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Awesome Falls: Nightmare Creatures Chapter Four
I am SO sorry it's taken this long to continue with this series but with my last year of school and writer's block getting in the way, I was just stuck on this series. But with school over and more free time and inspiration coming back, I'm going to do my best to complete this series.
Fic  author:thecat620  feature:AU  crossover:gravityfalls  character:linksano  character:critic  character:malcolm  character:moarte  character:theotherguy  character:tamara  character:others 
12 weeks ago by tgwtg_fic
Awesome Falls: Nightmare Creatures Chapter Five
I want to make a regular release schedule for this story and while it might vary when and how I'll be getting chapters out but I do want to finish this story.

Darkiplier and Antisepticeye belong to Markiplier and Jacksepticeye

The designs I'm basing their appearances on belong to Monakaliza.
Fic  author:thecat620  feature:AU  crossover:gravityfalls  character:nerd  character:ERod  character:linksano  character:others  character:malcolm  character:critic  character:tamara 
12 weeks ago by tgwtg_fic
Awesome Falls: Nightmare Creatures Chapter Six
Sorry it's taken a while to get going again with this. With work and writer's block rearing its ugly head, I haven't been getting work done on this as frequently as I should have. But I want to commit to finishing this story and I don't want to see fanfics die out in this fandom.
Fic  author:thecat620  feature:AU  crossover:gravityfalls  character:critic  character:malcolm  character:tamara  character:others 
12 weeks ago by tgwtg_fic
Awesome Falls: Nightmare Creatures Chapter Seven
I won't lie. This chapter was a hard one to write because of how emotional it's gonna get. Maybe I was projecting a bit for this but I wanted some real emotion this time around.

Darkiplier belongs to Markiplier
Fic  author:thecat620  feature:AU  crossover:gravityfalls  character:cinemasnob  character:others  character:malcolm  character:critic 
12 weeks ago by tgwtg_fic
Token Troop SOUND OFF!
I don't know why, but I love the whole "Token Troop" thing, probably because I was fan of movies like The Goonies, Stand By Me, The Sandlot, etc. And since the new review they did of the IT remake, I feel inspired to write a prompt where The Token Troop are on a kid adventure (80s/90s style!) and explore the mystery of a house rumored to be haunted. Make it as fun,satirical,and as silly as you want.

Bonus points if you include Tamara or any other female reviewer you would like as the "Token 90s Sports Tomboy" to complete our Token Troop assemble. Please and thank you.
character:nostalgiacritic  character:malcolm  character:tamara  character:other  Type:gen 
october 2017 by tgwtg_prompts
Awesome Falls: Nightmare Creatures Chapter 3
Sorry this chapter took a bit but I was having a bit of trouble finding a way to go with this part. But I think I've got something that will work. And don't think that the story's over yet. this is only the beginning. ;)
Fic  author:thecat620  genre:gen  crossover:gravityfalls  character:critic  character:rob  character:tamara  character:malcolm  character:others  feature:AU 
september 2017 by tgwtg_fic
Awesome Falls: Nightmare Creatures Chapter 1
Wow it's been a while since I've done anything on here but I got a sudden inspiration to continue writing I figured that this might be something fun. It won't be as long as the main story but sort of a self-contained mini sequel to Awesome Falls.

But this time with a twist. ;)

