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Scaling Mobile Device Management for macOS with Chef at Uber | Uber Engineering Blog
While Chef continues to be the primary management tool at Uber, Apple’s implementation of new security features, such as Device Enrollment, Secure Kernel Extensions, and Privacy Preferences Policy Control, gated some portions of administration behind mobile device management (MDM).

In this article, we discuss how the CPE team scaled MDM on macOS at Uber through the standardization of user enrollment and versioning, as well as by leveraging API-driven Chef cookbooks to orchestrate and configure services for users across the company.
mac  mdm  apple  chef  device_management 
12 days ago by mbraly
Congratulations leo_kattou 10 year anniversary. Here’s to many more! @ S…
michelinstar  edgbaston  birmingham  chef  from twitter_favs
15 days ago by krishnau
2FA in SSH
Chef based but still valuable
ssh  sshd  2fa  authentication  chef 
21 days ago by hayzer
ChefConf 2019 - YouTube
Last week, industry leaders and #ChefFriends from around the world came together in Seattle to share ideas and insights into Building the Coded Enterprise and growing a stronger DevOps community.
chef  server  devops  it  operations  cloud  video  event  conference 
26 days ago by bsantanna
Chef InSpec - Audit and Automated Testing Framework
Chef InSpec is an open source (OSS) automated testing tool for integration, compliance, security, and other policy requirements. Easily test your network and systems on-site or on cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and Docker Containers.
testing  infrastructure  chef 
4 weeks ago by gzfrancisco
My recipe to live is not only to cook in my kitchen but to taste all the ingredients life brings my way.

Chef  from twitter_favs
4 weeks ago by krishnau
Chef Infra License Errors in Test-kitchen and Packer
Chef Infra License Errors in Test-kitchen and Packer -
4 weeks ago by neurodyne
Terraform external data source example - dynamic SSH key generation
Irving Terraform external data source example - dynamic SSH key generation -
terraform  ssh  gist  chef 
6 weeks ago by neurodyne
chef-utils/ at master · facebook/chef-utils
Can't argue with any of this advice. It's still important even as its applicability becomes restricted to the stuff "beneath" the fat packaged application.
facebook  chef  cm  ops  architecture 
6 weeks ago by rcrowley

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