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Keep Smiling
For the origins of the selfie, look to the dandy.
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march 2016 by inspiral
What Is The Real-Real Thing? // Awl
"Where the 1980s and 90s saw the co-optation of 'cool' and 'rebellion' into the broader culture, our own times are seeing the Man attempting to take ownership of 'authenticity.' Anxiety over this is the wellspring of the recent nonstop discussion of the TV show 'Girls.' It fascinates people and creeps them out, how the proposal of the show is that these faux-poor prep-school girls with fabulous artist parents have been made to resemble real people whom one knows. Gives me a bit of a chill myself, I must say. There's a fear that reality itself is not safe, that there are fakers moving into your own skin, somehow."
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april 2012 by cianoday

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