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RT : If it weren't free, I'd say that my course on building on is selling like hotcakes. :) This is…
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4 days ago by leonsp
Rep. Will Hurd: U.S. Government Needs to Adopt Artificial Intelligence | Fortune
Documenting and recording paperwork, managing services like passport renewals, and processing patent applications are practices that could all be dramatically improved with robotic automation. A great example of how AI has streamlined a government operation is the Army website’s use of an interactive virtual assistant that answers questions of potential recruits. The chat-bot does the work of dozens of human recruiters with a 94% accuracy rate. Imagine the cost savings and improved user experience if all government websites employed this seemingly basic AI-driven feature.
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5 days ago by danamuses
How to build a smart multi-language Chatfuel bot with Dialogflow
Chatfuel has a diverse group of users from all over the world building bots for different language speaking markets. While Chatfuel does have strong multi-language support, Chatfuel Users have…
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6 days ago by ites
I built a serverless Telegram bot over the weekend. Here’s what I learned.
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7 days ago by arthuralvim

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