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Hidden Potential - Chapter 1 - AppleCiderr - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Tony Stark is left behind in Siberia to freeze to death. In his desperate attempts to escape and call for help, he discovers abilities he never knew he could possess.

When he returns home, he discovers the true potential of these powers. Now he must learn to control his newfound powers while hiding them from those attempting to seize control of what's left of the Avengers.
Site:AO3  Fandom:Marvel  Time:Marvel:PostCivilWar  Status:WIP  Words:10k-25k  Character:TonyStark/Ironman  Character:Tony!Mutant  Character:JamesRhodes/WarMachine  Character:Pepper  Character:Vision  Character:ThaddeusRoss  Character:LauraBarton  Character:PeterParker/Spiderman  Character:BartonKids  Character:NickFury  Character:MariaHill  Character:SteveRogers/CaptainAmerica  Character:BuckyBarnes/WinterSoldier  Character:NatashaRomanoff/BlackWidow  Character:ClintBarton/Hawkeye  Character:SamWilson/Falcon 
october 2018 by Mieeka
The Blink of an Eye - Chapter 1 - arimabat - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]

When Heimdall lies dying on the Statesman among the remains of his people, he decides to use his powers for a different purpose in a desperate attempt to change Asgard's fate: he sends a message to his past self warning of Loki's deception.
fic  Avengers  Thor  character:Thor  character:Loki  character:Heimdall  character:Frigga  character:JaneFoster  character:DarcyLewis  character:MariaHill  character:OC  WIP  gen 
july 2018 by kuiskata
Weight of the World - Iron_Eirlyssa (Eirlyssa) - The Avengers (Marvel Movies), The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Having watched from the sidelines for a while, Shuri has now decided she is done. Mistakes were made, and she wasn't raised a Princess to just let things slide when she could do something about it.
Fandom:Marvel  Site:AO3  Words:Under10k  Status:WIP  Time:Marvel:PostCivilWar  Pairing:Gen  Character:T'challa/BlackPanther  Character:Shuri  Character:MariaHill 
may 2018 by Mieeka
Enough Rope - Chapter 1 - Amber_and_Ash - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Tony can't get himself back from Siberia, and it takes the night for him to be rescued. While waiting to see if he'll die of hypothermia, he realises something for the first time. It wasn't that he failed because he hadn't tried hard enough. He had failed because he had tried too hard. His so-called team-mates had formed the habit of blaming Tony for everything because he had let them. He had shouldered the blame, let them attack him without consequence, and cleaned up after their mess, all so they could continue to feel self-righteous in peace. But it wasn't just him they were attacking, and saving the world didn't give them a free pass to be the very bullies that Steve claimed to fight against.

Tony woke up in hospital, still sustained by the relief of his realisation. Things sucked, but they would get better. He was Tony Stark, and no challenge was too much for him. It was odd how much easier it was to plot when he actually did intend ways to manipulate the ex-Avengers into falling in line. And since that was what they seemed convinced he was doing all along, they didn't deserve a warning that it would now be true.
Fandom:Marvel  Words:75k+  Status:Completed  Time:Marvel:PostCivilWar  Site:AO3  Genre:TeamIronman  Character:TonyStark/Ironman  Character:Pepper  Character:JamesRhodes/WarMachine  Character:Jennifer/She-Hulk  Character:Thor  Character:Friday  Character:MariaHill  Words:75k-100K 
april 2018 by Mieeka
In My Head - Chapter 1 - TheSovereigntyofReality - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Wanda uses her powers way too liberally.

One day she tries it on Jessica Jones. The result is that Steve sends Tony to "deal" with it.

Consequence: Tony finds out some things he was never intended to find out.
Fandom:Marvel  Words:Under10k  Status:Completed  Time:Marvel:PostCivilWar  Site:AO3  Character:TonyStark/Ironman  Character:JamesRhodes/WarMachine  Character:MariaHill  Character:SteveRogers/CaptainAmerica  Character:JessicaJones  Pairing:Gen 
march 2018 by Mieeka
Mr. Coulson's Technicolor Dreamhouse by Not_You
Written for a prompt on Avengerkink, and posted there as 'Edutainment.'

