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UNFILLED: F!Warden/Alistair, Vaughn Kendalls abused here
Kendell Vaughn didn't just harress helpless elven women in the Alienage. He had... broad tastes in his choice of women but they all involve cruelty.

When the Warden and companions storm the castle and discover the dungeons, they are quick to free the trapped prisoners - until the warden comes face to face with Vaughn, the man who one assaulted her, a secret she has held onto for almost a year. Vaughn has never forgotten her and now his very pretty Warden is making him long for a reunion, whether she wants it or not.

Unfortunately for him, his Warden is no longer alone and vulnerable. She has endured and survived, she has dear friends and the love of a truly good man in Alistair all of whom will move heaven and earth to protect her. Vaughn is about to learn the hard way what they do to human monsters choose to pray on the vulnerable - or hurt their beloved friend

Tripple bonus for Sten, Morrigan, Zevran, and Leilana all coming up with grusome punishments for him but somehow Wynne suggests the worst of all and freaks them out a bit
dragon_age:origins  prompt:unfilled  character:vaughan  character:tabris  character:gen_party_members  kink:abuse  kink:revenge  kink:punishment 
january 2019 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: F!Tabris/(Loghain, Howe, Vaughn) Dark Torture + Noncon
I’ve been reading a bunch of ancient DA:O fics where the warden is captured, tortured, and/or killed by Loghain and Howe. With generous doses of noncon sprinkled in, naturally. It’s got my wheels turning. The prompt is this:

F!Tabris is captured at/around the time of the landsmeet. In this version of the story, Vaughn survived the origin, and has teamed up with Howe and Loghain. Archdemon is defeated (exactly how doesn’t bother me.) Once that is taken care of, they turn their attentions to Tabris. They don’t need anything from her. They’ve won. But the three of them enjoy breaking and using and torturing her because of how much they despise her. The ending is up to you, as long as it is preceded by drawn out suffering. Want to write a bad ending? Go nuts. Want her to be rescued? Go for it. Want to have her escape herself? Sure thing.

+Forced pregnancy
+Buckets of elf prejudice
+Size difference
+Withholding food
+Forced sleep deprivation (+++ if the sleep deprivation is from an extended gangbang with Howe’s lackeys.)
+Named Kallian
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:origins  character:tabris  character:vaughan  character:loghain  character:rendon_howe  kink:torture  kink:pregnancy  kink:size  kink:gangbang  kink:non_con 
march 2018 by dragonage_kink
F!Tabris/Leliana "Its Just a Jump and a Twist," 6/?
I would like to read about what could happen if Leliana from the end of the Trespasser somehow ended up in place of Origins!Leliana before she met the Warden.
prompt:filled  fanfic:unfinished  dragon_age:inquisition  dragon_age:origins  relationship:f/f  character:leliana  character:tabris  pairing:f!tabris_leliana  pairing:f!warden_leliana  kink:time_travel 
november 2017 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: F!Tabris/Leliana D/s
Skyhold gets a suprise visit from the warden. Tabris and Leliana are in a long term D/s relationship, and Tabris is itching to get her hands on her lovely submissive as soon as they get some alone time. :)

+strap on
+service oriented/high protocol D/s
+Tabris is a stone femme
dragon_age:inquisition  prompt:unfilled  character:leliana  character:tabris  pairing:f!tabris_leliana  kink:bdsm  kink:spanking  kink:dom_sub 
october 2017 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: F!Tabris/Alistair, meeting the family
Was I the only one surprised and disappointed that there wasn't more response from Cyrion/Shianni/Soris over Tabris dating a human? And that there was no real opportunity to talk with Alistair about the wedding and why Tabris was recruited in the first place?

I want Tabris' family to actually grapple with Alistair and his humanness, and for Alistair to slowly realize exactly how terribly Tabris and her family have been treated because of their ears.

