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Si Creabis, Fit Redunda., sci-fantasy: copperbadge: sanerontheinside: ...
Somewhere in the Leverage universe, there is a conspiracy theorist trying to prove that a certain minor league baseball player, a Canadian hockey player, and an American country music singer are all the same person. They have a file with various news printouts, and keep trying to upload them to a website, but every time they do, the site mysteriously crashes, threads go missing on discussion boards, and all electronic records of this man have simply vanished.
fic  Leverage  gen  character:OC  character:Hardison  character:Parker  character:EliotSpencer 
15 days ago by kuiskata
Compression - Chapter 1 - NamelessDragon - Black Panther (2018) [Archive of Our Own]
Bucky's been in Wakanda a while, trying to keep his head down and learn to enjoy life again in the wake of the removal of Hydra's programming.

Then one day he falls down a hole into a secret lab.

Things don't get easier from there.
fic  Avengers  character:Loki  character:BuckyBarnes  character:T'Challa  character:Shuri  character:Okoye  character:OC  character:Odin  Bucky/Loki  torture  whump  hurt-comfort 
16 days ago by kuiskata
he will have power the dark lord knows not - dirgewithoutmusic - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
It was Mrs. Figg who suspected first.

She noticed many things, sitting on her side of her fence with her cats chasing butterflies and nuzzling her ankles, Mundungus and the other watchers dropping by for tea now and then.

Mrs. Figg noticed that Petunia was a nosy bit of work with insecurities hanging from her every harsh angle. She noticed when Dudley learned the word MINE-- the whole neighborhood noticed that one. She noticed that Vernon glared at owls.

She noticed that when Petunia gave Harry a truly horrendous haircut one year, it grew back in at a normal rate. Harry was uneven and weird-looking for ages, hiding under beanies when he could.

When Mrs. Figg had Harry over for carefully miserable afternoons of babysitting, she noticed nothing moved that shouldn't. He didn't accidentally make flowers out of fallen leaves, or levitate anything during tantrums, or turn toys funny colors.

Mrs. Figg called up her mother, interrupting the wizarding bridge game she was winning against the nursing home staff, and asked her how she had known, decades back, that her youngest daughter was a squib.
fic  HarryPotter  au  character:HarryPotter  character:RonWeasley  character:HermioneGranger  character:AnthonyGoldstein  character:OC  character:RemusLupin 
27 days ago by kuiskata
baby birds and other adventures - dirgewithoutmusic - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Harry did not know this and would not know this until Mrs. Granger mentioned it casually over a Christmas dinner years and years later-- but she and Mr. Granger reported the Dursleys for child abuse and neglect, over and over.

The reports got lost-- minds scrubbed down, papers vanished-- but they kept calling in reports. They considered kidnapping. They couldn't imagine why the wizarding world might want to keep their chosen one somewhere so toxic, why they might want to keep this underfed child and his messy hair with those people.

"My mother left me a blood protection spell," said Harry, whose scar had not ached in years. He poked at his mashed potatoes under the focused attention of Mrs. Granger's stern little forehead wrinkle. "I had to live with family, blood family."

"Then they should have made them treat you right," Mrs. Granger said, as though it was that simple.

Mr. Granger gave Harry another helping of peas.
fic  HarryPotter  au  character:HarryPotter  character:HermioneGranger  character:OC  abused!character  character:RonWeasley 
27 days ago by kuiskata
You Get What You Give - Chapter 1 - Watermelonsmellinfellon - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Karma is real. It's a lesson that many have to learn the hard way. James and Lily Potter made the biggest mistake of their lives. The daughter they abandoned was more than they thought, and she becomes everything they wanted her twin to be. Belladonna Potter has her own plans for her future and no one will stand in her way. Hard work forever pays.

A/N: Fem!Harry, Wrong-GWL, Tomarry.
Site:AO3  Status:WIP  Fandom:HarryPotter  Words:200K+  Character:HarryPotter  Genre:WrongBWL  Character:TomRiddle/Voldemort  Character:AlbusDumbledore  Character:Lily  Character:JamesPotter  Character:MinevraMcGonagall  Character:SeverusSnape  Character:HermioneGranger  Character:OC  Character:BlaiseZambini  Character:TheoNott  Character:NevilleLongbottom  Character:LunaLovegood  Character:RonWeasley  Pairing:Harry/Voldemort  Character:Harry!Female  House:SlytherinHarry  Genre:Bashing 
march 2019 by Mieeka
Allow One to 'See' - Chapter 1 - mollrach13 - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
When the King is attacked in his tent on patrol and falls into an unending sleep everyone is worried. What they don't know is that Arthur is fine. In fact he is standing right here next to them, watching them all fret over his prone body. To stave off the boredom whilst a cure is found Arthur takes to wandering the castle and soon discovered a hidden side of Camelot he never knew about.

