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Missing Pieces - whitchry9 - The Defenders (Marvel TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Brett has always been good at solving puzzles, so when Matt Murdock is still missing weeks after the events at Midland Circle, he starts investigating. It turns out none of Murdock's friends are too concerned, and their behaviour is even outright suspicious. Brett starts putting the pieces together. The more he collects the more he thinks there's something really wrong with the picture he's getting. And Matt Murdock is looking more and more like a murder victim.
fic  Daredevil  character:BrettMahoney  character:FoggyNelson  character:JessicaJones  character:DannyRand  character:KarenPage 
february 2019 by kuiskata
I Slithered Here From Eden by pocketclocked

(Just to Sit Outside Your Door)
Foggy had a soft spot for musicals and cheese-flavored snacks, and was, quite possibly, one of the worst demons that Hell had ever spat out. And Matt… well.
Matt was one of those Avenging Angel types, and he was really good at his job.
creator:pocketclocked  archive:AO3  fandom:Marvel  fandom:GoodOmens  crossover:GoodOmens/Marvel  genre:crossover  rating:3Mature  worktype:fiction  category:M/M  ship:FranklinFoggyNelson/MattMurdock  character:FranklinFoggyNelson  character:KarenPage  character:ClaireTemple  genre:au:angels&Demons  saved:no  status:completed  chapters:001  words:006-008k  character:MattMurdock 
january 2018 by eir
Let's swap chests today by ctimene

“I would not be surprised if it was love that brought on these developments. You feel very deeply, Foggy; it is entirely possible that it has opened your power to deeper perception,” Professor X says.
How very Hallmark. But Foggy hasn’t fallen in love with anyone new since high school. Definitely not in the last year. Definitely not in his dorm room.
Mutant AU In which Empath!Foggy is super open about his not-so-superpowers, and Matt is not. Dumbass.
creator:ctimene  archive:AO3  fandom:Marvel  rating:3Mature  worktype:fiction  category:Multi  ship:FranklinFoggyNelson/MattMurdock  ship:FranklinFoggyNelson/MarciStahl  character:FranklinFoggyNelson  character:KarenPage  character:MarciStahl  character:CharlesXavier  character:ClaireTemple  genre:hurt/comfort  saved:no  status:completed  chapters:002-004  words:015-020k  ab:empath!FoggyNelson  character:MattMurdock 
january 2018 by eir
Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy by Werelibrarian

"I should probably tell you I’m going to sniff anything you show me."The shopkeeper’s smile actually grows. "How interesting. Can you tell me what you’re sniffing for?"Foggy already likes this guy, who looks to be about a hundred and ten but stands straight as a flagpole, but he's not about to admit that he's trying to make himself pretty for a blind man with four super-human senses, so he just smiles."Complexity."
creator:Werelibrarian  archive:AO3  fandom:Marvel  rating:3Mature  worktype:fiction  category:M/M  ship:FranklinFoggyNelson/MattMurdock  character:FranklinFoggyNelson  character:KarenPage  saved:no  status:completed  chapters:005-009  words:010-015k  character:MattMurdock 
january 2018 by eir
not so daring by theappleppielifestyle

"Foggy, you need to calm down, this isn’t a big deal, it was in college, it’s not like you’re still in love with me.”As soon as Foggy says, “Uh-huh,” he knows he’s fucked. His voice cracks in the middle of it so even without Matt’s freaky heartbeat-lie-detector skills he’d be able to tell Foggy is a dirty liar.Foggy wishes for another alien invasion as Matt’s eyes grow wide behind his glasses.“Oh,” Matt says.
creator:theappleppielifestyle  archive:AO3  fandom:Daredevil  rating:3Mature  worktype:fiction  category:M/M  ship:FranklinFoggyNelson/MattMurdock  character:KarenPage  saved:no  status:completed  chapters:001  words:004-006k 
december 2017 by eir
In Which Foggy Nelson Will Absolutely File That Sexual Harassment Claim, Matt by cosmicocean

Foggy looks at them for a moment before the brick of realization thwacks into him and he has to groan and put his face down on the table.“I’m not cheating on Daredevil with Matt.”“That’s not what we’re saying.” Foggy looks up at Steve. Searches his face. Groans even louder this time and puts his face back.“Matt is not trying to steal me away from Daredevil.”Where Matt is a little shit, the Avengers are concerned that Foggy is in a love triangle, and Matt and Foggy are so disgusting that Karen wants a raise.
creator:cosmicocean  archive:AO3  fandom:Marvel  rating:2Teen  worktype:fiction  category:M/M  ship:FranklinFoggyNelson/MattMurdock  character:FranklinFoggyNelson  character:KarenPage  character:Thor(Marvel)  character:JamesBuckyBarnes  series:TheBrotasticAdventuresOfTheAvengersAndTheLongSufferingFoggyNelson  saved:no  status:completed  chapters:001  words:008-010k  character:MattMurdock  character:NatashaRomanova  character:ClintBarton  character:TonyStark  character:SamuelWilson  character:SteveRogers  character:BruceBanner 
december 2017 by eir
The Curiosity Game by ArtemisRayne, Skayt

Clint Barton knows that boredom is dangerous; it tends to lead to him doing stupid things. Stupid things like making bets with Tony Stark about which one of them can find and befriend the Daredevil of Hell's Kitchen first. Yet another "Daredevil Meets the Avengers" fic.
creator:ArtemisRayne  creator:Skayt  archive:AO3  fandom:Marvel  rating:2Teen  worktype:fiction  category:Gen  ship:ClintBarton&MattMurdock  ship:PepperPotts/TonyStark  ship:ClintBarton/LauraBarton  ship:FranklinFoggyNelson&MattMurdock  character:FranklinFoggyNelson  character:KarenPage  character:Friday(Marvel)  genre:humor  genre:friendship  saved:no  status:completed  chapters:005-009  words:010-015k  character:ClintBarton  character:TonyStark  character:MattMurdock 
december 2017 by eir
I'll Most Likely Kill You in the Morning - inkfingers_mcgee - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Foggy and Matt never met at school. They cross paths for the first time while working opposite sides of a case, and Matt doesn't leave an impression beyond the superficial: a blind, pro-bono crusader who Foggy will feel really guilty about having to oppose in court one of these days. Seemed like a nice guy, but no one Foggy will worry about a week later.

He has more important things on his mind, like the masked vigilante who keeps cornering him in dark alleys to threaten him for information.
fic  Daredevil  Matt/Foggy  au  character:MattMurdock  character:FoggyNelson  character:KarenPage 
december 2017 by kuiskata
Colored Crimson in My Eyes by DeerstalkerDeathFrisbee

“I thought you were raised by nuns!” “I was raised by nuns." "And the devil. Your grandfather.” “Ye-” “Yes, but we don’t use that word, it makes me feel old.” “Lucifer, your input was not requested or required.” “Well then, someone’s being a bit rude.”
When Grandma Murdock said the Murdock boys had the devil in their blood, she was being literal. Chloe has a conference in New York City and Lucifer decides to drop in on his favorite relative.
creator:DeerstalkerDeathFrisbee  archive:AO3  fandom:Lucifer  fandom:Marvel  genre:crossover  crossover:Lucifer/Marvel  rating:1General  worktype:fiction  category:Gen  character:LuciferMorningstar(Lucifer)  character:ChloeDecker  character:Mazikeen(Lucifer)  character:FranklinFoggyNelson  character:KarenPage  genre:fluff  genre:au  saved:no  status:completed  chapters:001  words:004-006k  character:MattMurdock 
march 2017 by eir

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