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"Impossible Things" by Bananasrokk
(Doctor Who)
Summary: Donna finds a book that has strange similarities to her dreams. She decides to investigate, and soon finds herself starting to remember a life she never though possible... but at what cost? My theory on how Donna could come back.
fanfic  author:Bananasrokk  universe:Doctor_Who  length:Novelette  ranking:Good  finis:Complete  category:Mystery  category:Donna_Fix-it  category:Post-EoT  characters:Donna_Noble  characters:Wilfred_Mott  characters:Jenny  characters:Twelfth_Doctor  characters:Amy_Pond 
june 2016 by KerrAvonsen
"Threads" by Otter Child
(Doctor Who)
Summary: An anomalous reading and the Doctor's piqued curiosity take him and his daughter to the edge of humanity's solar system. They land on a tiny colony on the very edge of deep space. A colony where something is going badly wrong.
fanfic  author:Otter_Child  universe:Doctor_Who  length:Novelette  ranking:Very_Good  finis:Complete  series:Wind_In_The_North  category:Sequel  category:AU  category:Adventure  category:Worldbuilding  characters:Tenth_Doctor  characters:Jenny 
april 2016 by KerrAvonsen
"Lessons" by Otter Child
(Doctor Who)
Summary: Vignettes chronicling the first year of Jenny's life with her father. An impulsive young girl has a lot to learn. And so does an reckless man who thought he knew it all.
fanfic  author:Otter_Child  universe:Doctor_Who  length:Novella  ranking:Excellent  finis:Complete  series:Wind_In_The_North  category:Sequel  category:AU  category:Family  category:Adventure  characters:Tenth_Doctor  characters:Jenny  characters:Sarah_Jane_Smith  characters:Luke_Smith 
april 2016 by KerrAvonsen
"Wind in the North" by Otter Child
(Doctor Who)
Summary: The Doctor has saved the world, and ended several journeys. He needs to clear his head. But the trip that was meant as a retreat has landed him in a place rife with dust, guns, fear and mystery.

Notes: The Doctor stumbles across unexpected Jenny, in the middle of unexpected conflict. Joy, yes, but also frustration. As the conflict escalates and the Doctor sees the potential for everyone ending up dead, where fighting can only make things worse, what can he do with a daughter who tends to fight first and ask questions afterwards? This digs deeper into both the Doctor and Jenny, how they tick, how they see the world. It has one of the best portrayals of Jenny that I've seen. A must-read if you like Jenny.
fanfic  author:Otter_Child  universe:Doctor_Who  length:Novella  ranking:Excellent  finis:Complete  series:Wind_In_The_North  category:Post-JE  category:AU  category:Reunion  category:Adventure  category:Family  characters:Tenth_Doctor  characters:Jenny 
april 2016 by KerrAvonsen
"Take the Left" by Anonymous Cat
(Doctor Who)
Summary: There were two levers in the Ghost Shift Room: one on the left, the other on the right. The Doctor took the lever on the left. Years later, a Fortune Teller on Shan Shen gives him the opportunity to choose again. Consequences? You bet.

Notes: Consider what _Turn Left_ would have been like if the Doctor, rather than Donna, had been accosted by that fortune teller. Consider how much harder it would be for the Doctor to realise something was wrong, if he'd been given his hearts' desire: Rose back in his life. This was very well done.
fanfic  author:Anonymous_Cat  universe:Doctor_Who  length:Novella  ranking:Very_Good  finis:Complete  category:AU  category:Canon_Divergence  category:Episode_related  category:Changing_History  category:Post-Doomsday  characters:Tenth_Doctor  characters:Rose_Tyler  characters:Astrid_Peth  characters:Donna_Noble  characters:Jack_Harkness  characters:Jenny  characters:Martha_Jones 
july 2015 by KerrAvonsen
"Shaped By Our Futures" by AstroGirl
(Pretender/Doctor Who)
Summary: Jarod and Jenny; saving the world with an awful lot of running.

