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Fill: Any/any, mpreg, top gets pregnant
One guy pretty much always tops (maybe in part because he has the carrier gene), and the ONE TIME they switch it up, boom, pregnant. And just because he's knocked up doesn't mean he likes topping any less or bottoming any how do they make it work? Though maybe the other guy is into getting fucked by his very pregnant boyfriend...
Complete  Pairing:Nolan_Patrick/Ivan_Provorov  Character:Nolan_Patrick  Character:Ivan_Provorov  Kink:Mpreg  Kink:Pregnant_sex  Rating:Explicit  Link_to_Fill 
april 2018 by sinbinmod
FILL Re: Nolan Patrick/any, watersports
For some reason I feel like we've had a bunch of watersports prompts lately, but here's another anyway.

I don't really mind how it goes down, but I want someone to piss on his pretty red face.

I'd prefer no non con, bonus for Giroux as the 'any', BIG OL bonus if Nolan also like... wets himself.
Complete  Pairing:Claude_Giroux/Nolan_Patrick  Character:Nolan_Patrick  Character:Claude_Giroux  Kink:Watersports  Kink:Oral_sex  Kink:Desperation  Kink:Facials  Rating:Explicit  Link_to_Fill 
april 2018 by sinbinmod
FILL: Nolan Patrick/Claude Giroux; alpha Nolan lusting after his omega captain
Nolan would like it, sort of, if his teammates would lay off on the baby-alpha jokes already, but what he'd really like is to get his hands on his older omega captain. Claude's a prickly omega known for not giving in to alpha bullshit, and Nolans crush may have started out small, but these days all he wants is to get a handful of those orange curls and pull until claude's neck is bared to him. Its a problem.

can be angsty as hell of fluffy and funny, I just want hot shit young alpha Nolan lusting after his recalcitrant captain ::D

+100 if nolan seizes the opportunity to help during an unplanned heat
+10000 if you work in the fact that claude is a pretty small dude (in hockey terms, lol)
Complete  Pairing:Claude_Giroux/Nolan_Patrick  Character:Claude_Giroux  Character:Nolan_Patrick  Kink:A/B/O  Kink:Pregnancy_kink  Kink:Rimming  Kink:First_time  Rating:Explicit  Link_to_Fill 
january 2018 by sinbinmod
FILL: Nolan Patrick, coercion and manipulation ending in team sex slave PART 1/?

A young rookie - one of the guys who enters the league and stays there at 18 or 19 - is very slowly and carefully manipulated into becoming the team sex slave. Maybe it starts with the guy he's living with, who talks the rookie into giving him a handjob one night, and then it builds. And builds. And builds. Until he's regularly being gangbanged by the entire team and really has no idea how he even got there.
Complete  Pairing:Claude_Giroux/Nolan_Patrick  Pairing:Nolan_Patrick/Jakub_Voracek  Character:Nolan_Patrick  Character:Claude_Giroux  Character:Jakub_Voracek  Kink:Manipulation  Kink:Coercion  Kink:Rookie_crush  Rating:Explicit  Link_to_Fill 
august 2017 by sinbinmod

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