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[Legacy Fill] 'Law of the Wasteland' 6/6 DUBCON
Before he was The Wanderer, The Kid meets up with Moriarty who decides that his info about the Doc is worth a little more than caps.
character:male_lone_wanderer  character:moriarty  kink:oral  kink:anal  kink:dirty_talk  kink:dark  kink:angst  warning:dubcon  fic_series:The_Wanderer  fic:finished  fic:legacy  kink:cumplay  game:fo3 
march 2017 by nfkm
Inscrutable to the Last
Author's summary: He wasn't Sherlock, he couldn't work miracles. All he'd ever been able to do was write about them.
Reccer's comments: Yes, I know, you think you've read all the S3 fix-its and no one can possibly do anything new in that department. Wrong wrong wrong so very wrong. DiscordantWords has come up with an entirely original premise: the plot of S3 is a novel John is writing, an alternate life he invents to cope with his grief over Sherlock's death. Inevitably, Mary finds the file on his laptop, and reads it. It doesn't do their marriage any good; besides, Sherlock is really dead (isn't he?) and John should stop dreaming (shouldn't he?).
It is absurd that (as of the time of this post) "Inscrutable" has only 1365 hits -- it's clever, beautifully written, and utterly romantic. I was hoping against hope that DW would finish this before the month was up, so I could rec it. And hooray! Just wait till you read the ending. It is made of swoon.
author:DiscordantWords  rating:r  fic_rec  character:irene_adler  character:inspector_lestrade  character:janine(mary'smaidofhonour)  character:john_watson  character:mary_morstan  character:moriarty  character:mrs_hudson  character:mycroft_holmes  character:sherlock_holmes  content:marriage  content:post-fall  content:suicide  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:het  genre:slash_m/m  pairing:jw/mary_morstan  pairing:sh/jw  verse:sherlock_bbc 
july 2016 by 221B_Recs
Ashes - a graphic novel
Author's summary:
ashes: a graphic novel (BBC Sherlock x silent hill crossover)
done with isograph pen. edited in ps.
Reccer's comments:
This dark and brooding, horror-filled graphic novel is unfinished as yet, but the artwork the artist has produced for it so far is spectacular. It's near-photographic in quality, at times, and the way the action is framed is incredibly cinematic and suspenseful. There are no words used in the available pages of this story, and this, combined with the fact that the book is unfinished, leaves a whole lot of room for the imagination of the reader to run wild. You'll be wondering what on earth is going on in this universe, and what is real and what isn't.
London, which appears to be half-demolished by a disaster, is largely deserted but for menacing animals roaming the foggy streets, and Sherlock is on his own to face the terrifying task at hand. Each page, each frame, of this book can be lingered over, as the artwork is consistently beautiful and detailed. This is definitely a fanbook I will buy instantly if it is ever finished.
I've attempted to put the pages in order, since the artist left them jumbled in a folder. There are additional pages on the artist's tumblr, but I don't know how they fit in with the other pages, since they are not labelled in any coherent way.
artist:A-Little-Night-Music  rating:r  character:john_watson  character:moriarty  character:mycroft_holmes  character:sherlock_holmes  content:violence  genre:au  genre:crossover  genre:dark  genre:gen  genre:horror  verse:sherlock_bbc 
july 2016 by 221B_Recs
History, Repeating Itself
Podfic post:
Original kink meme fill thread:
Author's summary: John Watson is a med student, a war veteran, and, by and large, a fairly sensible person. He had every chance to run.
Reccer's comments: Perhaps fittingly for Leap Day, this fic is a bit of an odd one, but I've never forgotten it. Though it's tagged as RDJ-verse, I think it's really more of an original fic based on ACD's characters than it is any established verse, but it's fantastic writing no matter how you categorize it. This is a sort of Unilock, with John and Sherlock meeting as post-grads and moving in together while Sherlock does a lot of chemistry and gets in over his head, both professionally and romantically. Mycroft and Irene are also great in this, even though, again, they're not really the ACD characters but an original version of them. John's long-suffering affection and pining over his manic, stoner, genius Sherlock is really well-written, and Sherlock is both endearing and exasperating (and also instigates one of the best Johnlock clubbing scenes I've read). It's an engaging and unique take on them and their relationship.
author:gyzym  rating:r  fic_rec  character:irene_adler  character:john_watson  character:moriarty  character:mycroft_holmes  character:sherlock_holmes  content:bamf_jw  content:drugs  content:hurt_jw  content:hurt_sh  content:meeting_family  content:ptsd  content:smoking  content:ust  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:first_time  genre:friendship  genre:het  genre:holiday  genre:humor  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:romance  genre:slash_m/m  pairing:mycroft/irene_adler  pairing:sh/jw  verse:ritchie_film 
july 2016 by 221B_Recs
Sherlock, P.I.
