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on a night like this one - Anonymous - Animorphs - Katherine A. Applegate [Archive of Our Own]
“Do you want this?” Cassie asks. She’s in front of Rachel, though Rachel hadn’t seen or heard her move. She puts a hand on Rachel’s chin and tilts it up so Rachel meets her eyes. Her eyes are dark and warm and lovely.
Rachel thinks to say to her, I killed a man tonight, Cassie. The understatement would be hilarious.
“I want you,” she says instead. It’s what she always says. It’s easier to have a script than try to verbalize how she feels on nights like these.
fandom:animorphs  relationship:femslash  ship:rachel/cassie  type:hurt/comfort  character:cassie  character:rachel 
april 2018 by Poetry
the both of us - words-writ-in-starlight (Gunmetal_Crown) - Animorphs - Katherine A. Applegate [Archive of Our Own]
Jake made a deal with Fenestre--as long as he was inside his own house, he was safe from retribution.
Rachel knows that there are some things that only she and her cousin can do, and this is one of them.
fandom:animorphs  relationship:gen  fic  type:missingscene  theme:family  character:rachel  character:jake 
july 2017 by Poetry
Human Again - LilacSolanum - Animorphs - Katherine A. Applegate [Archive of Our Own]
The kids have been given a mission from Erek King, but also have to deal with raising mock babies the school has given them. Meanwhile, Tobias faces his past.

There are NO WORDS for how good this character study of Tobias is. This is the freakin' ULTIMATE.
fandom:animorphs  fic  type:characterstudy  type:missingscene  type:dark  favorite  relationship:het  ship:rachel/tobias  character:tobias  character:ax  character:rachel 
april 2017 by Poetry
Hiamoe loa - casspeach - Hawaii Five-0 (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
“They keep telling me it helps,” Rachel says. “That hearing a loved one’s voice, knowing that someone special is close’s probably just nonsense that they say to try and make us feel better, but it might not be.”
fandom:hawaii50  pairing:McDanno  tag:danny_in_peril  tag:h/c  au:fantasy  tag:angst  character:rachel  tag:favorite  rec:for_Angie  rec:h50 
june 2016 by Wren_K
Ooo, Shining
Rachel/Malcolm post-Shining review, with him comforting her for all the stress and abuse and panic attacks she had to go through in the episode.
character:rachel  character:malcolm  type:M/f  pairing:malcolm/rachel  feature:hurt/comfort  feature:panic  feature:abuse 
january 2015 by tgwtg_prompts
The Job - mademoisellePlume
AU in which Rachel was on the Pool Ship and Jake on the Blade Ship in the final battle. So painful and real.
fic  fandom:animorphs  relationship:gen  type:au  type:angst  type:post-canon  character:rachel  character:jake 
december 2014 by Poetry
Dark Critic/Rachel (no cutesy I beg you, go from the actual show) post Master Of Disguise. What she had to do to get her job back.
character:nostalgiacritic  character:rachel  type:m/f  pairing:critic/rachel  feature:dark 
september 2014 by tgwtg_prompts
All the Light We Cannot See - Zelos - Animorphs
Interesting exploration of how Cassie feels about her appearance compared to Rachel's, and some sweet affirmation from Jake.
fic  fandom:animorphs  relationship:het  ship:jake/cassie  type:fluff  character:rachel  character:cassie  character:jake 
september 2014 by Poetry
Rachel Bloodbending
In The Critic's review of The Last Airbender, Rachel is shown to be able to bloodbend (In short, control someone's body).

So in short, Rachel forcefully doms someone using bloodbending.
character:rachel  character:anyone/everyone  feature:dom/sub  type:any  pairing:rachel/any 
september 2013 by tgwtg_prompts
History Books
History books will remember Miles Matheson as the man who co-founded and then eventually helped take down the Monroe Republic.
drabble  character:danny  matheson  character:rachel  matheson  character:miles  matheson  character:charlie  matheson  character  death:miles  au:fall  of  the  monroe  republic  series:revolution 
october 2012 by frannie_pants

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