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"Lessons" by Otter Child
(Doctor Who)
Summary: Vignettes chronicling the first year of Jenny's life with her father. An impulsive young girl has a lot to learn. And so does an reckless man who thought he knew it all.
fanfic  author:Otter_Child  universe:Doctor_Who  length:Novella  ranking:Excellent  finis:Complete  series:Wind_In_The_North  category:Sequel  category:AU  category:Family  category:Adventure  characters:Tenth_Doctor  characters:Jenny  characters:Sarah_Jane_Smith  characters:Luke_Smith 
april 2016 by KerrAvonsen
"A Question Of Jurisdiction" by AND
(Doctor Who)
Summary: 'Why was it up to me to end the invasion of the Bane, Captain Torchwood?'

Notes: This was recced on Calufrax, so I was expecting something good; some snark, some
banter, some fun. It was actually better than I expected: all that plus a
poignant flashback to the Year That Wasn't, angst, misunderstandings, and
Sarah Jane pwning Jack, like good.
fanfic  author:AND  universe:Doctor_Who  length:Short_Story  ranking:Calufrax  ranking:Very_Good  finis:Complete  category:Snark  category:Angst  category:Banter  characters:Sarah_Jane_Smith  characters:Jack_Harkness  characters:Luke_Smith  characters:Gwen_Cooper  characters:Ianto_Jones  characters:Owen_Harper  characters:Toshiko_Sato 
march 2008 by KerrAvonsen

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author:and  author:otter_child  category:adventure  category:angst  category:au  category:banter  category:family  category:sequel  category:snark  characters:gwen_cooper  characters:ianto_jones  characters:jack_harkness  characters:jenny  characters:owen_harper  characters:sarah_jane_smith  characters:tenth_doctor  characters:toshiko_sato  fanfic  finis:complete  length:novella  length:short_story  ranking:calufrax  ranking:excellent  ranking:very_good  series:wind_in_the_north  universe:doctor_who 

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