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How can I see the available Windows Search Filters? - Super User

kind: This will only search for files of the type that you specify. Some examples are document, folder, picture, and calendar.

datemodified: This will search for anything based on the date that they were last modified.
Note that the mini-calendar will allow you to Select a range of dates if you hold down the Shift key.

datetaken: Searches for photos based on the day they were captured.

datecreated: Searches for anything created on the specified date or time range.

name: Windows will only search for files by their name, not contents.

type: This will search for files of a specified extension. Some examples are .bmp, .pdf, .doc, and .mp3. This is
similar to the “kind:” filter, but much more specific.

tags: This will search for files based on the metadata tags that are included in the file.

size: Search for a file of a specific size, or you can broaden the search by looking for a range of sizes. To make a custom range, put two periods in-between variables. For example:


length: Searches for audio and video clips by length.

authors: You can enter the username of the person who created a file, and search will only display results by that user.
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2 days ago by jd
Keras Cheat Sheet: Neural Networks in Python
This cheat sheet presents you with the six steps that you can go through to make neural networks in Python with the Keras library.
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3 days ago by areich
Vim Cheat Sheet - English
A mobile friendly VIM cheat sheet
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3 days ago by jaran

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