Author's summary: For the Fall TV Sherlock fusion project. Sherlock, P.I. is an American television show that follows the exciting adventures of genius private investigator Sherlock Homes and his friends as they live their lives on the beautiful island of Oahu in Hawaii. Sherlock is a British expatriate, US citizen, and former agent for the US Naval Investigative Agency. His friends include Greg Lestrade, an ex-Navy Investigator and helicopter pilot; Molly Hooper, a former Navy Medical Examiner turned private beach club manager; and Sherlock's brother Mycroft Holmes, majordomo of the Masters Estate and well connected political and social figure. Sherlock solves crimes as he wrestles with the ghosts and demons of his past.
Reccer's comments: Don’t be fooled by the rather soft start: this is a full-on angstfest with a huge plot that takes you from the lush tropical beaches of Hawaii in the 1980s to the treacherous jungles of Viet Nam in the mid-70s and even further into the troubled mind of one Sherlock Holmes. The plot takes nail-biting twists and turns as the past comes back to haunt the present, and everyone has more secrets than they know what to do with. The characters all transfer beautifully to the setting and I was particularly impressed with the interpretations of Molly and Mary. I’m only vaguely familiar with the TV series this is based on, but I had great fun with it anyway. As of this writing, this fic doesn’t have nearly the number of kudos or hits that it’s worth, in my opinion, so whatever it is that’s putting you off from giving this a try, set it aside, grab a pina colada, and settle in on the beach for a great read.
author:Callie4180  rating:nc-17  fic_rec  character:bill_wiggins  character:colonel_moran  character:inspector_lestrade  character:irene_adler  character:mary_morstan  character:molly_hooper  character:moriarty  character:mrs_hudson  character:mycroft_holmes  character:sherlock_holmes  content:addiction  content:drugs  content:stalking  content:uniforms  content:violence  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:case_fic  genre:crossover  genre:fusion  genre:het  genre:romance  genre:slash_m/m  pairing:jw/mary_morstan  pairing:sh/jw  verse:sherlock_bbc 
july 2016 by 221B_Recs
Working on the Edges
Author's summary: No matter where you put Sherlock and John, they click. Including the Winter Olympics.
Reccer's comments: Happy International Fanworks Day! Here is one of my favorites which, shockingly enough, no one has recced here yet, but I think it's one of egt68's best. I adore this AU; it may be set on the ice, but the warmth and sweetness of this fic make it a pure pleasure to read, without ever tipping over too far into the saccharine. Who doesn't love seeing Sherlock and John overcome the odds (and with the added bonus of figure skater!Sherlock)? This is one of my go-to feel-good fics; reading it never fails to lift my mood, and that's no small thing. It's a pure joyous leap of a story.
author:earlgreytea68  rating:r  fic_rec  character:anderson  character:inspector_lestrade  character:irene_adler  character:john_watson  character:mike_stamford  character:moriarty  character:mycroft_holmes  character:sally_donovan  character:sherlock_holmes  genre:au  genre:first_time  genre:fluff  genre:romance  genre:slash_m/m  pairing:sh/jw  verse:sherlock_bbc 
july 2016 by 221B_Recs
To the Sticking Place (Screw Your Courage series)
Author's summary: Renowned Shakespearean actor Sherlock Holmes has finally burned all of his bridges in the theatre industry save for his constant director, Greg Lestrade. John Watson has made a name for himself in the musical theatre circuit, but age and injury are working against him. Can they reinvent themselves for an all-male Macbeth without killing one another?
Reccer's comments: There will be inevitable comparisons made between this and Mad_Lori’s Performance in a Leading Role, as the author acknowledges from the outset. To my mind, this fic absolutely stands up to the scrutiny, amply filling the shoes of the classic actors AU. It’s by no means a derivative or a copy, however, standing completely independent on its own considerable merits.