Or: Arthur's soul gets trapped outside his body and takes to following his servant around. He gets an interesting insight into Merlin, his servant's life and just how much Camelot needs the man.
fic  Merlin  gen  reveal!fic  character:Merlin  character:ArthurPendragon  character:Gaius  character:OC 
february 2019 by kuiskata
Wreckage - GoldenUsagi - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
A study of the violence Will and Hannibal bring, and the chaos they leave behind them.

Graham was utterly calm as he stared down at her. “I’m not going to kill you,” he said, his voice even. “And I’m not going to hurt you any more than I already have.”

He was so strangely matter-of-fact that she didn’t know what to do. She desperately wanted to believe him, but she absolutely couldn’t. “You’re Will Graham,” she said, her voice barely above a whisper.

Mild amusement flickered over his face. “My reputation precedes me. It’s somewhat prone to exaggeration.”
fandom:hannibal  status:oneshot  wordcount:10-20k  source:ao3  author:goldenusagi  pairing:hannibal/will  era:post-series  category:murderhusbands  category:pov-outsider  character:oc 
february 2019 by thirteenhours
UNFILLED: Turian pair
Idk how or the personalities of either, but I just want another small story about an 'insignificant' pair of (male) turians getting together to help them through their hardships, even if it's for naught.

Sex would be a really nice bonus, but not necessary.
mass_effect:trilogy  prompt:unfilled  character:OC  pairing:OC_OC  relationship:m/m 
february 2019 by masseffectkink
vowelinthug: tezeta (nostalgia)
Steve Rogers is a terrible tourist, and a lousy house guest.

Bucky Barnes waters his plants and tries his best.


set in that sweet spot between Black Panther and Infinity War, in a little valley in Wakanda
author:vowelinthug  AO3  fandom:Marvel  fandom:captain_america  fandom:black_panther  pairing:bucky/steve  rating:NC-17  !slash  character:t'challa  character:OC  genre:gen 
december 2018 by Miscella
Ardyn + OC - Genuine friendship before his fall
So I had this idea about Ardyn having a close friend, specifically a young woman (mid to late teens, to give an idea), before everything went to hell in a handbasket. Nothing romantic, nothing sexual, just Ardyn having a genuine (if odd) friendship like this before his inevitable fall.

+ Ardyn getting a genuine feeling of humanity after meeting a descendant of this person later on
+ His old friend somehow ended up dead by his hand later on
+ Just generally giving Ardyn a low-key human side before everything went wrong
!unfilled  character:ardyn  character:oc  pairing:gen  kink:friendship 
november 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
ot3 + unrequited love by Prompto - Prompto/OC - abusive relationship - angst - pining
the bros are in a relationship and prompto is in love with all three of them so after a long time of pining he decide to be brave and to confess to them.

the things is... the other 3 doesn't feel the same way toward him (yet), so prompto is left heartbroken and in a very wierd and unconfortable position.

their relationship is a bit akward for awhile and then prompto "move on" with his life and start to cope with the fact that not one, but all three of his crush turned him dawn, in a not so healthy way. He gets into a relationship that turns into abusive but he decide to stay with this person because "at least they love him".

Cue to the bros that realized that "hey, is prompto like really hot and nice and cute and oh shit we are crushing hard"... but prompto has already moved on with his life, right?

i love happy endings but it's up to the autorh, the only thing i request is: between the rejection and the "oh shit we love him", it pass some times. i want to see Prompto suffer ok guys?? i love him but i also love seeing him suffering because i'm awfull

In Short:
Promtpo got a crush on the bros, they refused him.
Prompto suffer.
Prompto moves into an abusive relationship.
Prompto suffer.
The bros realize they love him (too late? up to you)
Everyone suffer!!

