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Find A Better Bank
"Compare checking accounts at local banks and CUs"
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6 days ago by Mykl
"Online Banking With Built-In Budgeting & Saving Tools"
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6 days ago by Mykl
Four serious questions about Elon Musk's silly credibility score • Poynter
Alexios Mantzarlis:
<p>Musk's suggestion of a "credibility score" is worth discussing because building one is actually a pretty popular idea — especially among Silicon Valley types.

Some, like the Credibility Coalition, are trying to frame the problem thoughtfully, but most are imbued with the same techno-utopianism that has defined Musk's public persona. In the past few months alone I received at least four different pitches for a system that uses artificial intelligence (of course) to rate the credibility of the entire internet.

The vision that one easy hack can fix media bias and massive online misinformation is pervasive among certain quarters. But it's fatally flawed.

Other well-heeled journalism projects have promised to upend fact-checking by either injecting the crowd in it (WikiTribune) or developing a universal credibility score (NewsGuard). In WikiTribune's case, the jury is still out, but the fact-checking work to date hardly seems paradigm-shifting. NewsGuard has raised $6m but has yet to launch.

Still, it's clear that the status quo needs reform. Fact-checking might need to be blown up and reinvented. So rather than dunk on Musk, we should debate the underlying challenges of a genuine credibility score for the internet.</p>

He goes through this effectively. There's no way of doing this.
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28 days ago by charlesarthur

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