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my body's made of shell - Lise - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Loki didn’t know how he had survived.

In point of fact, he wasn’t entirely certain that he had.
fic  Avengers  character:Loki  character:Shuri  character:Thor  whump  gen 
29 days ago by kuiskata
a line that goes all the way
"About six months after he left Bucky in cryostasis in Wakanda, Steve got a text from an unidentified number: He is awake and well, and wants to see you."

Steve and Bucky reunite and reconnect, with some help from modern technology.
author:napricot  rating:nc-17  length:30.000-60.000  fandom:marvel  pairing:steve/bucky  character:bucky  character:steve-rogers  character:natasha  character:t'challa  character:sam-wilson  character:shuri  character:ofc  character:omc  pining  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:romance  healing  archiveofourown 
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theformerone: erik stevens, prince of wakanda
AU in which T'Chaka takes Erik back to Wakanda. Erik is a problem child, then a priest, then a big cousin, then a diplomat, then a hero. But he's always a prince, and he's always a panther.
fandom:black_panther  character:erik/stevens  character:t'challa  character:t'chaka  character:nakia  character:shuri  character:ramonda  trope:family  trope:culture_gap  trope:fixit  trope:characterstudy  trope:worldbuilding  AU  au!blackpanther  rating:PG13  author:theformerone  warning:severe_awesome   
6 weeks ago by Miscella
Point of No Return - Chapter 1 - Brickgirl101 - Iron Man (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
The bridges are burning, the heat's on my face
Making the past an unreachable place
Pouring the fuel, fanning the flames
I know, this is the point of no return

Bruce was right... they were just a chemical mixture. A bomb set to explode.

Tony sat in the wake of it all...

No he still had a promise to fulfill... his life wouldn’t be put to waste.

Watch out world Tony ‘Fucking’ Stark is back... Iron Man Lives Again
Fandom:Marvel  Site:AO3  Words:100k-150k  Status:WIP  Time:Marvel:PostCivilWar  Character:TonyStark/Ironman  Character:Tony!Extremis  Character:DrStrange  Character:JamesRhodes/WarMachine  Character:Vision  Character:PeterParker/Spiderman  Character:JessicaJones  Character:MattMurdoch/Daredevil  Character:LukeCage  Character:DannyRand/IronFist  Character:HopeVanDyne/Wasp  Character:CarolDanvers/MsMarvel  Character:HarleyKeener  Character:Jennifer/She-Hulk  Character:KamalaKhan  Character:LauraBarton  Character:BartonKids  Character:Friday  Character:DarcyLewis  Character:JaneFoster  Character:Shuri  Character:BettyRoss  Character:CassieLang  Genre:TeamIronman 
october 2018 by Mieeka
The Days of Reckoning Are Upon Us - Chapter 1 - Ana (Anafandom) - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve Rogers always does what he thinks is right. Unfortunately, believing he is right isn't the same as being right. Sometimes he's wrong. And sometimes he has to face the consequences of his actions.

Or, what if Team Cap was actually called out on their poor decisions and had to deal with consequences instead of being rewarded? A series of unrelated drabbles of what might have been.

And in case the tags aren't clear: this is not Steve or Team Cap friendly. If that's not your thing, just don't read it.
Genre:ShortStories  Fandom:Marvel  Words:100k-150k  Site:AO3  Status:WIP  Time:Marvel:TheFirstAvenger  Character:SteveRogers/CaptainAmerica  Character:BuckyBarnes/WinterSoldier  Character:SamWilson/Falcon  Character:NatashaRomanoff/BlackWidow  Character:TonyStark/Ironman  Character:Friday  Character:BruceBanner/Hulk  Character:WandaMaximoff/ScarletWitch  Character:ScottLang/Antman  Character:T'challa/BlackPanther  Character:Coulson  Character:Vision  Character:Pepper  Character:JamesRhodes/WarMachine  Character:ClintBarton/Hawkeye  Character:NickFury  Character:SharonCarter  Character:ThaddeusRoss  Character:Zemo  Character:PeggyCarter  Character:PietroMaximoff/QuickSilver  Character:Jarvis(AI)  Character:Shuri  Character:Ultron  Character:HankPym  Character:HopeVanDyne/Wasp  Character:PeterParker/Spiderman 
october 2018 by Mieeka
Weight of the World - Iron_Eirlyssa (Eirlyssa) - The Avengers (Marvel Movies), The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Having watched from the sidelines for a while, Shuri has now decided she is done. Mistakes were made, and she wasn't raised a Princess to just let things slide when she could do something about it.
Fandom:Marvel  Site:AO3  Words:Under10k  Status:WIP  Time:Marvel:PostCivilWar  Pairing:Gen  Character:T'challa/BlackPanther  Character:Shuri  Character:MariaHill 
may 2018 by Mieeka
under a golden january sun
Bucky'd never wanted to admit that he only felt alive when Steve was touching him as though sculpting him from clay. Some days, Bucky wished that Steve could—wanted to encase himself in some viscous substance just so Steve could recover him with his hands, guide his true shape into form. So he could become manifest by way of artistic vision.

