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We Love Datavis
We Love Datavis is an inspirational collection of Charts, Maps, Graphs and Diagrams. Sometimes more eye candy than information visualization, but always awesome.
charts  graphs  information  data  collection  visualization  diagrams  maps 
yesterday by dyab
Tabletop Whale
A science illustration blog made by a biology grad student. Original charts, infographics, and science animations.
charts  infographic  biology  illustration  animations  blog  science 
yesterday by dyab
Chart Porn
An addictive collection of beautiful charts, graphs, maps, and interactive data visualization toys -- on topics from around the world
charts  infographic  data  visualization  interactive  maps  blog 
yesterday by dyab
Cool Infographics
Infographics blog covering infographics, data visualization and visual thinking. Charts and graphs communicate data, infographics turn data into information.
visual  charts  infographic  data  visualization  thinking  blog 
yesterday by dyab
Charts about Space, Sci-Fi, and other Geeky Things
visualization  infographic  blog  charts  geek 
yesterday by dyab
Junk Charts
Recycling chartjunk as junk art; Numbers Rule Your World; Numbersense; Kaiser Fung
blog  analytics  charts  data  visualization  marketing 
yesterday by dyab
Exodus : Manage Blockchain Assets
Exodus gives blockchain asset investors a platform to secure, exchange and manage wealth inside one beautiful application.
wallet  bitcoin  crypto  design  blockchain  asset  management  charts 
yesterday by fifigyuri
Tool for making charts and dashboards online
tools  data  visualization  charts 
yesterday by mycotn - Large-scale WebGL-powered Data Visualization
A WebGL-powered framework for visual exploratory data analysis of large datasets. By Uber.
visualization  JS  graphics  opensource  charts  maps  geography 
3 days ago by liqweed

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