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Adventures in the Elevator of Despair - quipquipquip - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Bruce and Steph have to team up to save Tim from a subpar villain. There may be bonding, and the very high chance that Batman is physically incapable of apologizing like a normal person.
fic  fandom:Batman  author:quipquipquip  character:Stephanie_Brown  character:Bruce_Wayne  character:Tim_Drake  trope:Batfamily  verse:DCU  ship:Bruce&Steph  ship:Steph&Tim  ship:batfamily  ship:Bruce&Tim 
march 2017 by jeb124
infectedscrew: Birthday Wishes and Messes
Alfred knew his day was going to be strange from the very beginning. From the moment he opened his eyes, he was filled with amusement and a tiny dash of dread for what his day his day might bring him.
rating:PG13  author:infectedscrew  genre:gen  genre:fluff  tumblr  character:alfred  character:dick_grayson  trope:family  character:jason_todd  character:damian  character:tim  character:stephanie_brown  character:cassandra_cain  character:bruce_wayne  !no_pairing  fandom:batman  Fandom:DC 
july 2016 by Miscella
ohmcgee: the one with the selfies
Thanks for the spank bank material, replacement, but I’m pretty sure that wasn’t meant for me.
AO3  pairing:jason/tim  fandom:batman  fandom:dcu  Fandom:DC  rating:R  character:stephanie_brown  character:cassandra_cain  genre:humor  author:ohmcgee  !slash 
april 2016 by Miscella
renaroo: Drabble
It had become a bit of a tradition for them. They scrounged up money – or rather, Steph scrounged up money that would end up not being used when Cass pulled out the Wayne family bucks from her belt – and met over the rooftops by the Gotham U library.
tumblr  Fandom:DC  fandom:batman  pairing:cass/steph  character:stephanie_brown  character:cassandra_cain  rating:PG  short  !femslash 
january 2016 by Miscella
We Can Work It Out
Damian endeavors to make up for his treatment of Drake and apologize properly; however, Drake refuses to forgive him no matter what he does. Tim does his best to deny, avoid, and ultimately deal with the fact that the demon brat has a crush on him of all people. (Pulling pigtails never felt like quite such an understatement.) Meanwhile, the rest of the family takes sides.

Part 2:

xKalisto's art:
2014  artist:xkalisto  author:blackash26  author:tigrislupa  character:tim_drake  character:damian_wayne  character:barbara_gordon  character:alfred_pennyworth  character:bruce_wayne  character:cassandra_cain  character:stephanie_brown  character:jim_gordon  character:jason_todd  type:gen  wordcount:10k-15k  universe:dc_comics  rating:unknown 
april 2015 by comic_bangs
The Charm of Imperfection
Dick and Tim are together now and try to work out this new thing between them. Of course, life is never just easy, with Jason out of prison and someone targeting criminals – and with just being Batman and dealing with the Batfamily and their issues.

creepylicious' art:

ragless' art: TBA
2014  author:navaan  artist:creepylicious  character:dick_grayson  character:tim_drake  character:damian_wayne  character:wally_west  character:stephanie_brown  character:barbara_gordon  character:jason_todd  pairing:dick_grayson/tim_drake  dcu_bang  dcu_bang_2014  type:slash  rating:nc-17  universe:dc_comics  wordcount:10k-15k  artist:ragless  ART_TBA 
april 2015 by comic_bangs
littlelotte26: Buzzed
She had been nursing her third Cosmopolitan for about an hour. She was feeling giggly and warm now, but she was determined not to end up going home with Tony or anyone else for that matter.
fandom:dcu  Fandom:DC  fandom:batman  character:damian  character:stephanie_brown  pairing:damian/steph  rating:PG13  tumblr  postpairing:tam/tim  short  genre:fluff  !het 
december 2013 by Miscella
Leaving Gotham
When Batman fires both Cassandra and Stephanie they decide to leave Gotham in search of a new city in need of protectors. Together they face criminals, love and minimum wage jobs in their quest for new lives.

dylogger's art:
2013  artist:dylogger  author:brokenmimir  character:cassandra_cain  character:stephanie_brown  character:barbara_gordon  character:bruce_wayne  character:dick_grayson  character:jonathan_crane  pairing:stephanie_brown/cassandra_cain  rating:pg-13  wordcount:50k-75k  type:femslash  universe:dc_comics  dcu_bang  dcu_bang_2013 
november 2013 by comic_bangs

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