!unfilled  character:prompto  character:oc  pairing:promptoxoc  pairing:promptoxother  kink:angst  kink:unrequited-love  kink:abusive-relationship  kink:pining 
october 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
16 y/o Ignis asked out as joke by male OC, Gladnis, Bullying, Public humiliation, Ignis whump
Poor baby is so excited, looking up as many first date tips as possible, including how to kiss, and is talking about the date to Gladio all blushy. The date starts out with them on a secluded bench under a light, making a connection and just when Ignis thinks he's going to get his first kiss...The guy says something asshole-ish as his friends come out from the bushes, filming it and thus starts the abuse. Ignis is left there after they've had their fun. The video gets sent amongst the crownsguard and glaives, including Gladio who is LIVID.

+++Ignis cries into Gladio's chest after he rushed to pick him up.
++++The king, Cor, Clarus and Ignis' uncle find out and immediately take action against it.
+++++The male oc used Ignis hair to jerk his head up so the camera could see him desperately trying not to cry

DNW: Any sexual abuse, him getting hit. Besides the hair thing, it should otherwise just be verbal.

Make Ignis and I cry please.
!unfilled  character:ignis  character:gladiolus  character:oc  pairing:gladioxignis  kink:teen-age  kink:whump  kink:humiliation  kink:bullying  kink:crying 
october 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Schnoogle - The Awakening of a Magus
In the summer after the Triwizard Tournament, Harry suddenly awakens to new powers and a new look. However, the powers of a Magus aren't so easy to control, and they don't make life easy. Voldemort is much more powerful than ever. Some new characters come into the picture, some old characters will not survive, and other old characters will learn a new outlook. No slash, O/C but no Mary-Sue, light R/Hr ship, possible other light ships, lite Harry/Tonks
Status:Abandoned  Site:fictionalley  Time:hp:year5  Words:200K+  Character:HarryPotter  Fandom:HarryPotter  Character:NymphadoraTonks  Character:OC 
october 2018 by Mieeka
A Hogwarts Nytdmare Chapter 1: Default Chapter, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
Sequel to A Witch, A Wolf, and A Serpent. The Mistress of the Healing Arts must return to Hogwarts sooner than she'd planned, and now has to face Lupin and Snape. Part Two of the Wandless Magic Trilogy.
Fandom:HarryPotter  Words:200K+  Site:FFNET  Status:Completed  Character:SeverusSnape  Character:RemusLupin  Character:OC  Time:HP:Year6 
october 2018 by Mieeka
A Witch, A Wolf, and A Serpent Chapter 1: Prologue, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
A new younger witch is filling in for Madame Pomfrey. What happens when she meets Lupin and Snape? Part One of the Wandless Magic Trilogy
Fandom:HarryPotter  Character:OC  Site:FFNET  Status:Completed  Words:75k-100K  Time:hp:year5  Character:SeverusSnape  Character:RemusLupin 
october 2018 by Mieeka
A Different World Book 3 Chapter 01 Draco's Escape, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
Ch. 15 and 16 UP! The twins Third year at Hogwarts, my version of COS, read inside to know why. Will be HPHG, DMGW, TROC. The kids are in for one hell of an interesting year.Rating may go up since I want to stay here.
Time:HP:Year3  Fandom:HarryPotter  Status:Completed  Site:FFNET  Series  Character:HarryPotter  Words:75k-100K  Character:GinnyWeasley  Character:OC  Character:TomRiddle/Voldemort  House:SlytherinHarry 
october 2018 by Mieeka
Strangers at Drakeshaugh Chapter 1: The Drop Off, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
The locals in a sleepy corner of the Cheviot Hills are surprised to discover that they have new neighbours. Who are the strangers at Drakeshaugh? When James Potter meets Muggle Henry Charlton, his mother Jacqui befriends the Potters and her life changes.
fandom:harrypotter  status:multichapter  status:complete  wordcount:100-200k  author:northumbrian  genre:mystery  genre:family  genre:friendship  era:post-series  category:pov-outsider  character:oc 
august 2018 by thirteenhours
That Which Is Called Ego Death - WinterSky101 - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
There was a time when a Titan snapped the neck of a god, but it wasn’t the end of the story, it was the beginning.

(The one where there's a 7th infinity stone and Loki saves the day)
fic  Avengers  character:Loki  character:Thanos  character:OC  au  gen  character:Grandmaster  Loki/Grandmaster 
august 2018 by kuiskata

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