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The Best Slack Integration for Customer Support |
"Monitor your customer experience operations.
Search transcripts and tags to spot every important moment."
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september 2018 by techpeace
Really excited about how quickly and are growing. 🤖🗣📈
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september 2018 by sinned
Interested in interfaces, , and ? 🤖 If so, you should attend our Conversational Design Workshop…
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september 2018 by sinned
On October 4 at IntraTeam Event Stockholm, will talk about at . Don't miss out!
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september 2018 by kristiannorling
3 Key Advantages of + Tools To Build Them! [by Sam Hurley via ] >>>>…
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september 2018 by bartmroz
Language barrier won’t hold back chatbots in the Netherlands
"BB lives on Facebook Messenger, where it helps travellers find and book flights, as well as remind them to check in. BB is connected to KLM’s API’s – but also to the company’s Salesforce CRM system so that webcare employees can easily take over the conversation when BB doesn’t know what to say.... For KLM, a smart chatbot isn’t just a gimmick. In fact, since the company implemented BB, it saw engagement grow 40%. Customers threw a whopping 1.4 million queries towards BB, and 15% of all boarding passes are now sent to customers over Messenger."
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august 2018 by cote

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