The author writes with authority, familiarity, and an obvious love of the New York theater world, including Broadway, musicals, plays, the Tony Awards, restaurants and other establishments, and many popular personalities from Ian Clarke and Sean Fagan to Neal Patrick Harris and Helen Mirren. This intimacy makes this an absolute pleasure and thrill to read, drawing the reader in emotionally as well as in a very nearly viscerally physical way such that it’s all but impossible to escape the pull of the floorboards and greasepaint.
But brilliant as all of that is, let’s be honest: most of us are probably here for the Johnlock. And that, my friends, is absolutely incendiary. From the moment they meet, their mutual admiration and appreciation is clear to everyone, and I especially liked that the author allowed their relationship to grow and mature through friendship and trust, realistically depicting the potential pitfalls of navigating a publicly scrutinized relationship, even in a segment of society as relatively accepting of homosexuality as this is.
There are a couple of touches of angst as both Moriarty and Mary are allowed a chance to try and wreak their havoc, but I don’t think I’m spoiling anything by saying that in the end, no hearts are broken or burnt, and even though all the world’s a stage, these characters are not just players but as real and vivid as the affection and love they have for each other, and we for them. Truly a tour de force offering.
author:blueink3  rating:nc-17  fic_rec  character:anderson  character:clara  character:dimmock  character:harry_watson  character:inspector_lestrade  character:irene_adler  character:john_watson  character:mary_morstan  character:molly_hooper  character:moriarty  character:mrs_hudson  character:mycroft_holmes  character:original_character  character:sally_donovan  character:sarah_sawyer  character:sherlock_holmes  content:bamf_jw  content:music  content:ust  content:virginity  genre:au  genre:first_time  genre:friendship  genre:het  genre:romance  genre:slash_m/m  pairing:lestrade/molly  pairing:sh/jw  verse:sherlock_bbc 
july 2016 by 221B_Recs
Moriarty as Two-Faced God
Author's summary: So I recently posted this meta about how the things that Jim says can be taken as prophecies in the pattern of Greek tragedy wherein prophecies are inescapable once uttered. But I would like to now show how it actually goes much further than that, and Moriarty is not merely a messenger of the gods as prophets are, but is in fact a god himself. His prophecies are still infallible in this reading, but his own role in Sherlock’s story is explained much more fully by this understanding.
Reccer's comments: Not long after the airing of S3, Sherlockedaspergirl examined the character of James Moriarty through a Greco-Roman lens, building on their earlier meta on his role as a prophet in the tradition of Greek tragedy. Prophets' prophecies are both inescapable pronouncements and clues that are invariably misunderstood (leading to tragedy). James might be a prophet (he is certainly full of pronouncements), but certainly he acts like a god when he makes use of prophets himself in TGG. Through them he makes himself known to Sherlock and tries to seduce him; many a god and goddess has fallen for a mortal. Sherlockedaspergirl argues that he is most like Janus, the two-faced Roman god of beginnings and endings, of doors opening and closing, of birth and death. Janus seems a fitting identity for James, though he certainly plays more than two living characters during series 1-3: Jim from IT, James Moriarty, and Richard Brook. Even his dialogue tends to dualism, veering between playfulness and unhinged rage. After his death, he plays yet another role, representing the negative aspects of Sherlock’s id: doubt, fear, and self-loathing. He still appears at liminal moments as befits Janus, when Sherlock dies and then is reborn in HLV, and in TAB when Sherlock gets “too deep” into his Mind Palace, scenes that include James’s death and rebirth, his near destruction of Sherlock, and then his final(?) death. So perhaps we might argue his two main faces are his roles as a living being and then his incarnation as the negative emotions Sherlock tries to divorce from himself. If Moriarty always speaks as a true prophet, something which Sherlockedapsergirl notes is not yet certain (has Sherlock's heart truly been burnt out, with the rumblings of an even darker S4 ahead of us?) then he has achieved a kind of immortality as part of Sherlock’s inner world. Nevertheless, for the Falls scene in TAB to retain its symbolic power, James’s overwhelming influence over Sherlock should now be weakened. It suggests that an important turning point in Sherlock's character arc has been reached.
