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Apple's New Airpods Are Here, Cost S$299 With Wireless Charging Case
The Apple Airpods true wireless earbuds have been a phenomenon, exploding in popularity despite early apprehension over its unorthodox design. Updated, improved, but retaining its form factor, the Apple Airpods second generation is now available with the new Wireless Charging Case.   The new Airpods are now powered by the Apple-designed H1 chip, taking over from the W1 chip that...

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Apple’s  New  Airpods  Are  Here  Cost  S$299  With  Wireless  Charging  Case 
9 hours ago by vrzone
How Utility Companies Can Lead The Electric Car Revolution & Still Make Money | CleanTechnica
In 1914, Thomas Edison said, “The electric motor will be universally used for trucking in all large cities and … the electric automobile will be the family carriage of the future.” It has taken more than 100 years for his prophesy to become a reality, though. Gasoline and the internal combustion engine came along and pushed Edison’s dream onto the back burner.
CleanTechnica  electricvehicles  charging 
9 days ago by eversourcenh

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