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The Metallic Vapor Layers
A natural global layer (usually about 3 miles thick) of sodium atoms exists between about 50 and 65 miles (80 and 105 km) altitude. The sodium originates from the ablation of meteors. The atoms are naturally excited and emit a weak glow near a wavelength of 589 nm (yellow) known as "the sodium D lines". Above the layer, sodium exists in its ionized form (which does not emit yellow light) and below the layer, sodium exists as chemical compounds such as sodium oxide (which also do not emit yellow light).
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3 days ago by kmt
Supreme Court plunges dagger deep into the heart of climate fight—as Antarctica stares down collapse
In a welcome basket yesterday, the majority of the Supreme Court rebuffed an appeal of its newest member Brett Kavanaugh’s ruling yesterday, back when he was on the D.C. Circuit court. They cavalierly passed on hearing an appeal of a rule, issued by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under President Obama, that regulates hydrofluorocarbons, a potent greenhouse gas. The Trump administration had withdrawn the rule to “rewrite” it—in other words, they’ll do absolutely nothing about a greenhouse gas that is responsible for the warming of the southern ocean.

This insanely dangerous move by the nation’s highest court follows a dire report released by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change on Monday, warning that the world has exactly 12 years to stop 45% of carbon dioxide emissions and just 32 years to reach zero emissions. That unfathomable requirement of rapid decarbonization presents our last opportunity to prevent cataclysmic effects of climate change—by keeping temperature rise limited to 1.5°C—and even then, it may not work. The consortium of the world’s top climate scientists warned governmental leaders that the Paris Accord is nowhere near enough to prevent a civilization-ending apocalypse.
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Moving to Chernobyl | BBC
description of why two families chose to move just outside the exclusion zone near Chernobyl
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5 days ago by MsHsi
Is ethylone a positional isomer of butylone?
There’s no easy way around it. We’re just going to have to science the heck
out of this case.
And when we’re done with that, we’re going to have to law the
heck out of it.
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