I think this is a fascinating way to imagine Moriarty, as a god and prophet, even as I wonder whether the show both supports and destablizes those roles. For example, I think TAB has done what the respondent mild-lunacy predicted: John Watson, not James Moriarty (“John or James?”) has become Sherlock's "other face”, the one whose name brings Sherlock back from the dead (a miracle worthy of a god) and who cheerfully kicks the seemingly indestructable Moriarty into the Reichenbach cauldron. “There’s always two of us,” Mind Palace!Victorian John says, negating James’s claim that "it's always" just Sherlock and himself. And yet afterwards in probably the only completely “real” or “waking world” scene in the episode, we are left wondering if "Moriarty" is now (or always was) a title, for it is heavily implied that "Moriarty" will return with a new face in the coming season. Janus returns?! If so, will this character have exactly the same kind of negative personal relationship James had with Sherlock? I suspect not, for there would be a risk of the newcomer becoming a pale imitation of their predecessor. However, unless a mischievous deity is choosing my words, I cannot be certain.
author:mild-lunacy  author:sherlockedaspergirl  rating:pg-13  meta_rec  character:john_watson  character:moriarty  character:sherlock_holmes  genre:gen  verse:sherlock_bbc 
july 2016 by 221B_Recs
A 2015 Sherlock Advent Calendar
Author's summary: Posted on Tumblr for the 25 Days of Fic-mas challenge. As many Christmassy Sherlock ficlets as I can manage between now and Christmas, based on the tags as follows: Shopping for gifts, Hot cocoa, Winter wonderland, Christmas cards, Ghost of Christmas past, Naughty and nice, The Nutcracker, Baking, Making a Christmas list, Scrooge, Mulled wine, Ugly Christmas jumpers, Warming up by the fire, Trimming the tree, Christmas party, Family traditions, Christmas without you, Mistletoe, Christmas songs, All wrapped up, Christmas movies/specials, Snowed in, All I want for Christmas is you, St. Nicholas, Christmas morning. Completed.
Reccer's comments: I feel very lucky to get the chance to rec this month, as I have been reading so much wonderful fic thanks to all the holiday fests and challenges recently. This anthology by Odamaki was one of my favorite stories to follow this December -- I was stunned by the richness, poignancy, and variety of these vignettes.
Every chapter was rewarding, and I was especially touched to read about Lestrade struggling to find a way to reconnect with his adolescent daughter; James Sholto approaching Christmas with a determination to surpass the limits placed on him by physical disability and emotional isolation; and an absolutely breath-taking magical realism AU, running across multiple chapters, which followed Sherlock and John through an intricate, absorbing and unique rendition of the Nutcracker fairytale.
I hope you enjoy this lovely collection as much as I did, and if you like, the author has devoted the final chapter to providing easy navigation links identifying the pairing and main characters of each chapter and also marking the magical realism chapters so that you can easily seek out or avoid whichever vignettes suit your taste. A beautiful wintery gift to the fandom from a very talented author.
author:Odamaki  rating:g  fic_rec  character:anderson  character:colonel_moran  character:holmes'_mother  character:inspector_lestrade  character:irene_adler  character:james_sholto  character:john_watson  character:molly_hooper  character:moriarty  character:mrs_hudson  character:mycroft_holmes  character:sally_donovan  character:sherlock_holmes  genre:fusion  genre:gen  genre:het  genre:magical_realism  genre:romance  genre:slash_f/f  genre:slash_m/m  holiday:christmas  pairing:lestrade/mycroft  pairing:molly/mycroft  pairing:sh/jw  verse:sherlock_bbc 
july 2016 by 221B_Recs
Everybody Knows
Author's summary: As if John and Sherlock don't have enough problems already (that whole Sherlock getting shot by Mary thing), now there's a cold case detective from Canada snooping around asking questions about Moriarty.
Kate took her time, wanting to give him time to get settled. When she returned, John had cleared away the tea and Sherlock was sitting in the leather chair wearing sweat pants and a faded white t-shirt under a blue silk bathrobe.
She didn’t know men still wore silk bathrobes.
Thinner than his pictures, paler too. All cheekbones and unruly dark hair. Blue eyes dulled by the pain meds. Needs to shave. Bare feet. Holds one arm against his chest. Like he’s literally trying to hold himself together. Is he aware that he’s doing that?
Reccer's comments: Apologies for my absence this month, time has gotten away from me! I offer up this story by the same author who gave us the brilliant Skip Code. It takes place during HLV and beyond, mostly during that missing gap between Sherlock being shot and Christmas at the Holmes's. It manages to be a Series 3 fix-it fic while also remaining completely canon compliant. It's a testament to the author's skill that they manage to do this in a believable and satisfying manner.
