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Lassiter's Little Wifey
Originally written for the Psych Kink Meme Prompt: Shawn as the perfect cop's wife only I guess I read that as Shawn frets a lot and there is sex. Anyway, Shawn deals with the idea of being a cop's wife.
author:rispacooper  source:dreamwidth  status:complete  words:10K-25K  rating:Explicit  relationship:m/m  fandom:Psych  character:Carlton  Lassiter  character:Shawn  Spencer  theme:marriage  kink:blow-job  kink:anal-penetration  character:Burton-"Gus"-Guster 
november 2014 by beckswithrecs
flam·ma·ble- adj. Easily ignited and capable of burning rapidly - FIC: Varying Degrees of Con-Artistry
Of pianos, first kisses, trip-ups, semantics, aspirin, facades, and mental slight of hand. Seven glances into the mind of Shawn Spencer.
f:Psych  p:shawn/lassiter  character:shawn  character:lassiter  fanfic  slash  angst  firsttime  author:lucia-tanaka 
january 2009 by kieslin
lozenger8: Shawn and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
Lassiter brushed a calm and reassuring hand down between Shawn's shoulder blades. "It'll be okay, Spencer. We have our best and brightest working on the case. You're freaking out over nothing."
f:Psych  p:shawn/lassiter  character:shawn  character:lassiter  character:gus  character:julietohara  fanfic  gen  crack  author:lozenger8 
january 2009 by kieslin
regann: FIC: "Tell It Like It Is" by Regann - PG-13/R - Shawn/Lassiter
There's got to be a morning after. Unfortunately, they're even more difficult when you wake up to discover you got drunk and slept with a man you profess to hate. Poor, poor Lassiter. Can we say "hetereosexual freakout"?
f:Psych  p:shawn/lassiter  character:shawn  character:lassiter  fanfic  slash  firsttime  author:regann 
january 2009 by kieslin
regann: FIC: "(Not So) Merry Go Round" by Regann - PG-13 - Gus, Shawn
Not even their friendship seemed to be working at the moment and Gus was beginning to wonder if anything ever would when Shawn Spencer was involved.
f:Psych  character:shawn  character:gus  fanfic  gen  friendship  author:regann 
january 2009 by kieslin
regann: FIC: "Between the Lines" by Regann - PG-13 - Shawn/Lassiter
Lassiter can't help but be disgusted by the idea of Spencer and O'Hara dating, just like he can't help it that he and O'Hara have the same bad taste in men. But maybe Lassiter's not seeing what he thinks he is.
f:Psych  p:shawn/lassiter  p:gus/juliet  character:shawn  character:lassiter  character:gus  character:julietohara  fanfic  slash  jealousy  firstdate  author:regann 
january 2009 by kieslin
ryann_blackwood - PSY Fic: Henry Spencer, Matchmaker, Part 1
Henry decides that it's time for Shawn to settle down. He makes it his mission to find a suitable bride...or groom.
f:Psych  p:shawn/lassiter  character:shawn  character:lassiter  character:henryspencer  fanfic  slash  humour  jealousy  author:ryann_blackwood 
january 2009 by kieslin
The Case of the Missing Cockatiel
Shawn's next case turns out to be more than he expected. He's got more than keen observational powers at his disposal, thanks to a run-in with a true fortune-teller who leaves him with psychic abilities of his own.
f:Psych  p:shawn/lassiter  character:shawn  character:lassiter  character:julietohara  character:gus  fanfic  slash  angst  au  firsttime  specialability  author:gryvon 
january 2009 by kieslin

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