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The Bright End of Nowhere
"You're like me, right?" In a crumbling world, Fai finds himself having to confront the consequences of the deal he's made, and make a choice on what he will do next.
Fandom:Tsubasa  character:kurogane  character:Fai  clamp 
july 2013 by arionchan
Sweet Little Lies
Now he worried over everything. Worried about how much longer their ragged group could cling together before they all shattered
Fandom:Tsubasa  character:kurogane 
july 2013 by arionchan
chichiris_chica || Masks
Kurogane watched the object closely, almost expecting eyes to look up at him for a brief second from behind those invisible lids.
fandom:tsubasa.reservoir.chronicle  type:slash  character:kurogane  character:fai  pairing:kurogane/fai 
september 2008 by bloodier

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character:fai  clamp  fandom:tsubasa.reservoir.chronicle  fandom:tsubasa  pairing:kurogane/fai  type:slash 

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