(In Wakanda, Bucky tries to find himself. Steve tries to find him, too.)
fandom:marvel  length:10.000-30.000  pairing:steve/bucky  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:romance  character:steve-rogers  character:bucky  character:shuri  character:natasha  character:sam-wilson  rating:nc-17  kink:blow-job  kink:makeouts  kink:hand-job  archiveofourown  author:newsbypostcard  ★5 
april 2018 by kdjslvgds
not a thing to stop us now
“There’s so much I need to show you. Wait until you see this vine—”

“Is it the croissant?”

Peter grinned. “No, a better vine. There’s this cat, and a bucket of water—”

“I hate this,” T’Challa mumbled under his breath.
fandom:marvel_universe  length:1-2k  character:t'challa  character:shuri  character:peter_parker  character:tony_stark  genre:gen 
march 2018 by bernards_books
A Rare Bloom
When Shuri finds evidence that the heart-shaped herb might still be growing wild in Jabariland, T'Challa and M'Baku embark on a quest to find it. As the journey takes them deep into the mountains, though, their newfound trust—and growing attraction—is tested.
fandom:marvel_universe  character:t'challa  character:m'baku  character:shuri  length:6-7k  pairing:t'challa/m'baku 
march 2018 by bernards_books
the truths we build ourselves
“I’m pretty sure I asked for you to let me die.”

“You did.” There’s an odd look of contrition on T’Challa’s face, and it makes Erik suspicious, uncertain. Yet the show of regret is a comfort, somehow, it soothes some part of him that is screaming still for all the things the world deprived him of.

“Was I… unclear?”
fandom:marvel_universe  genres:au  character:t'challa  character:erik_stevens/n'jadaka  character:shuri  genre:gen  status:still_updating 
march 2018 by bernards_books
Fic: White (Boi) Wolf [shuri, black panther]
The one where Shuri sciences the shit out of everything and adopts a puppy—er, sad disgruntled POW in desperate need of a big sister and an upgrade.

(Or, Shuri lends a hand.)
mcu  captain.america  blackpanther  character:shuri  pairing:james."bucky".barnes/  author:lasgalendil  [rating:pants]  (words:2501-5k) 
february 2018 by midnightbex
Reconstruction - Chapter 1 - Jocelyn - The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
In the aftermath of Civil War, Steve and Bucky and the other fugitive Avengers face a painful past and an uncertain future, while T'Challa assumes the throne of Wakanda and decides his country's place and his own place in the Avengers' world. Ch. 4: Helmut Zemo is brought before the world to stand trial, but his goal to destroy the Avengers remains - and he hasn't given up. Zemo's next move leaves Bucky increasingly desperate and our heroes with decreasing options to protect him.
Time:Marvel:PostCivilWar  Fandom:Marvel  Status:WIP  Words:10k-25k  Site:AO3  Character:Zemo  Character:NatashaRomanoff/BlackWidow  Character:WandaMaximoff/ScarletWitch  Character:SteveRogers/CaptainAmerica  Character:SharonCarter  Character:T'challa/BlackPanther  Words:75k+  Character:SamWilson/Falcon  Character:Vision  Character:TonyStark/Ironman  Character:Shuri  Character:ClintBarton/Hawkeye  Character:LauraBarton  Character:ScottLang/Antman  Character:BuckyBarnes/WinterSoldier  Character:ThaddeusRoss  Character:JamesRhodes/WarMachine  Character:EverettRoss  Words:100k-150k 
january 1970 by Mieeka
Coming Undone - WintersGoddess - Ant-Man (Movies), Black Panther (2018), Black Widow (Comics), Captain America (Movies), Iron Man (Movies), Marvel, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spider-Man - All Media Types, The Avengers (Marvel Movies), The Avengers (Marvel
T'Challa could only hope Rogers hadn't seriously injured or killed any one on his quest. There had been enough death in the past weeks, God knows he couldn't handle much more right now. He was a strong man, but even the strongest can break under to much pressure. T'Challa sighed noisily, his frustrations growing further. Shuri would be returning soon and then he had no way to stash the Avengers away. He looked out the windows of the study, staring out over the vast jungle, at the skyline cloaked in its blackness. He prayed for strength, for guidance, for some kind of foresight of what may come. If only his prayers had been answered. He would have been able to see what the Gods had in store for him. How his life was about to be shattered. Nothing would ever be the same. His world would forever be changed, and he didn't even know. All because he offered another sanctuary. *My own take on what I feel should/could happen after the events of Civil War. I didn't really like the ending, so this is my way of dealing with it* Peter/Wade is a very small part of this fic, basically a blink and miss it but I put the the tag bc they do show up eventually.
Words:25k-50k  Time:Marvel:PostCivilWar  Character:NatashaRomanoff/BlackWidow  Character:WandaMaximoff/ScarletWitch  Character:SteveRogers/CaptainAmerica  Character:T'challa/BlackPanther  Character:SamWilson/Falcon  Character:TonyStark/Ironman  Fandom:Marvel  Character:Shuri  Status:WIP  Character:ClintBarton/Hawkeye  Character:ScottLang/Antman  Site:AO3 
january 1970 by Mieeka

