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Elixir in depth - reading and personal notes - Digital Freepen
Elixir in depth - reading and personal notes Elixir is a hot and trendy topic nowadays. Of the newer languages that show up periodically on Hacker News, I found that people were the most positive about it, even moreso than Rust. But of course, no language is ever going to be a silver bullet. via Pocket
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21 hours ago by jeremyday
Oh, shit, git!
So here are some bad situations I've gotten myself into, and how I eventually got myself out of them in plain english*.
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yesterday by Tafkas
gitmoji | An emoji guide for your commit messages
Gitmoji is an emoji guide for your commit messages. Aims to be a standarization cheatsheet for using emojis on GitHub's commit messages.
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3 days ago by 1stvamp
The Side Project Marketing Checklist
The Side Project Marketing Checklist If we knew what were doing it wouldn’t be called research. - Albert Einstein Content Marketing is all the marketing that’s left. - Seth Godin via Pocket
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4 days ago by jeremyday

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