This story is set apart from other fix-it fics by the inclusion of a fascinating female OC, Kate, a character who has her own relationship issues that she's juggling as she gets caught up in a cold case that somehow has to do with Moriarty. We mostly see the Sherlock and John relationship through her eyes, when she shows up at 221B to interview Sherlock - who is still recovering from the gunshot wound that Mary gave him.
There are so many twists and turns in this story; every time clues seem to point in a certain direction, new evidence pops up that indicates something else entirely. How Moriarty and Mary are linked, if there even is a link... if Mary's baby is John's or someone else's... and Kate has her own personal mystery she's trying to solve at the same time. And through it all, John's love for Sherlock is obvious and yet he's still emotionally tied to the idea of wife/marriage/baby.
A brilliant read!
author:Susan  rating:nc-17  fic_rec  character:charles_augustus_milverton  character:inspector_lestrade  character:john_watson  character:mary_morstan  character:moriarty  character:mrs_hudson  character:mycroft_holmes  character:original_character  character:sally_donovan  character:sherlock_holmes  content:hurt_sh  content:kissing  content:post-vow  content:sick_sh  genre:angst  genre:case_fic  genre:humor  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:missing_scene  genre:romance  genre:slash_f/f  genre:slash_m/m  pairing:lestrade/mycroft  pairing:sh/jw  verse:sherlock_bbc 
july 2016 by 221B_Recs
A River Without Banks
Author's summary: "You love this, being Sherlock Holmes." He had once. When had it all gone so wrong?
Reccer's comments: First of all, I will directly quote the author from their beginning notes: "I assure you that there WILL be a happy ending, by which I mean John and Sherlock, together exclusively and forever, world without end, amen. (Just so we’re clear.)" So if the warnings scare you, know that EVERYTHING IS TEMPORARY AND IT WILL BE FINE. But the bad stuff still happens, so if it's triggery be aware that parts of this fic get very intense. The first half has a lot of angst, but never fear; there are also happy, romantic times as well.
This story is by the same writer who gave us "The Frost is All Over". The fic begins right where HLV left off, with Moriarty supposedly returning from the dead. In essence, it is a time-travel fic, with Sherlock going back in time in an attempt to put the universe back on its correct course after being shifted out of alignment by Moriarty's actions on the rooftop of Bart's. I am a *sucker* for time travel stories, with all of the paradoxes and twists and turns that that genre entails. And boy, does Chryse deliver in spades. Because not just one journey back in time is required; each failed attempt ends with Sherlock's death in that timeline kicking him back into his own (hence the character death warning). And every time Sherlock makes another attempt, his memory of all the previous timelines is erased, making each journey back its own self-contained story with its own adventure and ending, some happier than others. There's also a case that keeps showing up in subsequent timelines, just biding its time until the 'correct' version of Sherlock Holmes shows up to solve it.
My heart ached for Sherlock during a large portion of this fic, as I watched him struggle, literally time and time again, with the emotional fallout of each and every timeline. The storytelling is vivid and layered, with each timeline building on the previous ones and moving the story forward in Sherlock's search for the 'true' timeline that will set everything to rights. The perfect 'fix-it' fic for Series 3, in my opinion.
author:Chryse  rating:nc-17  fic_rec  character:inspector_lestrade  character:john_watson  character:mary_morstan  character:molly_hooper  character:moriarty  character:mrs_hudson  character:mycroft_holmes  character:original_character  character:sherlock_holmes  character:victor_trevor  content:addiction  content:character_death  content:depression  content:drugs  content:dub_con  content:kissing  content:mental_illness  content:non_con  content:pining  content:ptsd  content:time_travel  content:unrequited_love  content:violence  content:virginity  genre:angst  genre:case_fic  genre:first_time  genre:friendship  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:romance  genre:slash_m/m  pairing:jw/mary_morstan  pairing:sh/jw  verse:sherlock_bbc 
december 2015 by 221B_Recs
The Measure of a Gentlemen (TMaoG Universe series)
Author's summary: It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a partner.
Less universally acknowledged is that a single man in possession of very little in the way of fortune may be in want of a partner as well, but John Watson had little time or energy to devote to his own wants or needs...
Enter one Mr Holmes...
Reccer's comments: I adored this story to pieces it is brilliant. She did an amazing job with the manner of speech and such a great writing style. John and Molly are so cute as friends and the story is just charming.
