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Radical Cheer Soundfiles
Radical Cheerleaders - Audio Recordings

On March 24th, 2001, the Carleton Womyn's Centre hosted a radical cheerleading convergence which cheerleaders from all over North America attended. Thanks to a local campus radio reporter who was kind enough to loan us a tape recorder, we were able to record a few of the amazing cheers from that weekend and put them here. I sort of forgot to write down people's names as they were cheering, so if you want to be credited, you'll have to drop me a note.

These are MP3 files, which you can play on your computer with free programs like WinAmp. I made the files really small so that they're easy to download, which meant sacrificing the sound quality a wee bit.
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january 2019 by verwinv
not a contrarian | sara hendren
"From this series of questions to Zadie Smith [ ] comes Teju Cole’s question:

Cole: You must be under some pressure to be agreeable, to agree with the right opinions. But I notice that you think through things, rather than just agreeing to them. How do you defend that space of independent thought?

Smith: I don’t think of myself as a contrarian. I’m useless at confrontation. But I also can’t stand dogma, lazy ideas, catchphrases, group-think, illogic, pathos disguised as logos, shoutiness, ad hominem attacks, bombast, liberal piety, conservative pomposity, ideologues, essentialists, technocrats, preachers, fanatics, cheerleaders or bullies. Like everybody, I am often guilty of some version of all of the above, but I do think the job of writing is to at least try and minimise that sort of thing as much as you can."
zadiesmith  tejucole  sarahendren  2018  confrontation  opinions  pressure  contrarians  contrarianism  thinking  dogma  laziness  catchphrases  groupthink  logic  pathos  logos  adhominenattacks  pomposity  ideology  essntialism  technocrats  preachers  preaching  fanaticism  cheerleading  bullying  writing  howwewrote  howwwethink 
november 2018 by robertogreco
From Baghdad to Paris: David Shields on the problem with New York Times’ war photography — Hopes&Fears
NYU professor Sheril Antonio has suggested that a film gets closer to being anti-war if it can present the tragedy for both sides. Shields argues that "A lot of my critique of the pictures is precisely that they err on the side of swooning beauty rather than attempting to observe some sort of reality. They’re instead trapped in these western pictorial tropes of Pietá or combat photo as a war movie or combat photo as Modernist painting. A lot of my critique is, where’s the reality here? These pictures have no hunger for the real. They’re very much in bed with the kind of vacantly beautiful."
photography  war  photography  war  conflict  photojournalism  David  Shields  New  York  Times  aesthetics  aesthetic  glamour  anti-war  pro-war  beauty  Pietá  jingoism  jingoistic  imperialism  imperial  imperialist  flag  waving  cheerleading  cheerleading  military  parade  cheerleader  categories  of  war  photography  nature  playground  father  God  painting  movie  love  death  visual  trope  trope  embedded  journalist  embedded  journalists  censorship  censored  self-censorship  self-censor  Vietnam  Vietnam  Eddie  Adams  napalm  girl  citizen  journalism 
november 2015 by KarlLeonard

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