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Intel® Management Engine Critical Firmware Update (Intel SA-00086)
Security Advisory (Intel-SA-00086), a critical firmware vulnerability in systems. AKA the DOOM ME HOLE detection tool. Also , only detects, still need a separate ME firmware patch from your motherboard manufacturer...
linux  windows  intel  management  engine  ME  firmware  exploit  vulnerability  hole  detection  sysadmin  tools  utilities  software  security  version  check  test  checker  tester 
2 days ago by asteroza
5 Top Advantages of Common RAID Systems
Most people know that RAID is widely used in the contemporary era. Yet, only a few of them realize the actual advantages of it. Thus, in this post, we will exhibit you 5 primary merits of RAID.
Advantages  of  RAID  Continuous  System  Running  Fast  Speed  Fault  Tolerance  Large  Storage  Parity  Check  pst  recovery  Systems 
9 days ago by DataNumen
How to Integrate SQL Server Source Control with SSMS
This article discusses the ways in which developers can integrate SQL source control with SSMS
Source  Control  SSMS  MSSQL  DBA  T-SQL  file  Check  In  Pending  Changes  sql  fix 
11 days ago by DataNumen

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