I do love all the retellings of Pride and Prejudice and in this verse it's wonderful. Her fic is original and delightful. I also love how there is no period who you want and live how you want.
Sherlock and John were perfection together so sexy. The sex was on fire and it was fluffy as well. It is worth reading or re reading. :)
author:i_ship_an_armada  rating:nc-17  fic_rec  character:anderson  character:dimmock  character:harry_watson  character:holmes'_mother  character:inspector_lestrade  character:irene_adler  character:john_watson  character:molly_hooper  character:moriarty  character:mycroft_holmes  character:sally_donovan  character:sherlock_holmes  content:bamf_jw  content:kissing  content:marriage  content:music  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:fluff  genre:friendship  genre:humor  genre:romance  genre:slash_m/m  pairing:sh/jw  verse:sherlock_bbc 
december 2015 by 221B_Recs
Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You
Music Title & Artist: "Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You" by Madonna
Vidder's Summary: “I close my eyes and I try to picture him. And I see someone an awful lot like you.”
Reccer's Comments: A beautiful example of the vidder's art, masterfully deploying Elementary's visual language to illuminate the first season's central spoiler. (Note: the vid itself is pure spoiler; this rec post is spoiler-free.) The first time I watched it, the layers of allusions and parallels that it revealed took my breath away.
But the vid's brilliance goes far beyond a mere accounting of visual metaphor. Through a host of vidderly techniques, obsessive24 draws the viewer into Sherlock's disorientation, thereby giving real heft to his desperation. I am frankly astonished at how much control the vidder demonstrated in communicating Sherlock's emotional chaos; this vid could easily have devolved into a smush of effects-laden noise, and yet it is always coherent, always interpretable. (You know how art students hang out at museums and sketch the paintings, in order to learn composition? I need to devote a week to recreating this vid, clip-for-clip, in order to understand what-all obsessive24 did here.)
Content Warnings: blood; guns; violence; drug paraphenalia.
Physical Warnings: quick stuttery cuts; swooping motion; double images and other visual effects.
vidder:obsessive24  rating:pg-13  vid_rec  character:irene_adler  character:moriarty  character:sherlock_holmes  genre:angst  genre:het  pairing:sh/irene_adler  verse:elementary 
december 2015 by 221B_Recs
The Only Emperor
Author's summary: It never occurred to Sherlock Holmes that an ice cream shop might attract children.
Reccer's comments: There must be hundreds of 'alternate profession' stories out there for Sherlock and John, but this one is special to me. I love coloredink's writing, and this story consistently charms my socks off.
Sherlock is determined to revolutionize the field of ice cream, largely by creating the strangest flavours imaginable and making them work, and John takes charge of paying the bills and keeping a firm separation between Sherlock and the customers. In some respects this is a fairly faithful alternate version of series 1, and I love the creative way the author translates the dramatic conflicts into the world of ice cream. Sherlock makes quite a wonderful Willy Wonka-esque figure, so deadpan and so bizarrely committed to creating something new in the world of food. I love the easy camaraderie between Sherlock and John, the charming whirlwind of their shop where most of the series regulars eventually pass through, and the imaginative appearance of The Blind Banker and other motifs from the earliest days of the show. Quietly funny, off-beat and warm, it's a strange and lovely (and tasty!) AU.
author:coloredink  rating:g  fic_rec  character:john_watson  character:molly_hooper  character:moriarty  character:mrs_hudson  character:sherlock_holmes  content:food  genre:au  genre:friendship  genre:gen  genre:humor  verse:sherlock_bbc 
december 2015 by 221B_Recs
Love or What You Will
Author's summary: John is an English professor who specializes in War and Post-War Literature and Sherlock is the brilliant yet impossible Ph.D. student assigned to be his TA because no one in the Chemistry Department is willing to put up with him. And - somewhere between Waugh and Plath, e-mails and takeaway, novels and villanelles - they fall in love.
