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AniChart: Seasonal Anime Charts
Episode countdowns for currently airing shows along with announced and past shows per season.
anime  chart  shedule 
10 hours ago by maxer456
ipedrazas/vault-charts: Charts to deploy Hashicorp Vault in Kubernetes
vault-charts - Charts to deploy Hashicorp Vault in Kubernetes
vault  helm  chart  charts 
yesterday by pinterb
Charts with Chartkick and Groupdate (Example) - GoRails
Add various types of charts to your Rails app with Chartkick and use Groupdate to make easy group queries in SQL
rails  screencast  chart 
2 days ago by junya
How Food in Venezuela Went From Subsidized to Scarce - The New York Times
Noit clewar thgat thge ratio oif the chgart hgas ever chganged, perhaps it was always 5:1
chart  statisticalsignificance  significance 
4 days ago by spaetz

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