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Empty Graves - Unpretty - Superman - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Time travelers who plan to kill Superman never account for Martha Kent in their plans. She may not be the World's Finest, but she's a mother with a shotgun, and all told that might be scarier.
fic  fandom:Superman  verse:DCU  author:Unpretty  character:Martha_Kent  character:Jonathan_Kent  character:Clark_Kent  character:Bruce_Wayne  character:Diana_Prince  trope:time_travel 
may 2017 by jeb124
Pretentiously Kawaii • unpretty: “villain attempts to go back in time...
“villain attempts to go back in time to kill superman as a small child, gets shot in the face by ma kent, who buries him behind the barn with the others” would probably have niche appeal as a comic but i don’t care, i want it

|| The first time a man from the future showed up at Martha Kent’s house, Clark Kent was two years old.

|| OMG this is amazing. This is my Martha Kent headcannon forever. And Jonathon! Spent the 80's recovering from the 70's! Best.
SD:Fic  SD:Gen  Fandom:DCU  Character:Martha_Kent  Character:Johnathan_Kent  Story_Length:Short  Character:Clark_Kent  SD:Favorite_Ever 
april 2016 by Carnadosa
Class Differences
Kon had his fair share of fame as Superboy, but it’s one thing to be famous for saving people and another to be the boyfriend of Timothy Wayne. Let’s hope Conner Kent can handle this madness.

ragless' art: TBA
2014  author:wisiaden  artist:ragless  ART_TBA  character:conner_kent  character:tim_drake  character:martha_kent  character:bart_allen  character:krypto  character:vicki_vale  character:clark_kent  character:lois_lane  dcu_bang  dcu_bang_2014  pairing:tim_drake/conner_kent  pairing:clark_kent/lois_lane  wordcount:10k-15k  universe:dc_comics  type:het  type:slash  rating:pg-13 
april 2015 by comic_bangs
Kansas Kitchens
Summary: Clark Kent is in trouble. He knows it, because his middle name got used, and that's their purpose. Hiding a grandson from a woman will get you in that kind of trouble. Even if he's not a real person. (Ma Kent doesn't see it the same way) Kansas kitchens always have a pie in them, whether it be blueberry or cherry.
SD:Fic  SD:Gen  Fandom:DCU  Fandom:Young_Justice  Story_Length:Short  SD:Secret_Revealed  Character:Martha_Kent  Character:Johnathan_Kent  Character:Kara(Supergirl)  Character:Conner_Kent/Kon-El(Superboy)  Character:Clark_Kent 
january 2014 by Carnadosa
First & Everlasting Love
An exhausted Clark and Bruce vacation in Smallville, where Clark’s sudden obsession over memories of his first love, Lex, causes insecurities to rise in Bruce. Meanwhile, an old enemy is paving the way for a re-appearance for a final confrontation with the World’s Finest.

ctbn60's art:
2013  artist:ctbn60  author:bradygirl_12  character:bruce_wayne  character:alfred_pennyworth  character:clark_kent  character:oliver_queen  character:martha_kent  character:lex_luthor  character:chloe_sullivan  pairing:clark_kent/bruce_wayne  pairing:oliver_queen/chloe_sullivan  pairing:clark_kent/lex_luthor  pairing:bruce_wayne/lex_luthor  type:slash  type:het  universe:smallville  universe:nolanverse  rating:nc-17  wordcount:20k-30k  dcu_bang  dcu_bang_2013 
october 2013 by comic_bangs
I don't want to forget how your voice sounds
Bruce Wayne comes to Smallville to visit his old friend Lex Luthor and to follow up on some rumors of strange activity in Metropolis. Once there, he meets and falls in lust with Clark Kent, not knowing that Clark is only sixteen. Can they both work through their issues to make the budding relationship work?

shinysylver's art:
author:honeybearbee  artist:shinysylver  2012  dcu_bang  dcu_bang_2012  wordcount:10k-15k  rating:pg-13  universe:smallville  universe:nolanverse  character:clark_kent  character:bruce_wayne  character:lex_luthor  character:pete_ross  character:chloe_sullivan  character:martha_kent  character:jonathan_kent  character:alfred_pennyworth  pairing:clark_kent/bruce_wayne 
november 2012 by comic_bangs
Gonna Be A Better One (A Thousand Miles To Your Door)
Summary: In which Tim quits being Robin, Kon refuses to quit Tim and Ma Kent is full of relationship advice. For hunterwithcause for Help Japan.

|| If the world was ending, then kissing Kon seemed like the thing to do.