Phil is Mr. Coulson, beloved children's entertainer and purveyor of quality television for humans. Clint is the new cameraman, and this is the tale of their love. And of Steve and Bucky's, and other people's as they appear. Coulson is afraid he's too boring and Clint that he's not classy enough. They are both wrong.
Fandom:Marvel  Character:PhilCoulson  PlotDevice:GetTogether  Pairing:ClintBarton/PhilCoulson  PlotDevice:AU  Character:BruceBanner  Charater:ClintBarton  Character:JamesBarnes  Author:Not_You  Character:MariaHill  Character:ThorOdinson  Fanfiction  Character:SteveRogers  Character:PepperPotts  Fandom:Avengers  PlotDevice:YaySex!  Character:NatashaRomanova  Character:TonyStark 
february 2018 by Incondite
Good help is hard to find. [by Feather, MCU Gen]
"No offense meant, but I'm not up for games, Pepper - what do you want?"

Pepper startles Maria by being just as blunt - not that Pepper plays around much, but she's usually one for observing basic social niceties and putting the kind of lead-up to a conversation that means you more or less know where things are going. Apparently not right now. She just takes her cue from Maria instead.

"I want you to sign this," she says, as Eva takes a folder out of her bag and leans over to place the SI-stationery file she takes out of that in front of Maria on the table, "I want you to take the job I'm offering you, and I want you to sort out the absolute fucking rats'-nest of a mess in the security and personnel end of my company. I want to make goddamn sure that nobody ever manages to do what they did on Insight Day again."
type:fanfic  fandom:avengers  fandom:ironman  genre:gen  wc:5001-10000  author:feather  character:mariahill  character:pepperpotts 
july 2017 by siria
Taking Responsibility - owlmoose - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Natasha Romanoff made one choice when she signed the Sokovia Accords; she made another when she helped Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes escape the airport. To face the consequences of both will require an investigation, a jailbreak, and a trip to the other side of the world, but she'll do whatever it takes to get her family back.
fic  Avengers  character:NatashaRomanoff  character:MariaHill  character:SteveRogers 
september 2016 by kuiskata
Said the Fly to the Spider by BC_Brynn

Peter is being courted by Deadpool. With words. And life-saving.


This is what happens when you use the logic of ‘why not?’. It’s also proof positive that fanfiction rots your brain. And there’s a shout-out to sleeponrooftops’ shake it out series, because that series is aweso- ehm, I mean, marvelous (get it? get it?).In my head, Peter is twenty, smart and jaded.You can find more detailed warnings than "Deadpool" in the end note.

Warnings: violence, gore, child abuse, animal abuse, slash, implied sexual situation, strong language, crack-ish, tropes, trope subversion, Deadpool, canon what canon? (based mostly on MCU, with convenient bits of comics thrown in), no zombies were harmed in the making of this fanfiction
creator:BC_Brynn  archive:AO3  fandom:Marvel  rating:3Mature  worktype:fiction  category:M/M  ship:PeterParker/WadeWilson  character:MariaHill  genre:humor  genre:romance  saved:no  status:complete  chapters:001  words:020-025k  character:PeterParker  character:WadeWilson  character:ClintBarton  character:BruceBanner  character:TonyStark  character:NatashaRomanova  character:SteveRogers  character:SamuelWilson  character:NicholasFury  character:MayParker 
april 2016 by eir
What We Pretend To Be by ifitwasribald

Good becomes great, bad becomes worse. But people are a hell of a lot more complicated than good and bad. When half of the team is dosed with the super soldier serum, they all have to grapple with their own pasts and futures. But for better or for worse, they’re all in it together.


A fill for the amazing prompt by jaune_chat over on the kinkmeme. I hope I can do it justice.
creator:ifitwasribald  archive:AO3  fandom:Marvel  rating:4Explicit  worktype:fiction  category:M/M  ship:BruceBanner/TonyStark  character:Thor(Marvel)  character:PhilCoulson  character:MariaHill  character:PepperPotts  saved:no  status:complete  chapters:015-019  words:100-125k  character:TonyStark  character:ClintBarton  character:NatashaRomanova  character:BruceBanner  character:SteveRogers  character:NicholasFury  character:JamesRhodeyRhodes 
march 2016 by eir
Upper-Level Management [by Beatrice_otter, MCU Gen]
One day, she promised herself. One day she would once again have a job that did not include babysitting men who were theoretically grown adults.
type:fanfic  fandom:avengers  genre:gen  wc:1001-5000  author:beatrice_otter  character:mariahill  character:pepperpotts 
march 2016 by siria
I'm Not Good With Subtle by squarebrain

“There’s no way you’re Spider-Man,” Tony said, face-plate up, shifting away from the smoke which was drifting menacingly towards them. “You’ve barely hit puberty.”“I’m twenty-five and shut up,” replied the wall-crawler.
Iron Man meets his match in the form of a snarky youth he frees from an Oscorp holding cell, only to find the guy is the one and only Spider-Man, who is dead set on keeping his identity a secret.