I was inspired by this video and how the evil personas of Markiplier and Jacksepticeye (Darkiplier and Antisepticeye respectively) would fit into the world of Awesome Falls as creepy monsters that are terrorizing Critic in his dreams and possibly might go after his friends. ;)
fic  author:thecat620  feature:AU  genre:gen  crossover:gravityfalls  character:critic  feature:nightmares  character:others  character:linksano  character:nerd  character:ERod  character:boardjames  character:doug  character:malcolm  character:rob  character:tamara 
august 2017 by tgwtg_fic
Critic's Christmas Adventures Chapter 1
"Wish list is a preference for happy stories, fluff especially, maybe some romance if writer is so inclined."
Critic wants to spread some good cheer to his fellow producers. Here's some of his adventures. ;)
character: cinema snob, character: malcolm, character: nash, character: nostalgia critic, character: rob scallon, character: spoony, character: tamara, shark jumping
fic  genre:gen  event:secretsantachrist  fluff!fic  author:thecat620  character:critic  character:cinemasnob  character:malcolm  character:nash  character:spoony  character:tamara  genre:slash  character:phelous  pairing:cinemasnob/phelous  character:tim  character:beth  character:lloyd  character:chloe  character:grady  character:soi  character:oreo  character:robscallon 
december 2016 by tgwtg_fic
When the Hurly-Burly's Done
Sounds strange, but comedic Macbeth AU. Malcolm and Tamara hear a prophecy that they will one day be the stars of the Nostalgia Critic show. They initially brush it off, but then the first part of prophecy comes true. Cue Malcolm and Tamara trying to kill Critic off...but being them, they don't actually succeed. Cue hilarity.
character:nostalgiacritic  character:malcolm  character:tamara  feature:murder  Type:gen  type:M/f  pairing:malcolm/tamara 
october 2016 by tgwtg_prompts
Full moon
Critic eats the moon and Malcolm has to make a new one out of posterboard and mozzarella cheese while dodging Critic's moon-comsumption-induced lustful advances.
character:nostalgiacritic  character:malcolm  feature:Crack  type:M/m  pairing:critic/malcolm 
august 2016 by tgwtg_prompts
Awesome Falls - Chapter 24
We finally made it. 24 chapter...235 pages...several moments of self-doubt and writer's block...and I finished this. Awesome Falls is finally done. :) I never expected to fall in love with this story like I did but like the show Gravity Falls, I'm so glad I did. ^_^
fic  author:thecat620  genre:gen  crossover:gravityfalls  feature:supernatural  character:others  character:ERod  character:rob  character:linksano  character:doucheymcnitpick  character:doug  character:ATG  character:critic  character:malcolm  character:tamara  feature:MAGIC  feature:werewolves  character:lindsay  character:moarte 
july 2016 by tgwtg_fic
New Lives, Old Friends- Summer 2016 Fillathon Entry 2
I want to see Critic getting really badly hurt (rape, a really bad beating, his house broken into - whatever you want) and the others taking care of him in their own little ways. Again, whatever you want, but I'd love Ask That Guy going Papa Wolf and the Chick awkwardly trying to be nice as possible.
author:thecat620  Fic  kinkmeme  series:bighouse  character:critic  character:ATG  character:chick  character:others  genre:gen  feature:h/c  character:filmbrain  character:malcolm  character:tamara  feature:ptsd 
july 2016 by tgwtg_fic
Awesome Falls Ch. 23
Okay a bit of an explanation before you guys start to read. I know I said last time that this would be the last chapter but this was getting so big that I had to split it. 16 pages is an insane amount and I figured since the last episode of Gravity Falls kinda split in half, I don't see much reason not to do that myself. And this one was taking forever so I had to get a chapter done at least.
author:thecat620  Fic  feature:AU  crossover:gravityfalls  character:ATG  character:linksano  character:doucheymcnitpick  character:doug  character:malcolm  character:moarte  character:chick  character:critic  character:others  character:rob  character:tamara  genre:gen  feature:supernatural  character:boardjames  character:cinemasnob  character:lazarus  feature:torture  feature:werewolves  character:nerd  character:chester  character:countjackula  character:maven 
july 2016 by tgwtg_fic
Awesome Falls Chapter - 22
MAN was this an insane chapter! And this STILL isn't the end! But I think you'll really like the callbacks to certain reviewer's shows and storyarcs they've done. ;) I recommend watching Linkara's Entity storyline (the last bit of it), the Dark Nella storyline, and Paw's Top 9 Video Game Music videos. It'll make reading this more fun. ^_^

Sorry it took a while but it's here. I'll be working my butt off for the last chapter so relax and enjoy. Thank you for sticking it out with me for this long.
fic  author:thecat620  genre:gen  crossover:gravityfalls  character:others  character:doug  feature:apocalypse  character:chester  character:critic  character:lindsay  character:moarte  character:linksano  character:oscar  character:cinemasnob  character:lazarus  character:doucheymcnitpick  feature:supernatural  character:paw  character:nella  character:elisa  character:maven  character:oancitizen  character:toddintheshadows  character:darknella  character:darkpaw  character:malcolm  character:tamara  character:theentity  character:90sKid  character:ERod  character:rob 
june 2016 by tgwtg_fic
Trans man Critic still dealing with periods, go
Make a joke (the Shining one where Rachel assumes Critic is PMS-ing) not just kinda sexist. Trans man Critic still dealing with periods, go.
kinkmeme  fic  genre:gen  character:critic  character:malcolm  feature:h/c  kink:menstruation 
june 2016 by tgwtg_fic
Awesome Falls - Chapter 19
Finally got this one out. Sorry it took so long but I had a bit of writer's block. We're nearing the endgame folks so thank you for sticking with me this long and I hope you'll like when I finish this up. I'll try to have my writing and releasing schedule done at a better pace.

Some old faces and some new faces make their way into this chapter so here you go! ;)
fic  author:thecat620  genre:gen  crossover:gravityfalls  character:critic  character:rob  character:ATG  character:doucheymcnitpick  character:lindsay  character:ERod  character:malcolm  character:tamara  character:doug  character:others  character:eightbitmickey  character:marzgurl 
june 2016 by tgwtg_fic
Awesome Falls Chapter 17
Here's a surprise; a chapter that's ready within a reasonable time between the last one. Yeah I was on a roll with writing and figured, since the last chapter was a feels fest, I should have something a little lighter for you guys. It's gonna be relatively light for a while before we get back into the dark stuff.
author:thecat620  character:critic  character:doug  character:rob  character:tamara  character:malcolm  character:90skid  character:doucheymcnitpick  Fic  crossover:gravityfalls  genre:gen 
april 2016 by tgwtg_fic
A little time off
Tamara/Malcolm drunkenly making out on their days off. Hey it's canon that they get wasted when they're not needed, just taking an extra step. :D
character:malcolm  character:tamara  type:M/f  feature:drunkenness  pairing:malcolm/tamara 
april 2016 by tgwtg_prompts

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