new reporting comes as the EPA has suggested weakening federal regulations about coal ash disposal.
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Toxic waste from coal ash pits leaching into Illinois' only National Scenic River - Chicago Tribune
Seven years after Dynegy Inc. scrapped one of the last coal plants in downstate Illinois, environmental groups are accusing the company of failing to prevent toxic waste stored nearby from seeping into the state’s only National Scenic River.
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Opinion: A Little Toxic Around The Coal Plant | Racine County Eye
Clean coal” is a phrase we hear again and again. It’s often employed by those in the fossil fuel industry to allay fears that their business is hazardous. The facts say otherwise. The scientific community says otherwise. From mining coal to transporting it to burning it to disposing of its waste, coal is part of a dirty business. And a dangerous one. When air and water are polluted, people sicken, suffer, and die. Only those who make large sums of money from burning fossil fuels cling to this falsehood and continue to spread it.
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