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Ada — Support automation made simple
We make automating and scaling your customer support simple. With chatbots powered by AI, you can provide instant support to your customers.
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yesterday by theafter
Setting Up Raspberry Pi To Run Bots – Jeff Thompson
Good instructions on how to host chatbots on a raspberry pi.
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3 days ago by robertocarroll
Chatbots and Interactive Assistants: Building an Engaging Digital Experience | Aite Group
Boston, October 26, 2017 – With consumers adopting digital as their everyday banking channel, banks and credit unions have been challenged to deliver a digital experience that mimics the human assistance that consumers get in branches and call centers—interactive conversations around how to man via Pocket
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4 days ago by jburkunk
Personality Brings Life to Chatbot User Experience – Chatbots Magazine
If legendary actress, chanteuse, comedienne, and style icon Mae West was a user experience (UX) pro, she might now be famous for the chatbot design principle, “It’s not the bots in your life that matters, it’s the life in your bots”.
Chatbot  userexperience  design  interface  conversationalUI 
5 days ago by oliverw

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