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WTF Bruté?
So anon finally decided to go after the Lairs of Romulus to unlock the armour... and it is the silliest piece of work I have ever seen. It's like it's trying to overcompensate for something. But it gave anon a few prompts, SOOOO this is what anon would like to see: 1) Brutus' armour seems to be built for a bigger man. So the armour keeps slipping around. Leonardo notices this, and keeps trying to see Ezio's skin whenever it slips. 2) Ezio's famous for his White assassin's robe. So running around in the other uniform seriously confuses the city of Roma, and they start spreading rumours about this mysterious newcomer. Outrageous gossip ensues, especially a "who would win" between the stranger and the Assassin Ezio finds out about these rumours. Bonus for Ezio and Leonardo concocting fake stories. 3) Brutus/Ezio >_>
Part2  AC:Brotherhood  AC:Project_Legacy  status:unfilled  character:Ezio_Auditore  character:Leonardo_da_Vinci  character:Marcus_Junius_Brutus  pairing:Ezio/Brutus  genre:slash  genre:gen  kink:clothing 
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ac:brotherhood  ac:project_legacy  character:ezio_auditore  character:leonardo_da_vinci  genre:gen  genre:slash  kink:clothing  pairing:ezio/brutus  part2  status:unfilled 

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