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And There Are Deserts Still - Amy - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
"Freely we choose, and what we have chosen to become stands in judgment over what we may yet hope to be."

Also, Clint bakes muffins.
fic  Avengers  Jewish!Avengers  character:ClintBarton  character:NatashaRomanoff  gen  character:PhilCoulson 
12 weeks ago by kuiskata
Raising a Wizard by a_dale
When S.H.I.E.L.D. dumps everyone's secrets post CA:WS, Natasha discovers who her biological family was and that she wasn't born Natalia Romanova, but Mallory Evans. When she goes looking for her family, what she finds is a 6 year old Harry Potter and for the first time in her life she has someone who is all her own. Together, with the family she chose, they decide to raise him as their own. This is the story of how the avengers raise a young wizard, and how they teach him and each other how they all deserve the love and comfort having a family can offer.
creator:a_dale  archive:AO3  fandom:Marvel  fandom:HarryPotter  crossover:HarryPotter/Marvel  rating:0Unrated  worktype:fiction  translator:Kefalion  category:Multi  character:NatashaRomanova  character:HarryPotter  character:ClintBarton  character:TonyStarkIronMan  character:SteveRogers  character:SamWilson(Marvel)  character:PhilCoulson  character:BruceBanner  genre:crossover  series:RaisingaWizard  saved:no  status:completed  chapters:010-014  words:025-030k 
october 2018 by eir
The Limits of the Compass - shell
Part 5 of the Long Range Reconnaissance series

"Natasha spent about six months with the Winter Soldier," Phil said. "They were…intimate. Apparently the Red Room didn't usually let him out of suspension for that amount of time, because his memories would start to resurface, and they were worried his conditioning would break down. But they wanted Tasha trained by their best. She spent long enough with him that she learned his name. She called him Yasha."

Steve shook his head impatiently. "That doesn't mean anything to me, Phil," he said tensely. "What was his name?"

Clint put his hand on Steve's arm. His face was pale as he said, "It means James. Yasha is James, right?" Steve should have gotten it then, should have realized why Clint was looking at him like that, but he didn't.

Phil nodded. "Natasha said that sometimes he would talk in his sleep. He'd say his name, rank, and serial number, like he was a prisoner. She doesn't remember the serial number, but the name was Sergeant James Barnes."
Fandom:Avengers(Marvel)  Fandom:CaptainAmerica(Movies)  Character:SteveRogers  Character:BuckyBarnes(James)  Character:Clint(Hawkeye)Barton  Character:PhilCoulson  Character:PepperPotts  Character:TonyStark  Character:NatashaRomanov  Character:BruceBanner  Character:NickFury  Character:Thor  Pairing:SteveRogers/BuckyBarnes  Pairing:ClintBarton/PhilCoulson  Pairing:TonyStark/PepperPotts  Pairing:M/M  Pairing:F/M  Theme:Implied/Referenced_NonCon  POV:SteveRogers  Theme:Family  Theme:Friendship  Theme:Nostalgia  Theme:Artist!SteveRogers  Character:JARVIS  Theme:Grief  Theme:Loneliness  Theme:Lonely!SteveRogers  Style:CaseFic 
june 2018 by JoeyCool13
We Are Not Soldiers - Chapter 1 - Leraika - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]

