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The Case File Flu
It was too bad, Peter reflected, that after so long stuck in a two-mile radius, Neal really wasn’t in any condition to enjoy his first venture outside of it.
fic  author:sahiya  fandom:whitecollar  rating:general  length:0-4k  pairingtype:gen  character:nealcaffrey  character:peterburke  theme:illness  theme:fever  theme:flu  theme:hurt/comfort  status:complete  status:downloaded  source:ao3 
march 2017 by onewordnoe
System Glitch - annonwrite - White Collar [Archive of Our Own]
Neal's anklet is malfunctioning. Peter is suspicious, but when he finally puts the puzzle pieces together, it turns out Neal is innocent. Perhaps in need of a little assistance, but definitely innocent.
fic  WhiteCollar  character:NealCaffrey  character:PeterBurke  gen  sick!character 
june 2016 by kuiskata
FIC: Whiling Away the Days: whitecollarfic
The second fic from my Episode Tag/Missing Scene meme for sherylyn who requested this “In the end of the Pilot, Peter and El are heading off on vacation. What do you think Neal actually did for that week they were away? I've seen all sorts of scenarios of horrible things that could have happened, but I never thought it was likely to be *that* bad. Any more "realistic" ideas?”
fic  WhiteCollar  gen  character:NealCaffrey  tagfic 
june 2016 by kuiskata
Psy-verse - Fahye - White Collar
An awesomely creative AU where Peter, Neal, and El are psychic. I want to roll around in Fahye's brain.
fic  fandom:whitecollar  relationship:gen  type:au  character:nealcaffrey  character:elizabethburke  character:peterburke 
february 2016 by Poetry
Obscene Circus Ponies and Other Massive Erections
A near-canon A/U, where Neal Caffrey isn’t a forger and thief, but young Wall Street wizard who legitimately worked for Vincent Adler. He’s just out of prison, having served four years for investment fraud. He finds a job as a bookkeeper for Elizabeth Burke, Peter Burke’s ex-wife. Elizabeth and Peter have remained on excellent terms, and El wants to set Neal up on a blind date with him. But that’s not going to work as Neal’s past and Peter’s caseload collide.

(Part 1 of the first fic isn't in the tag; it can be found here:
WhiteCollar  fic  Neal/Peter  au  Peter/Elizabeth  character:NealCaffrey  character:ElizabethBurke  character:PeterBurke  casefic  hurt-comfort  character:ClintonJones 
december 2015 by kuiskata
Untitled HDM (Daemons) AU - Deastar - White Collar [Archive of Our Own]
When people hear that Peter’s daemon is a horse, he can tell by their reactions that they’re expecting a big, dun plow-horse, or one of those Budweiser Clydesdales, or a sturdy grey mare. Whenever anyone sees her for the first time, Peter gets to enjoy the surprise on their faces. Nobody ever expects Marguerite.
fic  WhiteCollar  daemon!fic  gen  character:PeterBurke  character:NealCaffrey 
august 2015 by kuiskata
Chance Encounters - ConstantSugarHigh - Leverage, White Collar [Archive of Our Own]

(a.k.a. 5 Times Neal Caffrey met a Member of the Leverage Team + 1 Time Neal and Peter met Everyone)

Neal Caffrey meets the Leverage team, one at a time.
fic  Leverage  WhiteCollar  character:NealCaffrey  TeamLeverage  WIP  gen  crossover 
june 2015 by kuiskata
Port in a Storm - Sholio - White Collar [Archive of Our Own]
Section Chief Corinne Brauer of the FBI's DC office is having a very strange day. Set after the end of season five; spoilers for 5x13.
fic  WhiteCollar  gen  character:NealCaffrey  character:PeterBurke  character:ElizabethBurke  character:OC  outsider!POV 
july 2014 by kuiskata
collarkink: We Protect Our Own

Peter and the others are working to uncover an illegal pornography ring, and one of comes across pictures of a much, much younger Neal. I want to see frightened/insecure/feeling-ashamed!Neal and protective, comforting Peter, please!
WhiteCollar  fic  character:NealCaffrey  character:PeterBurke  gen  character:Diana  non-con  hurt-comfort  protective!character 
june 2014 by kuiskata
Neal Hughes - angel - White Collar [Archive of Our Own]
Reese Hughes' son was kidnapped when he was three-years-old. Twenty-four years later, when his daughter desperately needs a bone marrow transplant, Hughes discovers that his son has been right in his own office, working as Peter Burke's CI.
fic  WhiteCollar  family!fic  gen  character:NealCaffrey  character:Hughes  character:PeterBurke 
june 2014 by kuiskata
Message in a Lunch Bag - Jet44 - White Collar [Archive of Our Own]
Neal's first days out of prison are uncertain ones for both Peter and Neal. Neal feels humiliated and vulnerable wearing the anklet. He's also hoping to win the friendship of an agent he adores, but Peter is harsh enough to make Neal want to hide. When Peter decides to find out why the anklet is bothering Neal, he discovers something far more important. How to reach his new CI.
fic  WhiteCollar  gen  character:NealCaffrey  character:PeterBurke 
june 2014 by kuiskata
Falling - Chapter 1 - sahiya - White Collar [Archive of Our Own]
Neal Caffrey is a professional figure skater struggling to land a quad. Peter Burke is a professional hockey player struggling to come back from an injury in time for the Olympics. Neither of them is looking to fall in love. Fortunately for them, their rink manager can't read a schedule.
fic  WhiteCollar  Neal/Peter  skating  au  character:NealCaffrey  character:PeterBurke  character:SaraEllis  character:Mozzie 
may 2014 by kuiskata

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