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Pariah/Ilaro Lombardi has kidnapped Smuggler/Lia de Russo for some sexcapades after spying on her doing her smuggling thang and becoming smitten with her. Basically, dub-con bloodplay, lots of tying up involved. all of my children if someone gets Prowler/Il Lupo in there to make it a threeway and very consentual. :D OOOOOOOR if that's not your cuppa tea: PROBABLY PROJECT LEGACY SPOILERS IDUNNO but let's say Fiora did survive Cesare's wrath. Barely. And Faustina Collari/The Thief, finds her and nurses her back to health. with her vagina. whaaaat?
Part2  AC:Brotherhood_multiplayer  AC:Project_Legacy  status:unfilled  character:Pariah(Ilario_Lombardi)  character:Smuggler(Lia_de_Russo)  character:Courtesan(Fiora_Cavazzo)  character:Thief(Faustina_Collari)  pairing:Pariah/Smuggler  pairing:Thief/Courtesan  genre:het  genre:femslash  kink:dub-con  kink:blood  kink:bondage  kink:hurt/comfort 
october 2014 by asscreedarchive
Multi player kink- The Price of Stealing
The Officer catches The Thief right after she steals something, and is just about ready to take her down to prison despite her being a brother in arms. Before he can do so, she swears she will do anything to make for the theft. Bonus points for oblivious!officer or voyeur multiplayer character of your choice ;D
Part2  AC:Brotherhood_multiplayer  status:filled  character:Officer(Teodor_Viscardi)  character:Thief(Faustina_Collari)  pairing:Thief/Officer  genre:het 
october 2014 by asscreedarchive
This is a very silly request and I am a very silly anon and I hope this doesn't make me too obvious-- ANYWAYS Modern day thing with the multiplayer characters; they're getting Valentine's cards, chocolates whatever (I know it's not for another couple of weeks but better to start these early like the previous anon said). Courtesan's very popular being offered dates from every single other class, but she's completely uninterested. Thief then steps up to the challenge and starts flirting outrageously with her. Stubborn Courtesan eventually gives in because the other classes weren't nearly as pretty with their words. Bonus points for mentioning Officer in some manner, and super quadruple multiplier points if Thief manages to outright seduce the Courtesan for delicious sexytiem.
Part2  AC:Brotherhood_multiplayer  status:unfilled  character:Courtesan(Fiora_Cavazzo)  character:Thief(Faustina_Collari)  pairing:Thief/Courtesan  genre:femslash  AU:modern 
october 2014 by asscreedarchive
The Thief and Footpad
Seeing that these two are both thieves, who are also freakin' adorable as shit, they deserve attention. I wish to see some fanart of the two, be it killing or the opposite. Even fiction would work. Want more information about the two? AC wiki is the place.
Part2  AC:Brotherhood_multiplayer  status:unfilled  character:Thief(Faustina_Collari)  character:Footpad(Lanz)  genre:gen 
september 2014 by asscreedarchive
Multiplayer character time? Thief/Courtesan, in any order, really. Yeah, femmeslash in a yaoi-heavy meme. The likelihood of this being filled is slim...but I HAVE FAITH! Throw in whatever you want to spice this up, potential fillers.
Part2  AC:Brotherhood_multiplayer  status:filled  character:Thief(Faustina_Collari)  character:Courtesan(Fiora_Cavazzo)  pairing:Thief/Courtesan  genre:femslash 
september 2014 by asscreedarchive
Multiplayer Characters
Just got into multiplayer mode in Brotherhood and GOD WHAT HAVE I BEEN MISSING?! So I request some multiplayer lovez plz. Pick whoever you want in whatever situation you want, but I would love some I'll Lupo because I get so excited when he's stalking me and I find him oh so sexy for some reason wut I don't get it either.
Part3  AC:Brotherhood_multiplayer  status:filling  character:Thief(Faustina_Collari) 
august 2014 by asscreedarchive
Thieves, thieves everywhere!
This anon has... really odd taste in pairings. Like La Volpe and Faustina, the Thief in Multiplayer. I crave to see the duo getting some more love... and, well, shamelessly fucking each other's brains out on the roof of La Volpe Addormentata. I would like to see this brought around by the elder thief proving to the younger more childish (I swear her move set makes me think she's a bit on the childish side) thief that she's no match for him.
Part3  AC:Brotherhood  AC:Brotherhood_multiplayer  status:unfilled  character:La_Volpe  character:Thief(Faustina_Collari)  pairing:La_Volpe/Thief(Faustina_Collari)  genre:het 
july 2014 by asscreedarchive
How about some Prowler/Thief
I feel rather silly for asking this, but I do love the multiplayer so very much. I was hoping to see more multiplayer love... So I would really like to see the Prowler (Il Lupo) and the Thief (Faustina) getting some action. Well the idea I had was simply Il Lupo's target being Faustina and after a good chase he catches her hiding in one of the little rooftop hideaways. Instead of killing her on sight he decides to have some fun first. I'd prefer if it was dubcon... but everything else is up to the writer anon.
Part3  AC:Brotherhood_multiplayer  status:unfilled  character:Prowler(Il_Lupo)  character:Thief(Faustina_Collari)  pairing:Prowler/Thief  genre:het  kink:dub-con 
july 2014 by asscreedarchive

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