Reccer's comments: After subscribing to this fic in its infancy and watching the chapter count go up, I finally got a chance to sit down and read it through yesterday, and found it really quite brilliant. Sherlock and John are wonderfully in character, despite a major change of profession for both of them, and I think that the feeling of familiarity came from the dialogue and kindness, on John's part, and the wit, mental acuity, and crime solving on Sherlock's. Other characters including Molly, Lestrade, and Mycroft make short appearances that really add to the story. In my opinion, John and Molly's friendship is perfectly done, and in addition to that small mentions of Donovan and Anderson were written perfectly. Even Moriarty - who can feel very out of place in some AUs - was well done and fit in with the story. Besides that, I especially loved the way poetry was integrated into the story, the tension that was built between Sherlock and John, and the final resolution of that tension; by the end, I felt entirely satisfied.
author:miss_frankenstein  rating:pg-13  fic_rec  character:anderson  character:dimmock  character:inspector_lestrade  character:john_watson  character:molly_hooper  character:moriarty  character:mycroft_holmes  character:sally_donovan  character:sherlock_holmes  content:pining  content:poetry  genre:au  genre:case_fic  genre:romance  genre:slash_m/m  pairing:sh/jw  verse:sherlock_bbc 
december 2015 by 221B_Recs
Sparks Fly Upward
Author's summary: “I play the violin, sometimes I don’t for talk for days. Oh, and occasionally I spontaneously combust.” Sherlock has an inconvenient habit of bursting into flames. Fortunately, John has a theory to explain it.

Reccer's comments: This fic first stuck in my head because of the beautiful descriptions of the flames—they appear in different colours and different forms depending on the circumstances. I’m not a terribly visually minded person but I can absolutely see them as I read. But there’s more to this story than Sherlock having this strange involuntary ability. The flames are also a subtle metaphor for the way the canon Sherlock views feelings.

The fic deals with Sherlock and John’s developing relationship, and Sherlock’s fear of John coming to harm because of him. It’s an elegant example of the magical realism genre—apart from Sherlock bursting into flames, this world is matter of fact and recognisable, which just goes to make the magical aspects feel even more so. And after a very sweet ending, the writer tops things off by giving us a wonderfully disarming author’s note.
author:VizardMask  rating:g  fic_rec  character:john_watson  character:moriarty  character:mycroft_holmes  character:sherlock_holmes  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:fantasy  genre:fluff  genre:magical_realism  genre:slash_m/m  pairing:sh/jw  verse:sherlock_bbc 
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Love Letters
Author's summary: Dearest John... Moriarty sends love letters. When it's over you'll have your own blood and my come in your mouth and on your lips, John, and that'll be the most beautiful sight in the world.
Reccer's comments: Horror. Horrific horrible horror.
Here is the full list of author tags: Mind Games, Bloodplay, Cannibalism, Child Death, Child Torture, Forced Self-harm, Minor Character Death, Necrophilia, Non-con, Body Modification, Rape, Torture, Sadism, Sexual Violence, Starvation, Extreme Underage, Horror, One-Sided Relationship
Moriarty is John's stalker. Almost every horrible thing is an exercise in imagination. Somehow, that makes it worse - there are places people can go in their heads that it might be hard to sell them going in a fic that stayed in character.
There are not enough capital "D"s and colons in the world to express my reaction to this as I read it. Well-regarded published horror does go this dark, but somehow it was just not something I was prepared for in fan writing.
The development of John and Sherlock's relationship throughout is a marvel of authorial ... something. Deftness? Delicacy? John is trying to keep a secret, and Sherlock is trying to uncover it, and it's never entirely certain how their friendship will survive the onslaught of Moriarty's obsession. (This is an S2 canon divergence, and takes Reichenbach a different direction.)
This story was written for the kink meme; the AO3 version is somewhat amended. The effect in the end is a little different, but probably not enough to worry about. Read it twice! But really, not if any of the tags tweak you too hard, because the author does not pull punches.
author:Helicidae  rating:nc-17  fic_rec  character:john_watson  character:moriarty  character:mycroft_holmes  character:sherlock_holmes  content:bloodplay  content:cannibalism  content:character_death  content:necrophilia  content:non_con  content:selfharm  content:stalking  content:violence  genre:dark  genre:horror  pairing:jw/moriarty  verse:sherlock_bbc 
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Author's summary: Sometimes, her grandmother has said, in the simplest, strongest of magics that’s all that’s required – a sacrifice and an intent. Her blood, and his words: I want to forget.
In which Joanna Watson is a witch, Sherlock Holmes is himself, and every spell has its price.
Reccer's comments: I really have never read another fic like this one. The descriptions of magic and the feel of it in this fic are truly astonishing; it's one of the best magical stories I've read anywhere, published or not. The language is frequently so beautiful that it stole my breath (as did the UST!), the razored loveliness of the emotions and relationships cuts like mirror-glass, and the worldbuilding is indelible. It makes my mouth fall open in wonder every time. It's a stunningly beautiful piece of storytelling, and I remain a bit gratefully in awe of it.
