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Show-Trial Rhetoric Took Down Ascend Charter's Founder / John McWhorter (The Atlantic, November 2019)
“Overall, the document is redolent of the star chamber. The idea that Wilson’s socially concerned blog post contains ‘oppressive content that perpetuates white supremacist ideology’ is as absurd as the idea that Galileo was immoral for espousing heliocentrism. And yet this shoddy, performative document, which history will judge as a peculiar and regrettable token of its era, apparently led to Wilson’s ejection from an organization that improves the lives of underserved black children, and that he himself founded.”
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@educationgadfly: "A new study finds striking evidence that the presence of charter schools in urban areas unmistakably boosts the average achievement of all black and Hispanic students, while not detracting from the achievement of white students." —@Ke
"A new study finds striking evidence that the presence of charter schools in urban areas unmistakably boosts the average achievement of all black and Hispanic students, while not detracting from the achievement of white students." —@KevinMahnken
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Report laments states that don’t help w/ facility costs. But l see very good reason for not helping…
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Search Results for “ Toxic Philanthropy” – Wrench in the Gears
[from “A Skeptical Parent’s Thoughts on Digital Curriculum” (via comments here: )

“Toxic Philanthropy Part Three: The Silicon Valley Community Foundation”

“Toxic Philanthropy Part 2: Hewlett Packard Re-Engineers the Social Sector”

“Toxic Philanthropy Part 1: Surveillance”

“Philanthropy’s lesser known weapons: PRIs, MRIs and DAFs”

“Hewlett Packard And The Pitfalls Of “Deeper Learning” In An Internet Of Things World”

“Pay for Success Finance Preys Upon The Poor: Presentation at Left Forum 6/29/19”

“Alice & Automated Poverty Management”

“What About Alice? The United Way, Collective Impact & Libertarian “Charity””

“Home Visit Legislation: A Sales Pitch For Family Surveillance?”

“Stanley Druckenmiller and Paul Tudor Jones: The Billionaire Networks Behind Harlem’s Human Capital Lab”

“Charter, Public Health, and Catholic Charity Interests Help Launch “Disruptive” Pay for Success Program”

“When “Community Foundations” Go Global (Or Coastal)”

“To Serve Man: It’s A Cookbook!”

“Silicon Valley’s Social Impact Deal Maker”

“New Governors Pritzker and Newsom Set Up For Their ReadyNation Gold Rush”

“Too big to map, but I tried.”

“Who Is Pulling The Muppet Strings?”

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

“Smart Cities & Social Impact Bonds: Public Education’s Hostile Takeover Part II” ]
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Thrive Charter Schools All Hat and No Cattle
[See also:

“Thrive charter schools will not be renewed after state school board took no action”

“San Diego Unified denies renewal of Thrive charter schools, raising debate about how to judge school quality” ]
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june 2019 by robertogreco
Such a glaring endorsement from Betsy DeVos, considering are part of her family business. DeVos and…
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june 2019 by tolkien
Study finds that cost California school district $27.9 million in one year. Loses $978 per student.…
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may 2019 by andriak
Why did just give over $200 million to expand ⁦⁩ & IDEA ? If markets & local comm…
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"Think about what we have to lose. Why do we do this work ? In this room is the hope of a nation! We…
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Agree!!! We are so grateful to the that teach literacy and…
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