Bonus points if eventually Cyrion decides he doesn't care as long as Alistair treats Tabris well and gives him grandchildren.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:origins  character:alistair  character:tabris  character:gen_female_warden  pairing:alistair_f!warden  pairing:alistair_f!tabris  relationship:het  character:cyrion  character:shianni  character:soris  kink:family 
june 2017 by dragonage_kink
Alistair/F!Tabris, "Perfect Timing", 3/3
After the defeat of the Archdemon, when they both survive and remain Wardens, Alistair attempts to propose. It doesn't go according to plan...
prompt:filled  fanfic:finished  dragon_age:origins  character:alistair  character:tabris  relationship:het  pairing:alistair_f!warden  pairing:alistair_f!tabris 
june 2017 by dragonage_kink
M!Tabris/Loghain, "Bad Friends, Worse Friends, and Something about a Dragon", 1/1
When you come up against obstacles such as common sense, the laws of physics, and Loghain Mac Tir’s utter rejection of your sexual advances, you press on.

Some people call it a death wish and poor impulse control. You call it optimism.
prompt:filled  fanfic:finished  dragon_age:origins  character:tabris  character:loghain  relationship:slash  pairing:loghain_m!warden  pairing:loghain_m!tabris  character:zevran  pairing:m!warden_zevran  pairing:m!tabris_zevran  kink:crack  kink:humor  kink:unrequited_lust 
april 2017 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Alistair/mage/elf!Warden she'll be my queen
After having saved the world, all Alistair wants is to be with his beloved Warden (Amell, Surana or Tabris). However he has ended up with a crown he doesn't want and faces loosing the love of his life because the people who's necks his Warden has just saved won't accept a non elf/mage.

He's spent his life trying to please people and he's done. If they want him as King they'll have to accept his Warden as his wife and Queen, *not* his mistress or 'advisor'. He will not hide her away or downplay their relationship to soothe ruffled feathers or long held prejudices. If they want the Thierin bloodline so badly, they'll have it on Alistair and his Warden's terms
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:origins  character:alistair  character:amell  character:surana  character:tabris  relationship:het  pairing:alistair_f!warden  pairing:alistair_f!amell  pairing:alistair_f!surana  pairing:alistair_f!tabris 
march 2017 by dragonage_kink
Zevran/F!Tabris, "A Whiter Shade Of Pale", 12/12
Darkspawn Chronicles AU: Zevran has been spared by Alistair after his failed assassination. Broken and bloody, he manages to get himself to Denerim Alienage and lands in the apartment of an unrecruited Tabris. He decides to hide in the village and make a new life for himself away from the Crows. After living in self imposed isolation after her kidnapping, Tabris finds herself reaching out and becoming friends with Zevran. When those feelings deepen, both are unsure how to be together in a world that threatens to fall apart around them.
prompt:filled  fanfic:finished  dragon_age:origins  fanfic:au  character:zevran  character:tabris  relationship:het  pairing:f!tabris_zevran  character:cyrion  character:shianni 
october 2016 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Alistair/F!Tabris, Tabris/Vaughn - Vaughn raped Tabris, now he wants more
Tabris was raped or sexually assaulted by Lord Vaughn and his friends, not Shianni. She hides it from everyone, including her love Alistair, feeling ashamed and not wanting him to hate her, and as such freed Vaughn from his captivity.

At the Lands Meet everything fell into place. Vaughn and the other lords accepted Alistair as king and agree to fight. The blight was defeated, and Alistair promises he will never leave her side. It should be perfect.

Until she discovers Vaughn waiting for her in her bedroom. He has never forgotten the gorgeous little knife ear, and is determined to have her for himself, planning to slip her away and make her his slave. After all, who'd really miss an elf?

A lot of people apparently, most noticeably newly crowned, furious Alistair, who is *not* in a forgiving mood
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:origins  character:tabris  character:vaughan  character:alistair  relationship:het  pairing:f!tabris_vaughan  pairing:alistair_f!tabris  pairing:alistair_f!warden  kink:non_con  kink:revenge 
october 2016 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: F!Lavellan is shared by Leliana and F!Tabris
Leliana is in a longtime relationship with F!Tabris warden, who comes to visit skyhold. F!Lavellan is flustered when they meet because DAMN the warden is HOT. Tabris convinces Leliana to invite her to their bed and they have glorious sex with both of them focusing the majority of their attentions on Lavellan. I am not particular about first names, but would prefer they NOT be just called "Tabris" and "Lavellan." Default names are cool and so are any other names you may have for them. :)