Errors are all mine. I had the idea on a train, and rather than be productive, I wrote this. I might, if the inspiration strikes, write a little more on this relationship. Warnings include strong language and a few (and very mild) references to Peter's less-than-wholesome experiences with his captors, which some readers may find distressing.Tumblr: thesquarebrain
creator:squarebrain  archive:AO3  fandom:Marvel  rating:2Teen  worktype:fiction  category:M/M  ship:PeterParker/TonyStark  character:MariaHill  character:DarcyLewis  character:Thor(Marvel)  character:PepperPotts  saved:no  status:wip  character:PeterParker  character:TonyStark  character:MayParker  character:ClintBarton  character:NatashaRomanova  character:SteveRogers  character:BruceBanner  character:NicholasFury  character:JaneFoster(Marvel) 
january 2016 by eir
Son Of The Champion by sar_kaz_m

Fury needs Coulson to do one quick side trip while passing through England, just a check in on a person of interest to S.H.I.E.L.D.


Notes: Crossover, not fusion. Characters will remain intact within their respective worlds. Playing very fast & loose with timelines, but essentially, set That Halloween as 2001 instead of 1981; MCU events will be set according to the film releases, starting with Iron Man in 2008.
This is my first time posting to AO3, and my first dip into writing for the Marvel & Harry Potter fandoms. Hope you all enjoy. (Most of my other work was posted in the past on FFnet, same handle)
Title was a last minute decision: "Coulson" could be an Anglicization of MacCumhall or MacCool, 'son of Cumhall' ("the champion" in gaelic) and possibly a reference to Finn MacCool, leader of a band of warrior-heroes in Irish mythology.
archive:AO3  fandom:Marvel  fandom:HarryPotter  rating:2Teen  worktype:fiction  category:M/M  ship:ClintBarton/PhilCoulson  character:PhilCoulson  character:HarryPotter  character:NicholasFury  character:MariaHill  character:JasperSitwell  creator:sar_kaz_m  saved:no  status:wip  character:ClintBarton  character:NatashaRomanova 
january 2016 by eir
Apropos Of Nothing by Gir_Hugs

Tony Stark is three years old when he is kidnapped and held for ransom. Howard Stark refuses to pay and Tony is never seen again, presumed to be dead.Thirteen years later, Agent Phil Coulson is sent out on a mission to find an ingenious hacker and bring him into SHIELD. Coulson’s training has prepared him for gun-fights, torture, interrogations, hand-to-hand combat, explosives, paperwork…you know, the usual. What it didn’t prepare him for is finding a brilliant but unruly teenager and being assigned his caretaker.Yeah, everyone at SHIELD is in for one hell of a ride.




Important Notes:1. So first chapter pretty much revolves around Tony's kidnapping and the implied abuse, and I know that it was sad and possibly depressing...but that's not really how the rest of the story is going to be. This story will be focused on how Tony still manages to meet the Avengers and become a part of their dysfunctional family.2. What do I mean by alternate Starkline? Basically, it wasn't Howard that helped make Steve a supersoldier; it was Howard's father. Howard still met Steve, but he was just a kid at the time. Subsequently, Tony is only a teenager in modern times, whereas the rest of the Avengers are their normal ages. 3. Small Canon Divergencesa) The Avengers are gathered together at SHIELD to work as a probationary task force. They have been working together for a little over a year at this point.b) Thor was not trapped back in Asgard. He was able to come back to earth.
archive:AO3  fandom:Marvel  rating:2Teen  worktype:fiction  category:Gen  ship:PhilCoulson&TonyStark  character:PhilCoulson  character:Thor(Marvel)  character:DarcyLewis  character:MariaHill  character:Dummy(Marvel)  character:PepperPotts  character:ObadiahStane  character:EdwinJarvis  character:HowardStark  saved:no  status:complete  chapters:015-019  words:050-060k  creator:Gir_Hugs  character:TonyStark  character:NicholasFury  character:SteveRogers  character:BruceBanner  character:ClintBarton  character:JaneFoster(Marvel)  character:JamesRhodeyRhodes  character:NatashaRomanova 
january 2016 by eir

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