It had made sense at the time – the sky dark with thousands of enemy ships, the grey clouds between them like splintering cracks, and Tim hadn’t wanted this regret too, so he had fisted his hands in Kon’s shirt, crumpling the S shield between his fingers, and stretched up on his toes.

As first kisses went, it was pretty fantastic, even if Kon tasted like sweat and ash, alien jet fuel splattered across his face. The audience of killer robots wasn’t ideal, but beggars couldn’t be choosers, and Tim had wanted to kiss Kon so badly.

The problem was the world didn’t end.
SD:Fic  SD:Slash  SD:First_Time  Story_Length:Medium  Fandom:DCU  Pairing:Tim/Kon  SD:Meeting_the_Family  Character:Cassie_Sandsmark(Wonder_Girl)  Character:Martha_Kent  Character:Johnathan_Kent  Character:Bart_Allen(Impuse/Kid_Flash/Flash)  Character:Dick_Greyson(Robin/Nightwing)  Character:Bruce_Wayne(Batman)  Character:Clark_Kent  Character:Stephanie_Brown(Robin/Spoiler) 
october 2012 by Carnadosa
Stranger Danger
notes: Written for [info]yj_anon_meme for the prompt SUPERBOY KIDNAPPED.

By Ma and Pa Kent.

Martha and Jonathan see Superboy on TV and start harassing Clark. They want to meet him, have him stay at the farm, they'll even get Clark's old room ready. Clark keeps putting his parents off: Superboy just escaped Cadmus, he's not ready to meet them, etc. Eventually Martha and John figure out he's stalling for some reason and Martha is fed up. So she decides to kidnap Superboy. With John as getaway driver.

|| I want like 50,000 more words of this. Also, SB's reaction to pie is the best.
SD:Fic  SD:Gen  Fandom:Young_Justice  Story_Length:Short  Character:Conner_Kent/Kon-El(Superboy)  Character:Martha_Kent  Character:Johnathan_Kent  Fandom:DCU 
march 2012 by Carnadosa
Nobody's Child
In answer to YJ_Anons_Meme prompt: Big bad turns Superboy into a teeny tiny 5 year old. Batman makes Clark, not Superman because Batman is awesome and wants Clark to spend time with his clone/son with-out Superman looming over their heads, babysit while he and Young Justice track down said Big Bad to try and fix it.

Cue awkwardness and cute!teeny-tiny-5-year-old!Superboy.

Bonus points if somehow Superboy confesses to Clark about how he thinks Superman hates him and Clark is all I can't resist the adorableness that is TeenyTiny!SB and hugs the kid and realizes what a jerk he's been.

|| Once Clark had everything on the table he went to collect Superboy. He found the boy in a serious conversation with Krypto. "You like me and I like you," the little boy declared. He pointed to the S-Shield on his shirt. "And we're both Supers see? So how about I belong to you, okay?"

Krypto licked the little boy. Superboy smiled and hugged him. "I knew you'd like it!" He declared. "And you could teach me how to fly. Maybe Superman would like me if I could fly."

Clark winced at the conversation he'd overheard. After a day in the boy's company it was getting hard to remember that Superboy wasn't really a child, but a weapon constructed by an unsavory organization with an unknown agenda. However Superboy had come into existence, he acted like a perfectly normal little boy. 'Perfectly normal little boy with powers like mine,' Clark amended.
SD:Fic  SD:Gen  SD:Het  Fandom:DCU  Fandom:Young_Justice  Character:Lois_Lane  Character:Clark_Kent  Character:Bruce_Wayne(Batman)  Character:Conner_Kent/Kon-El(Superboy)  Character:Martha_Kent  Character:Johnathan_Kent  Story_Length:Medium  SD:Family_of_Choice  SD:Deaged 
january 2012 by Carnadosa
iesika - Close To Home index post
A murder mystery at Smallville High drives Kon to brush up on his detective skills – and his undercover work. He might need to call in some help. Good thing his best friend is an expert at both.
  author:iesika  au  au!dc  fandom:dc  pairing:tim/kon  fandom:dcu  character:oc  warning:death  warning:severe_awesome  long  lj  character:lois_lane  character:clark_kent  character:superman  character:martha_kent  postpairing:kon/cassie  genre:drama  rating:R  genre:romance  postpairing:clark/dick  postpairing:clark/lois  !slash 
november 2011 by Miscella

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