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Meat Mechs [by Meggory, Star Wars Gen]
On Technician Second Class Rose Tico's first day as an apprentice fixing X-Wings, things would be fine if she could remember rule number one: do not acknowledge Poe Dameron's existence whilst on the maintenance floor, and rule number one, subsection a: do not give his droid belly rubs.
type:fanfic  fandom:starwars  wc:1001-5000  author:meggory  genre:gen  character:rosetico  character:poedameron 
march 2018 by siria
Squad Goals [by igrockspock, Star Wars Gen]
"We should take the general on a mission," Rose said. "One that's useful and not fatal."

“We have those?” Finn asked.

“Probably not fatal if well-executed,” Rose amended.

The surviving members of the Resistance decide the best way to help Leia is to take her on a recruiting mission to Rose's home world.
type:fanfic  fandom:starwars  genre:gen  genre:futurefic  wc:10001-20000  author:igrockspock  character:leiaorgana  character:poedameron 
march 2018 by siria
dust won - pineovercoat - Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]

Barefoot, plainly dressed, and curled tight against the far wall, Ren was a far cry from the hulking terror he’d seen in the interrogation room aboard the Finalizer. It was difficult to believe he was even the same person without that strange, inhuman mask and those sweeping robes- almost as difficult as believing that he was the Ben Solo he’d known, or at the very least, a monster wearing his face. But there it was, the proof right before his eyes, from his mole dotted skin to his large nose, so like his father’s. The thought made him shiver.

Once, Poe’s mother told him that the galaxy, even during its darkest hours, was fundamentally a good place, and Poe still believed that. But at times like these, he couldn’t help but think the galaxy also had a shit sense of humor.
fandom:starwars  tfa  character:poedameron  character:kyloren  gen  length:<020000  ao3 
september 2017 by Harpijka
A Long Way From Brooklyn [by Celeste9, Star Wars/MCU Gen]
“Stars,” Poe says, tilting his head to try to make eye contact with his companion. “What planet are you from?”
Oh, God. Don’t let it be an alien thing. “What planet are you from?”

(Or, Bucky has cause to regret his life. Again.)
type:fanfic  fandom:starwars  fandom:captainamerica  genre:gen  genre:crossover  wc:1001-5000  author:celeste9  character:buckybarnes  character:finn  character:rey  character:poedameron 
may 2017 by siria
Droid Soul [by Sholio,Star Wars Gen]
Poe's daemon settles as a droid. This comes with some special side benefits.
type:fanfic  fandom:starwars  genre:gen  wc:1001-5000  author:sholio  genre:au  character:poedameron 
january 2017 by siria
Astronomy in Reverse [by Knight_tracer and Lady_ragnell, Star Wars Gen]
With Rey gone to find Luke Skywalker, someone needs to receive her messages and respond to them. Poe expects General Organa to take on that duty, but since Rey is asking more about Finn than anything else, she asks Poe to do it instead.
type:fanfic  fandom:starwars  genre:gen  wc:10001-20000  author:knight_Tracer  author:lady_ragnell  character:finn  character:rey  character:poedameron 
december 2016 by siria
Prune for new growth [by ineptshieldmaid, Star Wars Gen]
Rey wears her hair in three knots, the way she had when she was a child, so that her family will recognise her.

But she’s not on Jakku anymore, and she knows now: they’re not coming back.
type:fanfic  fandom:starwars  genre:gen  wc:1001-5000  author:ineptshieldmaid  character:finn  character:poedameron  character:rey  character:chewbacca  character:lukeskywalker 
december 2016 by siria
Rivers and Roads - celeste9 - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]

When Leia needs a pilot to accompany her on an extended diplomatic trip on behalf of the Resistance, Poe volunteers.Of course he does. Leia isn't even surprised.She may, however, end up surprised before this trip is over.
fandom:starwars  tfa  character:leia  character:poedameron  !_brilliant  flirting 
december 2016 by Harpijka
The New Guy - norcumi - Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: Poe Dameron spots a new face looking lost -- looking for Medical. Of course he decides to make friends.Kix is just full of surprises. / I cried and smiled at the same time. Bittersweet, wonderful.
fandom:starwars  tfa  clonewars  character:kix  character:poedameron  author:norcumi  gen  length:<002000  !_good  bittersweet 
september 2016 by Harpijka
A Thousand Words for Water [by Musesfool, Star Wars Gen]
Chewie howls something that translates to, "Just throw her in and hope she floats," and Artoo trills in disapproval of that strategy. "She's a Jedi," Chewie replies. "She'll be fine."
type:fanfic  fandom:starwars  genre:gen  wc:1001-5000  author:musesfool  character:rey  character:lukeskywalker  character:finn  character:poedameron 
may 2016 by siria
Coming Together - BlackRose2014 - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
I can fly anything. Are you Resistance?

FN-2187 stared at the words scrawled in messy Standard on his forearm. He didn’t know what they meant. Well, he didn’t know what they were supposed to mean at least. What they meant for him, though, was extra protocol sessions and more scrutiny from his superiors.

KG-7778 told him that it was because the words made them think that he was going to break protocol. To disobey orders. To betray the First Order.

His mind balked at the very idea. The First Order was all he knew. Obedience was all he knew. Why would he break protocol?
fic  StarWars  Finn/Poe  character:Finn  character:PoeDameron  character:HanSolo  character:Rey  soulmates!au 
february 2016 by kuiskata
Chosen - thisiswherethefishlives - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, soulmates are written on the skin from birth. While not a perfect system, it gives hope to people in a time when there isn't much to hope for.

Aware of the difficulties that soulmates could cause the First Order, all recruits are relieved of their names, their homes, and their soul marks at an early enough age so as not to be remembered.
fic  StarWars  Finn/Poe  character:Finn  character:PoeDameron  soulmates!au 
february 2016 by kuiskata
Like Lightning - cloudcastles - Star Wars - All Media Types, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
Nearly everyone in the galaxy has the name of their soulmate written on the inside of their wrist. Finn has never seen his mark, and Poe has never met his soulmate.
fic  StarWars  Finn/Poe  soulmates!au  character:Finn  character:PoeDameron 
february 2016 by kuiskata
and then i collided with you - zombiemichonne - Star Wars - All Media Types, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]


What the hell kind of name was that? Seriously it was like Poe’s life was one big fucking cosmic joke to the galaxy.'

Poe Dameron has cursed his useless Soulmark for years.

Finn on the otherhand doesn't even know what the name on his wrist means.
fic  StarWars  Finn/Poe  character:Finn  character:PoeDameron  soulmates!au  WIP 
february 2016 by kuiskata

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