After the war, Draco Malfoy was given a choice.
But what no one knew was that the Veil is more complicated than Severus Snape, more enigmatic than Albus Dumbledore, and as unpredictable as those Weasley Twins.
Now Draco is trapped amidst horrifyingly advanced muggles, without a wand or a prayer. All he has are his wits, a surfeit of trust issues, scars and tattoos he'd rather not explain, and a raging case of xenophobia.
Then the aliens attack...
fic  Avengers  HarryPotter  crossover  character:DracoMalfoy  character:TonyStark  character:SteveRogers  character:PhilCoulson  character:Loki  gen  WIP 
may 2018 by kuiskata
Just Another Guy With A Bow by Myrmidryad
"Clint's life is a steady progression from point A to point B, but it's everything that happens between those points that make the story interesting. Things like joining the circus, losing Barney, finding Barney, stumbling into SHIELD, trusting Coulson, meeting Fury, making a different call when he's sent to kill the Black Widow, and becoming part of the dysfunctional Avengers team."
Fandom:Avengers  Character:PhilCoulson  PlotDevice:YaySex!  Charater:ClintBarton  Character:NatashaRomanova  Pairing:ClintBarton/NatashaRomanova  Fanfiction  PlotDevice:GetTogether  PlotDevice:Fixit  Author:Myrmidryad  Fandom:Marvel 
february 2018 by Incondite
flying in the face of science by Fuckitfireeverything
"Four years ago, Steve Rogers was the only returning crew member of the Ares I expedition, a research mission to Mars gone wrong. Half of his crew died, and he left two of them -- James Barnes and Peggy Carter -- behind so he could return to Earth and get help. The day he got back to Earth, Phil Coulson began planning a rescue mission, the Ares II. This is the story of that mission."
Character:PhilCoulson  Charater:ClintBarton  Character:SteveRogers  Pairing:TonyStark/SteveRogers  Author:Fuckitfireeverything  Pairing:ClintBarton/PhilCoulson  Fandom:Marvel  Character:TonyStark  PlotDevice:AU  Fanfiction  Fandom:Avengers 
february 2018 by Incondite
Five Times Clint Had To Explain (And One Time He Didn’t) - Chapter 1 - Selenay - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
"I've got glitter in places that glitter should never be."
"Thank you for that image," Phil said dryly. "You were going to explain why you're dressed like...well..."
"A ten dollar whore?" Clint supplied helpfully.
"I was going to go with classy hooker, but whatever you feel most comfortable identifying with," Phil said.
Fandom:Marvel  Character:PhilCoulson  Author:Selenay  Pairing:ClintBarton/PhilCoulson  Charater:ClintBarton  Fanfiction  Fandom:Avengers 
february 2018 by Incondite
when you were young and sound by Haipollai
They're all waiting in the hallway outside the examination room to hear the results. The blast had originally been intended for Steve, the general guess is it was to de-age him to a time before the serum. No one had been able to anticipate it bouncing it off his shield and hitting their handler. On the other hand, the reaction of the entire team, lashing out to catch the guy had been predictable.
Pairing:ClintBarton/PhilCoulson  Fandom:Marvel  PlotDevice:TeamFic  Fanfiction  Author:Haipollai  Character:PhilCoulson  Charater:ClintBarton  Fandom:Avengers  PlotDevice:De-Aging 
february 2018 by Incondite
i only show them what i want them to see by Haipollai
“I didn’t like high school. Why would I subject myself to it all over again?” He shrugs and looks back at his computer. There have been possible AIM sightings in Mexico and he’s been struggling to have them confirmed. He’s a step away from resigning himself to sending Natasha or Clint in though he would like to avoid that.

“Because...” Clint trails off and Phil knows he’s looking at Natasha for help.

“Because Clint wants to live a normal life vicariously through you,” Natasha translates absently.
Fanfiction  Fandom:Avengers  Character:OC  Fandom:Marvel  Character:PhilCoulson  Author:Haipollai  Pairing:ClintBarton/NatashaRomanova/PhilCoulson  Character:NatashaRomanova  Charater:ClintBarton 
february 2018 by Incondite
A swish of air and my boots hit deck by Haipollai
"Don't thank you?" Clint gasped and pouted. He hooked his fingers in Phil's vest and tugged on it lightly until the other man sighed and closed the space between them, his hands coming to rest on Clint's hips. His fingers were still around the wool fabric, plain but high quality. He smiled softly as he ran his fingers over it. "Phil, as much as I love the crossbow, or the coilgun, this is gorgeous."
Fandom:Marvel  Fandom:Avengers  Charater:ClintBarton  PlotDevice:AU  Fanfiction  PlotDevice:YaySex!  Pairing:ClintBarton/PhilCoulson  Character:PhilCoulson  Author:Haipollai 
february 2018 by Incondite

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