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How To Fall - FortinbrasFTW - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
'“I’ve been falling for some time, through darkness, and pain, and fire. And then I saw you, shining through the shadows, and I knew you would catch me one day. But you didn’t, I fell right past you, further than I ever imagined I could, and now I wonder if I’ve finally hit the ground.”'

When a spell goes wrong Sam ends up stranded in the north Canadian wilderness with nothing to do but bunker down and wait for rescue, which wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the broken angel he's accidentally brought along for the ride.
fandom:spn  character:sam_winchester  character:lucifer(spn)  pairing:sam/lucifer  rating:4/5  length:40-45k 
july 2014 by bernards_books
Dance underneath a Harvest Moon - Fanfic: Opposites attract
Warnings: none really, but if you stare really long there could be Lucifer/Cas and Dean/Cas
Summary: Castiel attracts the unwanted attention of Lucifer. Lucifer's POV
fandom:SPN  character:castiel  character:lucifer(spn)  pairing:castiel/lucifer  rating:well_worth_reading  genre:gen  rating:3/5 
september 2011 by bernards_books
luchia13: Fic: Right Of Conquest (1/2)
Warnings: Evil/good/evil, temptation, Hell, boys kissing, torture, a different take on Castiel's pony, language, disturbingly butchered view of biblical events, serious control issues (which haven't really shown up yet), and looots of blasphemy.
Summary: Lucifer takes a personal interest in Castiel, Dean takes a personal interest in Castiel, Castiel feels his faith wavering, and a white horse waits to run.
pairing:dean/castiel  fandom:SPN  character:dean_winchester  character:sam_winchester  character:ensemble  character:castiel  character:lucifer(spn)  rating:well_worth_reading  genres:au  rating:3/5 
september 2011 by bernards_books
deancastiel: [FIC] Apocalypse Day (for aesc)
Notes/ Prompt : For the prompt: The boys trying to make a new life after the end times. Thank you to my wonderful beta and to the mods.

Summary: It’s not a bad one, as Apocalypse Days go.
pairing:dean/castiel  pairing:sam/lucifer  character:dean_winchester  character:sam_winchester  character:castiel  character:ensemble  character:lucifer(spn)  genres:au  sub-genre:after_the_war  sub-genre:crack  rating:pretty_decent  length:10-15k  fandom:SPN 
september 2011 by bernards_books

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