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Polyurethane & Polycarbonate: The Chemistry of Jensen - MorrPhyc - Supernatural RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Something I wrote as a fill for the SPNKink-Meme some time ago. Thought I might as well post it. ;-)
original prompt:
Jared is the dominant part in the relationship. Their life seems normal to their environment - they are actors, filming SPN etc. I want it to be described the way we see it from the outside.
But Jared and Jensen have a special relationship. Jared is in complete control of Jensens sexual life. Whenever they are outside he makes Jensen wear a chastity belt. When they are at home he prefers that Jensen is naked or at least his dick and balls to be seen (Jensen can be wearing only a shirt or having his intimate parts hanging outside his open trousers or completely naked).
Jared regulates everything, Jensen is not allowed to touch his genitals. IF he needs to take a leak he has to ask Jared who will assist him. Same with getting to come, he has to ask Jared and if he approves he will let Jensen orgasm. Jared also washes him everyday. Sometimes Jensen fights Jared, eg. when he desperately wants to come but most of the time he enjoys their living arrangements.
I would like more attention on his cock and balls than on penetration but sex is good too (make it lapsex ;)

J2  Jared/Jensen  NC-17  established-relationship  chastity-devices  cock-cage  blowjob 
november 2013 by anista
kinkyheels: The Best Part of Waking Up...Timestamp
Summary: Jared loves the slow weekend pace. Especially when it includes early morning ball worship from Jensen's mouth.

Warnings/kinks/spoilers: All-Expenses Paid timestamp; set three months later. Just a porny interlude from Jared's point of view. Cock and ball worship, bloddplay, and implied forced consent.

(Word Count: 1191)
AU  J2  Jared/Jensen  NC-17  dub-con  sex-slave!Jensen  evil!Jared  sadistic!Jared  hurt!Jensen  cbt  chastity-devices  orgasm-denial  collaring  blood-play  breath-play  timestamp 
november 2013 by anista

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au  blood-play  blowjob  breath-play  cbt  cock-cage  collaring  dub-con  established-relationship  evil!jared  hurt!jensen  j2  jared/jensen  nc-17  orgasm-denial  sadistic!jared  sex-slave!jensen  timestamp 

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