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Daredevil: Bedtime Stories by Kat_C_Lyon
Summary: “What the hell do you mean, ‘It’s not available yet?’ It’s a compulsory course! You can’t force people to take courses and then not have textbooks for them!”

Matt has trouble getting accessible course materials. Foggy has a solution.
Reccer's Notes: A really lovely story about Foggy reading Law books to Matt during their studies.
fandom:daredevil.(tv)  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:matt.murdock  character:franklin."foggy".nelson  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:kat_c_lyon  theme:backstory  theme:disability  theme:languages&linguistics  reccer:jainas 
october 2018 by fancake
Marvel : Jessica Knits the Marvel Universe by Beguile
Summary: “All the happiness in a kit,” the crumpled brown wrapping tells her. “Yeah, right,” Jessica scoffs, returning to her desk for another glass of all-the-happiness-in-a-bottle.

Things spiral out of control from there.
Reccer's Notes: A cute story were Jessica accidentaly take up knitting.
fandom:jessica.jones  fandom:marvel.cinematic.universe  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:jessica.jones  character:patricia.walker  character:malcolm.ducasse  character:luke.cage  character:claire.temple  character:matt.murdock  character:danny.rand  character:colleen.wing  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:beguile  theme:(secret).hobbies  theme:comfortfic  reccer:jainas 
april 2018 by fancake
Daredevil: How to Unmask Your Neighborhood Vigilante by igrockspock
Summary: A year after the fall of Landman & Zack, Marci's life is looking up. Her boyfriend is good at sex and willing to help with her apartment's dodgy plumbing, and her new job at the ACLU is definitely on the right side of the law. There's just one problem: she knows Matt is up to somthing, and whatever it is puts Foggy at risk too. She's determined to find out before Foggy finds himself charged as an accessory to a crime.
Reccer's Notes: I love how Igrockspock writes Marci's point of view, and how her relationship with Froggy grows ans suffers in a way that feels very realistic... The story has also plenty of action, lots of reflections on the ethics of vigilantism, some priceless scenes with Matt and Marci, and is at time very funny. A must read!
fandom:daredevil.(tv)  pairing:franklin."foggy".nelson/marci.stahl  character:matt.murdock  length:10.000-20.000.words  creator:igrockspock  theme:established.relationship  theme:established.relationship.with.plot  theme:female.characters  theme:secret.identity.reveal  reccer:jainas 
january 2018 by fancake
The Price of War - shuofthewind
Moving to Manhattan is supposed to be a stopgap until she gets her GED. Instead, she gets a sister (well, cousin, technically, but neither of them quibble), a degree, a firm, a devil, and a whole pack of monsters.

God, she really should be getting therapy.

[Or, the one where Darcy Lewis stitches up gut wounds, runs away from home, buys a gun, becomes a lawyer, helps start a blog, saves a life, may or may not have squishy feelings, and learns how to make a mean chocolate babka. Not necessarily in that order.]
!type:fic  !fandom:marvel  !fandom:daredevil  character:darcy.lewis  character:matt.murdock  character:foggy.nelson  character:kate.bishop  ensemble:nelson&murdock  au:canon.divergent  ship:darcy/matt  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:introspective  genre:dark.shit  genre:team!fic 
september 2016 by callmebombshell
Marvel Comics: Hawkeye and Daredevil fistbump by jedivikingart
Summary: Hawkeye and Daredevil fistbump, their comics titles above their heads and their names spelled out in American Sign Language and Braille, respectively.
Reccer's Notes: Comics fandom loves a good team-up concept, and the execution here is original and adorable.
fandom:marvel.comics  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:clint.barton.(hawkeye)  character:matt.murdock  non-fic.recs:fanart  creator:jedivikingart  theme:disability  reccer:dirty_diana 
november 2015 by fancake
Fic: Paravigilante [daredevil gen]
Being besties with a guy who runs around in a mask at night beating up criminals has its issues. Or so Foggy’s coming to realise.
mcu  daredevil  character:franklin."foggy".nelson  character:matt.murdock  author:turtle_paced  (genre:gen)  (content:friendship)  (content:injury)  [rating:pants]  (words:2501-5k)  via:midnightbex 
may 2015 by yarngeek
Fic: Paravigilante [daredevil gen]
Being besties with a guy who runs around in a mask at night beating up criminals has its issues. Or so Foggy’s coming to realise.
mcu  daredevil  character:franklin."foggy".nelson  character:matt.murdock  author:turtle_paced  (genre:gen)  (content:friendship)  (content:injury)  [rating:pants]  (words:2501-5k) 
may 2015 by midnightbex
Fic: of all the fights in all the back alleys in all of new york [mcu gen]
“Huh.” Clint runs a hand through his hair again, stumped – but amused – by this development. “Deaf and blind. This is like something out of a sitcom.”
mcu  daredevil  hawkeye  character:clint.barton  character:matt.murdock  author:ataxophilia  (genre:gen)  [rating:pants]  (words:2501-5k) 
april 2015 by midnightbex

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!fandom:daredevil  !fandom:marvel  !type:fic  (content:friendship)  (content:hurt/comfort)  (content:injury)  (content:insecurity)  (content:misunderstandings)  (genre:gen)  (words:2501-5k)  [rating:pants]  au:canon.divergent  author:ataxophilia  author:turtle_paced  author:werewolvesarereal  character:claire.temple  character:clint.barton.(hawkeye)  character:clint.barton  character:colleen.wing  character:danny.rand  character:darcy.lewis  character:foggy.nelson  character:franklin."foggy".nelson  character:jessica.jones  character:kate.bishop  character:luke.cage  character:malcolm.ducasse  character:patricia.walker  creator:beguile  creator:igrockspock  creator:jedivikingart  creator:kat_c_lyon  daredevil  ensemble:nelson&murdock  fandom:daredevil.(tv)  fandom:jessica.jones  fandom:marvel.cinematic.universe  fandom:marvel.comics  genre:dark.shit  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:introspective  genre:team!fic  hawkeye  length:01.000-5.000.words  length:10.000-20.000.words  mcu  non-fic.recs:fanart  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  pairing:franklin."foggy".nelson/marci.stahl  reccer:dirty_diana  reccer:jainas  ship:darcy/matt  theme:(secret).hobbies  theme:backstory  theme:comfortfic  theme:disability  theme:established.relationship.with.plot  theme:established.relationship  theme:female.characters  theme:languages&linguistics  theme:secret.identity.reveal 

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