OPTIONAL bonuses (seriously these are 100% optional and won't make me not enjoy it if not included. If you don't like any/all of these FEEL FREE to disregard)
+ virginal, closeted, and/or inexperienced Lavellan
+ kinky elements like bondage or impact play, focused on Lavallan
+Tabris/Leliana have an existing D/s relationships (dom Tabris and sub Leliana) but Leliana dominates Lavellan alongside Tabris
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:gen_female_inquisitor  character:lavellan  character:leliana  character:gen_female_warden  character:tabris  relationship:f/f  kink:threesome  pairing:f!inquisitor_f!warden_leliana  pairing:f!lavellan_f!tabris_leliana  kink:group_sex  relationship:poly 
september 2016 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: alistair/tabris gentle sex
ok hi!! first time poster here and! this is embarrassing but ive been feelin down lately so i thought id make a request.. thingy. SO theres a fun condition out there called vaginismus where, either because of trauma or for no particular reason (my case is the former :') yaaay), the walls of a person's vagina are too tight for penetrative intercourse. it can be remedied with enough.. preparation? but its just a lot tighter and a good bit more painful than its supposed to be, is my point

which brings me to my prompt, which is: tabris (or any warden other than cousland, really), for whatever reason, has this condition. maybe she knows about it prior to getting into a relationship with alistair, maybe its her first time too so they both find out together. i just want to see them working through that - maybe he helps her get past it, maybe they find other ways to enjoy one another. just as long as the warden gets over her own shame about it with his help.

no dub/noncon obviously. just the warden and alistair being unbearably sweet together and trying to work past the warden's condition
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:origins  character:alistair  character:tabris  relationship:het  pairing:alistair_f!warden  pairing:alistair_f!tabris  kink:gentle_sex 
august 2016 by dragonage_kink
F!Tabris/Loghain, "A Kiss Is Just A Kiss", 4/4
Captured by the Architect, Loghain and Tabris are forced to have sex in order to survive poisoning. After they are rescued, they try to get a grasp on their feelings for each other during a mission to Alamar. When Tabris returns and realizes she is pregnant, they realize that both her and the child are in danger as long as the Architect lives.
prompt:filled  fanfic:finished  dragon_age:origins  character:tabris  character:loghain  relationship:het  pairing:f!tabris_loghain  pairing:f!warden_loghain  kink:fuck_or_die  kink:non_con  kink:pregnancy 
august 2016 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Alistair/female elf warden - pregnancy
It's a year or two after the end of the Fifth Blight and hardened!King!Alistair is in a relationship with a female elven warden-commander. (I'm not picky about which elf. Mahariel, Tabris, Surana, and even Andras are all good.) They both know that him getting her pregnant would be a political disaster, but luckily, they also both know that it's extremely unlikely to happen, since they're both tainted.

But there's no harm in a fantasy, right? So Alistair fucks his elven mistress with no birth control of any sort (They don't need any anyway, right?) and lots of dirty talk about getting her pregnant, how she'll look when she's nine months along with a human baby, etc.

The fantasy gets a little too real a couple of months later when the warden-commander realizes (how is up to a!a) that she actually IS pregnant.

How do they feel, once the shock wears off? What do they do?

I'm looking for both the smut and the follow up here. It doesn't have to be long, but I would like to see their reactions to the pregnancy.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:origins  character:alistair  character:mahariel  character:tabris  character:surana  relationship:het  pairing:alistair_f!warden  kink:pregnancy  kink:impregnation  character:gen_female_warden  character:gen_female_orlesian_warden  character:andras  pairing:alistair_f!orlesian_warden  pairing:alistair_f!andras  pairing:alistair_f!surana  pairing:alistair_f!tabris  pairing:alistair_f!mahariel  kink:dirty_talk 
august 2016 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: A/B/O Alpha!F!Tabris/Omega!Zevran
I have a real hankering for a scenario with F!Tabris as an Alpha and Zevran as a Omega. I will take virtually anything short of noncon, though I would love a hurt/comfort fill with Zevran having had predictably terrible heats in the past and expecting the worst when one hits unexpectedly shortly after he joins the Warden's party.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:origins  character:tabris  character:zevran  relationship:het  pairing:f!tabris_zevran  pairing:f!warden_zevran  kink:alpha_beta_omega  kink:hurt_comfort 
july 2016 by dragonage_kink

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