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(words:2501-5k)  [rating:pants]  archiveofourown  au!blackpanther  au  author:copperbadge  author:lasgalendil  author:napricot  author:newsbypostcard  author:theformerone  avengers  blackpanther  captain.america  character:bartonkids  character:bettyross  character:brucebanner/hulk  character:bucky  character:buckybarnes/wintersoldier  character:buckybarnes  character:caroldanvers/msmarvel  character:cassielang  character:clintbarton/hawkeye  character:coulson  character:dannyrand/ironfist  character:darcylewis  character:drax  character:drstrange  character:dum-e  character:erik/stevens  character:erik_stevens/n'jadaka  character:everettross  character:friday  character:gamora  character:groot  character:hankpym  character:happy  character:harleykeener  character:hopevandyne/wasp  character:howardstark  character:jamesrhodes/warmachine  character:janefoster  character:jarvis(ai)  character:jennifer/she-hulk  character:jessicajones  character:kamalakhan  character:laurabarton  character:loki  character:lukecage  character:m'baku  character:mantis  character:mariahill  character:mariastark  character:mattmurdoch/daredevil  character:nakia  character:natasha  character:natasharomanoff/blackwidow  character:nebula  character:nickfury  character:ofc  character:omc  character:peggycarter  character:pepper  character:peter_parker  character:peterparker/spiderman  character:peterquill/starlord  character:pietromaximoff/quicksilver  character:ramonda  character:rocket  character:sam-wilson  character:samwilson/falcon  character:scottlang/antman  character:sharoncarter  character:stephenstrange  character:steve-rogers  character:steverogers/captainamerica  character:steverogers  character:t'chaka  character:t'challa/blackpanther  character:t'challa  character:thaddeusross  character:thor  character:tony!extremis  character:tony_stark  character:tonystark/ironman  character:tonystark  character:ultron  character:vision  character:wandamaximoff/scarletwitch  character:wong  character:you  character:zemo  fandom:black_panther  fandom:blackpanther  fandom:captainamerica  fandom:marvel  fandom:marvel_universe  fandom:mcu  fic  gen  genre:gen  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:romance  genre:shortstories  genre:teamironman  genres:au  healing  hurt-comfort  kink:blow-job  kink:hand-job  kink:makeouts  length:1-2k  length:10.000-30.000  length:15-19k  length:30.000-60.000  length:6-7k  mcu  pairing:gen  pairing:james."bucky".barnes/  pairing:stephenstrange/tony  pairing:steve/bucky  pairing:t'challa/m'baku  pairingtype:gen  pining  rating:general  rating:nc-17  rating:pg13  site:ao3  source:ao3  status:complete  status:downloaded  status:still_updating  status:wip  theme:animals  theme:emotionalhealing  theme:friendship  theme:injury  theme:ptsd  theme:recovery  theme:trauma  time:marvel:postcivilwar  time:marvel:thefirstavenger  trope:characterstudy  trope:culture_gap  trope:family  trope:fixit  trope:worldbuilding  warning:severe_awesome  whump  words:100k-150k  words:10k-25k  words:25k-50k  words:75k+  words:under10k  ★5   

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