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Do prezesa Kaczyńskiego podeszła dziewczynka, powiedziała, że w przyszłości chciałaby zostać chirurgiem 🙃 łm…
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july 2019 by piotrwojcicki
Dziś piknik rodzinny w łm ☺️ Jest też nasza kochana 🥰
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july 2019 by piotrwojcicki
How Social Media Imperils Scholarship - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Deleting these noxious profiles and refusing to play the metrics game is not self-erasure. Rather, it is a strategic bet against an unknown future. It is not that we do not wish to be read or discussed or taken seriously, but only that we hope that there may still be, even in this radically transformed world, other forms of impact than those counted in impact metrics and citation indexes. I don’t know what those other forms are, but I feel their reality, almost as one feels faith.

I am grateful that my first education was in the stacks of Butler Library, at Columbia University, at a time when computer screens still had C prompts. I am grateful that I got my first job when under-­professionalized aspiring érudits like myself could still get jobs. And I am grateful that I got tenure before social media corroded the line between what goes on in committee meetings and what transpires on the internet’s various hellsites.
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june 2019 by betajames
Die besten Gastgeber der Schweiz
Crissier, Hotel de Ville, Louis Villeneuve
Hägendorf, Lampart's, Anni Lampart
Bad Ragaz, Igniv, Francesco Benvenuto
Zürich, Bauernschänke, Sue Devichian
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may 2019 by kermic
How to Be a Better Online Teacher - The Chronicle of Higher Education
according to a 2017 Educause survey, only 9 percent of academics prefer to teach “in a completely online environment.” That means a whopping 91 percent of us don’t. And I suspect that a good majority of that 91 percent would prefer to teach anywhere but online.
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april 2019 by jmello
Jim FitzPatrick
Internationally Acclaimed Irish Artist
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march 2019 by markhgn
W łm rozpoczęliśmy uroczystości upamiętniające Żołnierzy Wyklętych 🇵🇱 Cześć ich pamięci! Cześć i chwała bohater…
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march 2019 by piotrwojcicki

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