Warning: this is a WIP and hasn't been updated since June 2013. rosa_acicularis hasn't forgotten about it, but please don't let its status put you off; the current chapters stop at a natural pausing point, and while there's no true resolution yet, there's no cliffhanger either.
author:rosa_acicularis  rating:r  fic_rec  character:anthea  character:harry_watson  character:john_watson  character:moriarty  character:mrs_hudson  character:mycroft_holmes  character:sherlock_holmes  content:genderswitch  content:magic  content:ust  genre:au  genre:het  pairing:sh/jw  theme:female_characters  verse:sherlock_bbc  warning:incomplete! 
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Kill Switch (Be Here Now Universe series)
Author's summary: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, and Mycroft Holmes had never been under the illusion that they'd beaten Moriarty at his games, but the uneasy truce that had been struck had become a fairly comfortable place. That is until strange reports start to reach Whitehall, a friend falls ill, and John notices changes in Sherlock that he can't begin to explain.
Reccer's comments: This is actually a sequel to Be Here Now, which I'm assuming most people have already read, but if not you'll probably want to read that one first for context.
This story is full of angst, tension, and action-packed drama that will barely let you catch your breath before another heart-stopping scenario drops into your lap. In other words, much like the prequel. It takes place post-Reichenbach and goes AU after series 2.
Sherlock and John are back in London after a truly harrowing experience going against James Moriarty Senior, a true psychopath with an agenda that goes far beyond revenge for his son's death. At the opening of this story, Moriarty has not yet been neutralized, making our heroes still tense and anxious as they wait for him to make his next move. When he does, in spectacular role reversal it's up to John to do whatever it takes, including sacrifice himself, in order to spare Sherlock a horrifying and painful death.
As it turns out, it's not just *Sherlock's* life that hangs in the balance...
author:Todesfuge  rating:r  fic_rec  character:inspector_lestrade  character:irene_adler  character:john_watson  character:molly_hooper  character:moriarty  character:mycroft_holmes  character:original_character  character:sherlock_holmes  content:cancer  content:drug_use  content:hurt_sh  content:post-fall  content:ptsd  content:sick_sh  content:violence  genre:angst  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:romance  genre:slash_m/m  pairing:sh/jw  verse:sherlock_bbc 
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The Printer Is Jammed (The Printer Is Jammed series)
Author's summary: John is a disgruntled customer who just wants his money back for a shoddy printer Harry ordered for him off of a catalogue. Sherlock is a bored customer service rep working the summer he has off from Oxford. They are both about to get more than they bargained for.
Reccer's comments: This fic is like one of those recursive images, only in written form. The author has written about John and Sherlock writing about William Scott and Arthur Conan (who are really just avatars for themselves) having adventures from the BBC series while they (John and Sherlock) have adventures from the BBC series and are in turn written about by fans who ship ‘Willthur’ as well as Johnlock. Or in other words, life imitates art imitates life imitates art imitates life. There is also a RPF layer, with Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss, and even mention of "some Barneyflump Curlyflap guy” and “that guy from The Office”, although if you aren’t into RPF don’t worry, it’s little more than name-dropping.
It’s very slow-burn with a great mix of humor, angst, fluff, and mystery, although I was good and frustrated by the time John and Sherlock finally got together! The story is told exclusively in an epistolary format, but the author has mixed it up with emails, online chats, text messages, surveillance reports, interview transcripts, and blog posts to keep things lively. The whole thing is highly entertaining and creative, with twists and tweaks that kept me unsure how things would turn out right up to the end.
As a side note, the fic is posted on AO3 with a General rating, but there is a bit of smut and discussion of dubcon and drug abuse which may be sensitive for some readers.
author:startrekto221B  rating:g  fic_rec  character:irene_adler  character:john_watson  character:molly_hooper  character:moriarty  character:mycroft_holmes  character:real_person  character:sarah_sawyer  character:sherlock_holmes  character:victor_trevor  content:addiction  content:dub_con  content:kissing  content:texting  content:ust  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:first_time  genre:friendship  genre:humor  genre:romance  genre:slash_m/m  pairing:sh/jw  pairing:sh/victor_trevor  verse:sherlock_bbc 
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