Notes: This is a highly-compressed take on what might happen if these two
naive super-geniuses were to team up. I loved it! It gave many small glimpses of them, which only whet one's appetite for more. So, yes, it would be
better if it was fleshed out, but I'll take what I can get.

Of course, if you don't know either one of the characters, then this
wouldn't appeal at all. But if you know only one of them, either Jarod (The Pretender) or Jenny (Doctor Who, "The Doctor's Daughter") then I think
you would still enjoy it.
fanfic  author:AstroGirl  universe:Pretender  universe:Doctor_Who  length:Short_Short  ranking:Very_Good  finis:Complete  series:Shaped_By_Our_Futures  category:Crossover  characters:Jenny  characters:Jarod 
january 2009 by KerrAvonsen
"Out Of The Dark2" by AstroGirl
(Doctor Who)
Summary: Jenny finds the limits of the universe, and keeps right on going.

Notes: Magnificent. This really captures Jenny: her curiosity, her openness, her restlessness, her desire to learn (and to overthrow Evil Overlords). The descriptions of the things she sees at the end of the universe really capture the atmosphere of desolation. To top it off, there's actually more going on than just Jenny running randomly about the universe (though there is that too).
fanfic  author:AstroGirl  universe:Doctor_Who  length:Short_Story  ranking:Very_Good  ranking:Calufrax  finis:Complete  category:AU  category:Adventure  characters:Jenny 
september 2008 by KerrAvonsen
"Planar Flight" by Jinxed Wood
(Doctor Who)
Summary: The Farringham school is haunted by ghosts and Martha suspects foul play, especially when another Doctor arrives on the scene.

Notes: This story is full of atmosphere, handwaviness and characterisation.
Here we have our cake and eat it too, as we see how Martha interacts with the 8th Doctor; it's a lovely sight to see. Both Eight and Martha are spot on, and they work well together.
The action of the story is full of spookiness, but I'm not sure that we were ever quite meant to understand what was going on, not fully; hence my calling this handwavy. But it's handwavy in the best tradition of Who.
fanfic  author:Jinxed_Wood  universe:Doctor_Who  length:Novelette  ranking:Very_Good  finis:Complete  category:Adventure  category:Meeting-in-wrong-order  characters:Martha_Jones  characters:Eighth_Doctor  characters:John_Smith  characters:Joan_Redfern  characters:Jenny 
july 2008 by KerrAvonsen
"Being Donna Noble" by WonderfulChild
(Doctor Who)
Summary: Donna discovers that traveling with the Doctor takes finding yourself to a whole new level.

Notes: This was magnificent. Even though I guessed what was coming, it was the journey
that pulled me in; the dreams, the fears, the characterisation.
Though this is impossible to be canon, it wove things together such that it
was really plausible.
fanfic  author:WonderfulChild  universe:Doctor_Who  length:Novelette  ranking:Calufrax  ranking:Very_Good  finis:Complete  category:AU_Jossed  category:Fix-it  category:Fobwatched  characters:Donna_Noble  characters:Tenth_Doctor  characters:Martha_Jones  characters:Jenny  characters:Romana_II  characters:Fourth_Doctor  characters:Braxiatel  characters:Rose_Tyler 
june 2008 by KerrAvonsen
"Five Times Jenny Met One Of The Doctor's Companions" by NetGirl Y2K
(Doctor Who)
Summary: Jenny saves some civilisations, does a lot of running and meets some of the Doctor's old friends.

Notes: This captures the enthusiastic naivete of Jenny, and the other characters are in character too, painted with quick strokes.
It would never happen, but it's fun thinking about.
fanfic  author:NetGirl_Y2K  universe:Doctor_Who  length:Short_Short  ranking:Good  finis:Complete  category:AU  category:Five_Things_Format  category:Reunion  characters:Jenny  characters:Mel_Bush  characters:Mickey_Smith  characters:Romana_II  characters:Sarah_Jane_Smith  characters:Tegan_Jovanka 
may 2008 by KerrAvonsen

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