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Writegirl - Common Ground - Captain America (Movies), Captain America - All Media Types, Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Natalia Romanova was many things: a killer by thirteen, a Black Widow at fifteen, on the run from the Red Room by sixteen and captured by SHIELD at seventeen.

“You have a simple choice in front of you. Either you want to live, in which case you give us your total cooperation. Or you want to die, in which case the kill order will be carried out within the next ten minutes.” The agent stood and went to the door. “You have five minutes to make a decision.”
!fic  rating:G-PG13  character:nick.fury  character:natasha.romanov  pre-canon  ||site:archiveofourown  (fandom:captain.america)  relationship:natasha.romanov/nick.fury  ~artist/author:w  ++genre:gen  (fandom:marvel.cinematic.universe)  (fandom:marvel)  ::canon:movies 
november 2014 by shamelessly_mkp
AuthorAuthor - Black Snow - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Department X has no scruples about using children for espionage work. After all, the Black Widow Program begins training at age six, and conditioning can begin even earlier - not making use of such valuable assets would be a waste.

Natalia Alianovna Romanova is nine years old when Department X sends her on her first mission.

The Winter Soldier goes with her.
!fic  rating:PG13-R  character:natasha.romanov  pre-canon  so-fucked-up  ||site:archiveofourown  (fandom:the.avengers)  (fandom:captain.america)  ~artist/author:a  ++genre:gen  \\warning:canon-typical-warnings  \\warning:violence  \\\warning.not.otherwise.specified  \\warning:mental.violation(brainwashing)  character:james.barnes|bucky 
october 2014 by shamelessly_mkp
linzeestyle - here in the cactus lands - The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Sometimes at night, her memories slip, and the training becomes difficult to remember: wrong. She is in pointe shoes and holding a gun in both hands; she is dressed for an ops mission, at a performance for the Kremlin. She remembers being very young, there being chaos, and her handlers changing. Knowing something was different, but being punished, told everything was the same until she stopped before she even questioned. Her parents’ faces are never clear, though she knows she has seen them in pictures. Her mother: was she tall like Natalia—no, that was—they told her she was like her father. His stature. Her mother’s posture.

They told her she could have been royalty.
!fic  rating:G-PG13  character:natasha.romanov  character:nick.fury  pre-canon  ||site:archiveofourown  (fandom:the.avengers)  (fandom:captain.america)  ~artist/author:l  ++genre:gen  \\warning:canon-typical-warnings  \\warning:mental.violation(brainwashing)  (fandom:marvel.cinematic.universe)  (fandom:marvel)  ::canon:movies  character:james.barnes|bucky 
october 2014 by shamelessly_mkp
dirgewithoutmusic - all things to all people all of the time - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
The Winter Soldier did not waste bullets, time, or death. Natasha told herself that and fingered her scar.

The Winter Soldier did not leave witnesses, but he had left her by that cliff outside of Odessa. Was Natasha an exception? Or did she not count as a witness? Had he looked at her and seen the same black button eyes reflected back at him, the on/off switch, the tick of clockwork?

Years later, Natasha watched the Soldier slam into the freeway concrete. The bullet holes in her abdomen had healed, and she knew this thing did not consider itself a person.

They were animate objects, both of them, useless in the witness stand. He hadn’t pulled the car transmission out, after all, hadn’t stripped the cell phone in the victim’s pocket, or shot up the rocks at the side of that road outside Odessa. He hadn’t shot her. He had left her there, breathing, and the Winter Soldier didn’t leave witnesses.

On cold nights, Natasha dreamed of ballerinas: porcelain, exquisite, their ribs jutting out stark under their skin.

(A Natasha Romanoff character focus)
!fic  rating:G-PG13  character:natasha.romanov  ~author:dirgewithoutmusic  character:clint.barton  character:sharon.carter  ||site:archiveofourown  (fandom:the.avengers)  (  (fandom:captain.america)  ++genre:gen  ++genre:episode.related  (fandom:marvel.cinematic.universe)  (fandom:marvel)  ::canon:movies 
october 2014 by shamelessly_mkp
dirgewithoutmusic - depends on where you're standing - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Sharon Carter expected to pull a gun in the line of duty. She didn’t expect to pull it here. SHIELD was her holy ground.


Some aunts take you to mass, but Sharon’s took her to the shooting range.

When Sharon finally met Captain Rogers, she was almost startled at his size. She’d read the comics, sure, but to Sharon, who had heard all the stories (and to Peggy, who had told them), Steve Rogers would always be 5’4” and breakable, had always been a hero.

Her mother had told her bedtime stories about Aunt Peggy saving the world. Her aunt had told her stories about a skinny kid who hated bullies, and a crew of wisecracking soldiers who followed his lead—about Steve and Bucky and all the Howling Commandos out to save the day and chase away each of Sharon’s nightmares.

Her father told her stories about talking elephants and singing mice who built treehouses together.

Sharon carried all of those with her, into the lies of pink nurses' scrubs and the chaos of SHIELD's fall, into everything that came afterwards.

But this came first.

(A Sharon Carter character study)
!fic  rating:G-PG13  character:sharon.carter  character:natasha.romanov  character:peggy.carter  ~author:dirgewithoutmusic  awesome  ||site:archiveofourown  (fandom:captain.america)  ++genre:gen  ++genre:episode.related 
october 2014 by shamelessly_mkp

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